America was founded on the American Dream. The Founding Fathers and the revolution army fought for American independence because they had a desire to accomplish their dream of freedom. An essay, “America & Americans” by John Steinbeck is about how the American Dream can be doubted sometimes by being questioned whether it is real or not. Americans have always had the desire to wanting more and once they begin to fight for it, they will not stop.

Some people have stereotypes in doubting the typical American due to media and just few exceptions that people take into perspective instead of the good qualities. John Steinbeck views the typical American as one who never seems to be pleased, and always wanting more. Sometimes in America, people are spoiled but some work very hard for their earnings. In the essay the speaker explains “We are self-reliant and at the same time completely dependent” this shows how Americans can live their lives. People had come to America in search for money, jobs, or even a new home.

When they show up here the government doesn’t give them a free home and as nice big check, these people work tremendously to start a new life. That is the idea American was based on, being able to have the freedom to start a new beginning. The only thing people depend on is the fact that they will have a government to protect them and have everything under control. Steinbeck shows he believes that Americans are not all the time dependent on wealth; they have to work for their wealth. Steinbeck also defines Americans based on their “dream”, which is what their lives revolve around.

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The author writes “These dreams describe our vague yearnings toward what we wish we were and may be”, this shows that the American people have a strong faith this this dream theory. Americans are always searching for the next big thing, that is what keeps most people going. When things are going great, people always want ways to make them to go better. People are never settling for average, they want the best now. Steinbeck reveals that he believes that the American dream cannot be defined but many people find their own meaning and live their life in that meaning.

Throughout the essay, Steinbeck proves different points about the American person and their qualities. In reality many people live in this country, so there is not an exact definition of the true American. But Steinbeck’s opinion is about how he believes the American is independent and hard working. Once they have their mind on something, they work to accomplish it, so therefor he believes Americans’ have perseverance. So in conclusion Steinbeck gives his opinion of what the American is and accepts it.


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