Key Success Factors, Appendix 1: Giving up on the web Bertelsmann is one company that has not been able to make the internet work for them. However, like other industries based on innovative technology other companies have made an e-commerce venture work for them. It is important for online businesses to regularly review their strategies surrounding the improving of goods and services. However as Bertelsmann revert to focus on their core business, a gap exists in the market for an investor to develop and improve this e-commerce venture. What do customers want? Ease of access to goods/services Clear and precise information and instructions

Non complicated online registration forms. The option of flexible payment methods Straightforward and quick proceeding to checkout and payment methods Visible and reputable secure online payment facilities Clear information about delivery logistics and tracking your item door to door How does the firm survive competition? Should position itself as being unique from competitors Competitive pricing/ flexible payment methods (credit terms) Quick online pathway to goods/services Firms need to be organised technically in order to handle increased business generated by the website, reducing maintenance and under construction time.

In capturing market share ensure to strive to improve customer relationships Ensure high position listing within search engines to ensure “yours” is the first website the customer will see. Key Strategic Issues Some of the key strategic issues facing e-businesses include; The continuous learning about industry know-how which may save on development costs Control mechanisms to be developed in order that continuous improvement may evolve Targeting market through product positioning Focus closely on what competitors are doing

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