The undermentioned Report Assess three different scenarios in footings of the inquiry raised, and supply the elaborate account as required in the inquiries. The instances trade with the Taxation and accounting in the UAE ( Case 1 ) , American Expats Warned against Tax non- Compliance ( Case 2 ) and Emirati Government on Humanitarian Aid ( Case 3 ) .

Case # 1: RAK Free Zone: Tax and Accounting in the UAE

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Tax Laws in the UAE and the beginnings of Taxable and Non Taxable income in the UAE:

United Arab Emirates is a’ No Tax’ state which does non necessitate the occupants of the UAE to pay Income Taxes on their net incomes. Corporations other than the Oil, gas, petrochemical companies and Bankss are non required to pay corporation revenue enhancements on their one-year net incomes. Similarly, there is non direct or indirect revenue enhancement enforced on the terminal user of merchandises in the signifier of ‘Value Added Tax’ ( VAT ) in the UAE. This makes UAE an attractive topographic point for the international investor’s corporation to promote their concerns to be established in the UAE.

The chief beginnings of income from the revenue enhancement for the state are from the revenue enhancements imposed on the proprietors of the concern belongingss who rent out their belongingss. These proprietors are required to pay the emirate municipal revenue enhancement which is normally 10 % of their one-year rental value earned by the proprietor. Another beginning of the income for UAE is the part made by the persons on their net incomes who are UAE Nationals merely which is around 5 % of their wage. Besides, the revenue enhancement imposed on the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Banks in the signifier of the Corporation revenue enhancement could besides be a part to the government’s beginnings of income.

As UAE is a ‘No Tax’ Country intending that it does non hold to be federal statute law in the UAE which embodies the Tax ordinance i.e. The Tax payment or the Refunds to the persons, corporations and the Capitals Gains revenue enhancement which arises as a consequence of the capital addition earned by an person. The IUAE does non hold a federal revenue enhancement statute law imposed in the state nevertheless ; each emirate in the UAE can enforce and hold its ain revenue enhancement Torahs. However, there is a statute law imposed in Abu Dhabi.

UAE has the dual revenue enhancement pacts with other states which states that the incomes or net incomes earned by the corporation in the UAE which submit their remittal of their net incomes to the states which their parent companies have been in operation, No revenue enhancement will be levied on the net incomes of that company. Similarly, if the company earns a dividend income, involvement or the royalties, or the fees, these will merely be nonexempt in the province where that income is earned. This makes UAE an attractive location for the companies holding their parent companies in some other states and which have a dual revenue enhancement pacts with the UAE. For Example Company A earns a net income of $ 10 Million and the parent company of Company A operates in such a state which has a dual revenue enhancement pact with the UAE, so the company A will hold to pay no Tax on the remittal of its net incomes which it makes to its parent company.

International Accounting Standards are used widely by the companies runing in the UAE in order to fix their Fiscal Statements. The companies are required to keep their accounting records which include bills etc. for a period of five old ages as per the Commercial Companies Law and Commercial Transaction Laws.

The companies runing in the UAE are required to register to the UAE Federal Ministry of the Economy and Commerce and with the local licensing authorization their fiscal statements within 120 twenty-four hours from the terminal of the fiscal twelvemonth. Some licensing governments besides require the companies to register audited fiscal statement as portion of the one-year licence reclamation procedure normally within 90 from the day of the month of the twelvemonth terminal.

Case # 2: American Expats Warned Against Tax non- Conformity

The scenario provides elaborate information sing the filing of the Tax Return by the Americans working in the UAE. Americans shacking in the UAE should be able register their revenue enhancement return as the abroad taxpayers every bit early as possible.

The IRS ( Inland Revenue Service ) has been measuring the Americans who are populating and working in the abroad, UAE in peculiar. The US citizens are given day of the months of registering their revenue enhancement returns which should be get downing by 1st January and the revenue enhancement returns should make IRS by April 15 as mentioned by Virginia La Torre Jeker.

In the scenario presented in the instance study the American occupants shacking and working in the UAE are required to declare their assets and the comparative income earned by those assets. Double Taxation pacts may use in this scenario as the American Residents may hold earned the income or the gross from the ownership of the assets in the UAE and they may non be required to be any revenue enhancement on these incomes in the UAE. However, being the American Nationals residing in the foreign state they may be required by the US Tax legal power to pay their revenue enhancements to IRS on their incomes and the net incomes.

The costs for the Non-compliance by the American Residents earning in the UAE could be high plenty. If any of the American occupants in the UAE fails to register their revenue enhancement returns to the IRS duly within the deadline issued by the revenue enhancement authorization so they may hold to be accounted for as per the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

Those measure uping under the streamed line treating even if they are non-willful may hold to confront the punishments of $ 10,000. And the wilful lawbreakers may hold to confront a mulct of greater of, $ 100,000 of 50 % of the entire balance of their foreign bank histories. The foreign bank are hence obliged to supply elaborate study of their US history holders, the Bankss may hold to cover with the 30 % keep backing revenue enhancement on the income from the US fiscal assets.

Case # 3: Human-centered Aid

The Emirati authorities has dealt with the human-centered assistance in such a manner that the authorities has made the human-centered assistance into a foreign policy instrument the doctrine of which has been based on the Islamic belief that assisting those in the demand is the primary responsibility. The Government of UAE has been able to set up a organic structure for the Coordination of Foreign Aid ( OCFA ) in 2008. The attack taken by this organic structure enables the authorities of UAE to hold a more elaborate and comprehensive analysis of UAE foreign aid. The Emirati Government so analyses the assistance received from the charity institutes involved in the aggregation of the financess which needs to be dispatched to the counties or districts in demand of the aid in any affair associating to the public assistance of that province or its people.

A study issued in 2012 had revealed that around 43 charity organisation in the UAE had been able to pay out about $ 1.59 billion which makes Dh5.59 billion to the development undertakings, One of the development undertakings has been the linking span in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa state of Pakistan which has enabled the connexions between 15 towns and 45 small towns on both sides of the Swat river. The Emirati Government has been involved in undertakings associated with the development of instruction sector to those states or districts where there has been a deficiency of educational substructure.

The Emirati authorities receives financess study from different charity organisation runing within the county and even foreign aid is besides received by the authorities. These discoveries should be classed as the human-centered assistance received by UAE in respects for assisting those in demand of the financess. As H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed has mentioned thatthe human-centered diplomatic negotiations is one of the pillars of the country’s foreign policy.

The Emirati authorities aids in the proviso of this assistance for the betterment of the quality of life by building roads, infirmaries and schools and besides helping in the development of economic system of any province and to back up that province in the development of the budget policies.

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