The intent of the experiment is to corroborate whether the compound is Alum. Introduction
Percentage composing is defined as portion divided by whole multiplied by 100. Water of H is defined as the sum of H2O produced into a molecule prepared in an aqueous solution. Molecular expression indicates the existent Numberss and type of atoms in a molecule ( notes ) . Procedure

The process in this experiment is to find runing point and mole ratio of hydrous H2O to anhydrous AlK ( SO? ) . Part 1. Datas Table
| Trial # 1| Trial # 2|
Measured Melting Point| 98. 6 grades C| 95. 3 grades C|
Literature Melting Point| 92. 5 grades C| 92. 5 grades C|

Part 2. Datas Table
Mass of crucible and cover| 24. 86g|
Mass of crucible. screen and alum crystals| 26. 799g|
Mass of alum crystals| 1. 937g|
Mass of crucible. screen and alum after heating # 1| 26. 034g| Mass of crucible. screen and alum after heating # 2| 25. 837g| Mass of H2O driven off| 0. 197g|
Mass of AlK ( SO? ) ?| 0. 975g|
Gram molecules H?O| 0. 053g|
Gram molecules AlK ( SO? ) ?| 0. 00378g|
Mole ratio| 14. 021g|

In this experiment it was concluded that yes. the substance was Alum. There were two rials and both had the same decision. Post-lab inquiries
1. They must be cool before you can weigh them.
2. The features were similar ; hence. it had to be alum.
3. Other trials like utilizing a fire.

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In this experiment we confirmed that the compound is Alum.
Vonderbrink. Sally A Laboratory Experiments for advanced arrangement chemical science.
2nd edition. Batavia: Flinn scientific. 2006. Print.


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