America. merely holding emerged from a recession. is now confronting a rise in steel monetary values from the nation’s largest steel companies. On April 11. 1962 Kennedy addresses his sentiment to Americans on the topic. In his address he included many persuasive schemes. President Kennedy uses enunciation. poignancy. and logos to knock the addition in steel monetary values. The usage of enunciation in Kennedy’s address is really evident. In the first paragraph on lines 4-5 he uses the words “unjustifiable. irresponsible. and rebelliousness. ” These words express his sentiment and farther condemn the job Americans are confronting. The words “unjustifiable” and “irresponsible” are used to castigate the encouragement in steel monetary values and convince Americans that there is no logical or justifiable ground in making so.

Kennedy besides uses the word “defiance” to do choler by doing the steel companies seem like they have no respect for authorization or resistance. He besides uses enunciation to back up his belief that the heightened steel monetary values will do troubles. JFK uses the word “handicap” in lines 43 and 37. “Handicap” is used to state Americans what it will make to them. He is stating that it will stultify them and their attempts in reconstructing America from the recession. The usage of Sons can besides be found in the President’s address. The president uses logos to state Americans how they will be affected. Kennedy argues that amplified steel monetary values “would add. Secretary McNamara informed me this forenoon. an estimated one billion dollars to the cost of our defences. ” He uses Secretary McNamara’s statistic to inform Americans that the addition in steel monetary values will finally raise revenue enhancements in order to pay for defences and will take away from payment towards national security and other things.

Kennedy besides says on lines 56-61: “Steel end product per adult male is lifting so fast that labour costs per ton of steel can really be expected to worsen in the following 12 months. And in fact. the Acting Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics informed me this forenoon that. and I quote: ‘Employment costs per unit of steel end product in 1961 were basically the same as they were in 1958. ’”He is stating that productiveness has increased. hence. labour costs are worsening. doing escalated monetary values “unjustifiable. ” On lines 69-73 Kennedy provinces that the steel companies dividends have increased and “exceeded 600 million dollars in each of the last five old ages. and net incomes in the first one-fourth of this twelvemonth were estimated in the February 28th Wall Street Journal to be among the highest in history. ” He is seeking to state an addition in net incomes even though dividends besides increased in the last five old ages does non warrant an addition in steel monetary values because the heightened monetary values affect Americans negatively.

Kennedy Tells Americans that if the actions taken by steel companies is imitated by the remainder of the industry “it would increase the costs of places. cars. contraptions. and most other items… . ” Pathos is used in the President’s address to catch the emotions of Americans and arouse choler toward the steel companies determinations. On lines 4-5 Kennedy argues that an addition of “6 dollars ton” does “…constitute a entirely indefensible and irresponsible rebelliousness of the public involvement. ” The usage of enunciation with such rough words makes this statement so successful in arousing choler. The strong indication of “unjustifiable. irresponsible. and defiance” brand Americans experience as if they have been betrayed. used. and below the belt treated. therefore arousing choler.

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Besides on lines 46-47 JFK says. “The facts of the affair are that there is no justification for an addition in the steel monetary values. ” This statement goes back to how Kennedy uses the words “no justification” to do the rise in steel monetary values seem as if they were done heedlessly and without idea. which is intended to thwart Americans and do them to oppugn the steel companies logical thinkings. President Kennedy uses many rhetorical schemes in his address. Some are more outstanding than others. In his address though. he ties them all together to knock and to legalize his sentiments on the elevation of steel monetary values.


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