Before Europeans landed on the shores of America the Native Americans had developed dynamic and alone civilizations. But as more and more Europeans came to America. more and more Indian civilization was virtually destroyed. This calamity is the direct consequence of pacts. written and broken by foreign authoritiess. of warfare and of forced assimilation. After the Europeans created enduring settlements they established the first Native American reserves which. stated in President James Monroe’s inaugural reference in 1812. “flattered their pride. retarded their betterment. and in many cases paved the manner to their devastation. ”

An built-in portion of the civilization of many American Indians was their connexion to nature and therefore to their land. So being stripped of this land was non merely life altering but besides lay waste toing for the civilization of American Indians. Even though James Monroe. and subsequently Andrew Jackson. both advocated for the Indians’ rights and needs they both approved of their resettlement. In 1838 the Removal Act. a measure that forced Native Americans to go forth the United States and settle in the Indian district West of the Mississippi. was put into action.

Thousands of federal soldiers and Georgia voluntaries entered Indian Territory and forcibly relocated the Cherokees. Americans hunted. imprisoned. raped and murdered Native Americans. Any Indians who survived this slaughter were forced to process on a 1. 000-mile March. now known as the “Trail of Tears” . where about 4. 000 Cherokees died. Many Americans believed that the Indians were merely people that could be pushed aside for the development of the Americans. Additionally. some books of the epoch even claimed that a “law of Godhead Providence” caused some races to subject to those of “superior physical and rational energy.

” Some people used this as a justification for the barbarous Acts of the Apostless committed against the American Indians. Throughout the 19th Century the Native Americans. even though they served in the Union Army. were non recognized as U. S. citizens. They were besides non allowed to vote when African- American work forces gained right to vote in 1868. The on-going struggles with Native Americans even disturbed U. S. military leaders such as General George Custer. The struggles continued tardily in the 1800s. For illustration. the federal authorities opened Black Hills to gold excavation in 1875 but Native Americans refused to go forth the country because of its spiritual significance.

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The U. S. military gathered military personnels to forcibly relocate the warriors when George Custer’s military personnels disregarded orders and attacked a small town. Throughout the following months they tracked down Indian folks and forced them onto reserves. From the first interaction with the American Indians the Europeans. and so Americans. treated them with small to no regard and tried to command them non by moral. societal or economic rules. but by arbitrary Torahs and ordinances. This started to turn the Indians into less than people. people who could merely be pushed to the side. POWERED BY TCPDF ( WWW. TCPDF. ORG ) 1


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