This poetry of the sass Is mainly romantic. With mythological imagination, with mourning… T. E. Helmet helped to change the poetic idiom (to find a poet. C English language). Poems of that time were conventional. Written for the mass to offer consolation. It must be taken into account that poetry in America was in hands of Ladies of society. Most of whom did not work because of their concentric privileges. However, their names did not survive. Neither their anthologies, The atmosphere in America was so heavy that many writhers left it o go to Europe (Pound.

Eliot, and H. D. ) There are two types of Modernism: high modernism (they escape to Europe. E. G. Eliot, Pound… ) and low modernism stay in ASSAI. E. G. Emerson) The first ones wanted to look for a more cosmopolitan poetry, white poets who stayed wrote celebrating the vernacular in poetry such as Robert Frost with the local vision of popular culture. However, this division is not completely Major documents Of this period: true. A Will, Robert Frost. 1913: North Of Boston 1914: Froufrou, Eliot cantos, Pound 1915: Numbered 1920.


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