War. as it is defined to be is a struggle amid two or more states. which consequences in organized force between each of their military units in order to derive national sovereignty. It is a “universal phenomena. ” whose strength is defined by those who pay it. War has been seen to be in the universe since prehistoric times. where first it was merely little graduated table raiding. today it is pronounced as an exhibition of military power. whose magnitude is on a changeless excess as the engineering grows and is lead by a more modernised warfare.

However. I would specify war as impossible agony of guiltless people who are forced to go its victims. with no mistake lying at their ain sides. It is the non the politicians and policy shapers who have to endure its magnitude and the stage of its wake but instead it’s the soldier. the kids. the aged. the adult female who pay off their determinations through the forfeit of their places. their households and their lives.

The consequences that it webs to accomplish are ne’er obtained. whereas it merely brings anguish. corrosion of psyches of the soldiers. fright to the citizens. devastation of the environment. unmanageable disbursal. while it takes the war struck state decennaries back from its present growing and development. What our leaders forget to explicate is that how they would be able set up peace and prosperity upon a cemetery of guiltless sufferer and the blood of inexperienced persons. Iraq likewise is another such narrative of force. forfeit and blood viciously shed. It was a continuance of the retaliation of America after the aeroplane clangs in New York. taging the 9/11.

The actions of person else’s were paid off by the inexperienced persons. who after Afghanistan were targeted as the following victims. the first barrage get downing from Baghdad. on March 20. 2003 ; and continues boulder clay now. A study published by the Washington Post in 2006. estimations that harmonizing to the decease counts made by American and Iraki epidemiologists. over 650. 000 citizens have died in Iraq in the 3 old ages period of clip. This harmonizing to the count defined by George W. Bush in 2005 is about 9 times more. and 10 times more than the count of the British research group.

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And as to why this war was waged. many grounds could be linked to it. More significantly it was America’s war against terrorist act and its hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction ( WMD ) . The US ground forces is believed to hold made over 300 reviews by now. but has unluckily non been able to happen any such arms. and even if there was any being of such arms so the ground forces would hold used them against the ground forces when they firs attacked. nevertheless it was a instead peaceable conquer of the full state which was claimed by the politicians to be a major menace to their state and the war merely a mere act of ego defence.

As a Canadian site in an article on “An debut to the Iraq War” studies Hans Blix. the UN Chief Weapons Inspector to hold said that “It is kind of intriguing that you can hold 100 percent certainty about arms of mass devastation and zero certainty of about where they are. ” ( Green. 2008 ) And even if the war was about the WMD so why is it still lingering when no cogent evidence of the arms has been found? However if America claims that the war was ab initio waged in order to extinguish Iraq from its oppressive swayer Saddam Hussain. who was captured more than 5 old ages ago. so why is the war still go oning.

And even if it was to extinguish the absolutism from the state. to take unfair swayers so why is it that civilian countries are the marks of American barrage. that guiltless kids are being killed. and the Us ground forces is instead planting American flags in the Iraqi dirts. What kind of release does their presidential term talk about? Book Review An reply to all these questions is found in the book “Blind into Baghdad: America’s war in Iraq” written by James Fallow. Print and radio journalist. working for the Atlantic Monthly since old ages. James Fallow is besides the writer of seven more books.

His more marked plants revolve around military and its policies. doing premises and so foretelling the hereafter of action. if they are to be taken up by the authorities. Similarly is this book Fallow had antecedently made anticipations of the result of the war if it was brought up by America and what were the defects and where the authorities lacked behind in this war. It is a digest of fundamentally five articles which he wrote for his magazine the Atlantic Monthly. which he subsequently assembled in the signifier of a collected book which even won the National Magazine Award in 2005.

Elaborated with an debut and a preface. the 5 articles which it contains are: The fifty-first province. blind into Baghdad. Bush’s lost twelvemonth. Why Iraq has no ground forces. and Will Iran be following? Fallow calls the full Iraq war a large failure for the US. faulting it onto the policy implementers that is the few leaders managing the orders instead than the disposal itself which handled the state of affairs. He states in his book that. “The U. S.

business of Iraq is a fiasco non because the authorities did no planning but because a huge sum of expert planning was wilfully ignored by the people in charge. The inside narrative of a historic failure. ” ( Fallow. 2006 ) The book clearly identifies the fact that instantly after the onslaughts of 9/11. ( the really following twenty-four hours ) . programs were being towards assailing Iraq and kidnaping Saddam Hussain from his throne. and a twelvemonth before the war the hereafter of the state was decided with places and stations within the “to be occupied country” already given out.

However. hat is non known to the media is that the twenty-four hours of the starting and stoping of the war were prefixed so already. plus 17 working groups were formulated who were to take affairs such as Oil and Energy. Legal Framework. substructure rebuilding of the state in manus with $ 5 million at their disposal. However. why it all remained to be close was because of the on-going Afghanistan war which kept both the media and the people plenty occupied to detect this planning.

The war was estimated to be around $ 50 to 60 billion which the armed forces refused to subsequently hold to. while a 135 point checklist of postwar responsibilities was circulated among the ground forces under the rubric “Mission Matrix. ” James besides raises the inquiry as O why the authorities wasn’t able to be after into the hereafter of the business. when no WMD were found. hadn’t the government of Bush idea of what negative effects such an unplanned and mindless terrorist act would hold upon the country’s international image and the party’s political place.

He farther points out the president’s attractive force towards the action of bigger actions responsible for “American prestigiousness. luck. and lives. ” which invariably ignored all the warnings predicted by the functionaries. how Donald Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz continued to disregard all these warning studies and put everything up on interest with the preceding of the war. The “Bush’s Lost Year. ” negotiations about the postwar place of the US in Iraq. of how it farther declined its position in Afghanistan and its stance over the “war on panic. ”

“Why Iraq has no ground forces. ” refutes the really ground of US’s invasion into Iraq which was to acquire held of the WMD. no affair the ground forces wasn’t able to retrieve the imagined arms but besides failed its appraisal to such a high degree that Iraq was so defensively weak that it didn’t even keep an independent ground forces of its ain. While in conclusion in “Will Iran be following? ” he highlights farther anticipations of Iran being the following possible mark. He explains it through the analysis of experts and assorted interviews taken from soldiers. undercover agents. and diplomats who further explicate the effects of an Persian war and grounds towards it.

James Fallow. like many other elect journalists through his authorship explicitly shows his resistance towards the Iraq war and openly describes it as US’s stance towards terrorist act. “If [ the United States ] did non hold to assail. so it should non travel in front. non merely because of the complications within Iraq itself but because the manner a war would necessarily suck clip. money. and attending from every other facet of a ‘war on terrorism’ . ”

On the other manus. no affair James’s writings show are an insight towards the state of affairs of the US leaders and their incompetency towards the wars proceedings and be aftering. many journalists such as Michael Gordon and General Bernard E. Trainor. fault him for being less skeptic towards his work. It is believed that no affair he kept a strong position against the war he did non turn out his point through facts and true research but simply based them upon anecdotes and premises. which made him a large campaigner of the blasted game.

Conclusion War in Iraq as believed by many minds could hold been easy avoided. through the accepting the resignation of Saddam Hussain. directing hunt squads for armaments of Mass Destruction. international supervising of elections and even if a affair of oil. by subscribing a pact with Iraq. non a bead of blood could hold been lost. and even the aims could hold been attained.

Therefore war is non the lone solution to political and economical issues. as at present the effects can be seen of the war where today political parties are running for election the incrimination of Iraqi war holds sedate effects for the initial policy shapers who so of all time are responsible would non to be forgiven by the populace in the terminal.


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