My brother Is one of those types of men who have that kind of “go-getter” attitude. My father was the same way until he reached that unexplainable age where I can’t bare him anymore. My dad Is still the same even without my brother being home twenty four seven back then. My brother always had the old sayings as If he was in his sixty’s but yet only in his early twenty’s. There are some things that my family do that anyone would called weird but everyone has their own opinions and their own family.

My parents were never strict and till this day I do blame hem for most things that happened but we all live and we all learn. We were as tight as a family before I became a teenager, but as the years went by we Just grew apart. My sister Tiffany and my brother Cordage where the closest to each other, anybody could tell you a crazy story about what them two have got Into when they were younger. The one story I always hear is when they both tried to sneak out the window by tying two sheets together.

Some wouldn’t believe the gain and the lost that my whole family has been through and as of 2014; It has been the most difficult. My rooter was one the type that never really wanted to listen to anybody but the sound of his own voice. That Is one of the reasons that he had got Into so much trouble with people and the law. He started acting out around the age of fifteen when he moved out my parents’ house and into his mom’s house when I was eight. That is one of the decisions my dad wished he had never made because Cordage wasn’t taught like our father wanted to teach him.

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He wanted Cordage to be like a great man and someday a great father. His mom terry didn’t teach him right from wrong she just let him do whatever he wanted and that caused him to be in the situation he is in till this day. Cordage learned a little more because of his mom boyfriend, and only because Cordage mom had a son of her own. By then his mom wanted Cordage to tighten up because he has a little brother that will pretty much mock whatever he does. The first time my brother got arrested It was all over the new.

I am ashamed till this day to even talk about It because If he needed help all he had to do Is ask me. No matter how old I was or how old he was he could never do wrong in my eyes, he was always Kay. My brother stole five thousand dollars’ worth of lottery tickets and tried to cash them in to a local convenient store and got caught. That right then in there I knew I had to help my older brother. Thank god by that time I had started my first Job at Family Dollar as a cashier.

I knew that something was going on between my family and my brother because they stopped talking to him back then. I was young and couldn’t know and understand why he was never around. They claimed that he stole my mother’s rings and necklace that we brought her from the past mother’s day. I ever believed it not even for one second because we were family and you never take from family. My brother would disappear and for days we wouldn’t hear from him maybe even weeks. I was the only that kept In contact with him through Faceable and by mall.

Nobody else was concerned about his well-being or where he slept but me. I would sneak and help my brother with money and problems that my family him away even if he made the mistakes he did. I can only recall one time that my brother stayed with my family. He has always stayed with his mom terry ever since he was sixteen. When we finally moved away from Winchester my brother started hanging with the wrong crowd and ended up getting himself into a lot of trouble with authorities.

The first time I can recall my brother being locked up was over a fight he was trying to protect my older sisters. As the only boy in the house my brother felt as though he needed to be overprotective, but he didn’t. All of my sisters can handle themselves pretty well on their own. In order to keep my brother out of trouble my dad enrolled my brother into the same school as my older sisters, because he wanted hem to watch over him and make sure he didn’t do anything he would regret again.

My brother and my cousin Marker decided to Join the football team for the Green bay Packers. They were the best on the team and they even received trophies for all their hard work and good ethics. Them two even got into a fight at one point because my cousin Marker photo was published for his touchdown with 15 seconds left on the clock. My brother was mad because if it wasn’t for him tackling the man in front of him he would have never made it. Once we moved from the life we had in Winchester, my dad started to regret moving his own family in a bad community.

When we became settled into Newport News my brother was in serious trouble where he even served time in Jail. I didn’t think he meant to be in the situation he was in, but because his mom and our dad kicked him out of both households he thought he really didn’t have much of a choice to. They have tried to help with Jobs before in the past but my brother Just blew them off to be in streets. My parents worked so hard to keep him off the streets , they even let him stay with us for a while until he got on his feet.


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