Aerobics By now a majority of the American population is aware of the changing climate and its negative global indications including the rising sea level and the depletion of the ozone layer. The direct national implications, however, tend to be overlooked, the most significant being the depletion of our available fresh water supply. The rate of decline, however, is accelerated by current agricultural practices, especially large- scale commercial production. Modern agriculture systems require large quantities of he supply to aid fertilizer distribution as well as support plant growth.

A considerable portion, however, Is wasted due to soil saturation limits. The useless, polluted, water poses potential health threats as it becomes surface runoff, or assimilates Into the groundwater. Eventually Infiltrating the public water supply. As technology continues to advance, however, traditional soil is no longer the sole medium needed for plant growth, Indoor growing methods, like aerobics, eliminate the use of harmful additives (pesticides), and conserve water by directly employing uterine solution to the roots.

By developing urban growing facilities, the use of aerobics can create a more sustainable water supply, promote the restoration of natural ecosystems, and potentially reverse global warming. Aerobics is both more efficient for production, and a safer method overall compared to the current state of agriculture. It supplies water and nutrients directly to the roots in a mist solution, with only a cloth medium needed to support growth. The use of mist Is effective In that it eliminates the wasteful consumption and inevitable contamination of the fresh eater supply, as characteristic of commercial agriculture.

A 2005 study done by The United States Geological Survey reveals that thirty-seven percent of our total fresh water supply is withdrawn for agricultural use, amounting to one hundred and twenty-eight billions gallons per day. Nearly half of this withdrawal is utilized by the crops for growth processes, and then transpired back Into the atmosphere. The other fifty percent is water the plant had no use for, but has nonetheless been contaminated by fertilizers and pesticides.

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This wasted water, (both groundwater and surface runoff) is eventually deposited in a body of fresh water such as a river or a lake, where it is ultimately distributed as public drinking water. According to “The Reaffirms System” aerobics is designed to “reduce water consumption through nutrient recirculation. Compared to soil-based methods, aerobics consumes significantly less water due to the earphones system’s direct application of nutrients to the roots. ” In addition to conserving water, recirculation nutrients also eliminates info ultimately maintaining both the quantity and quality of the fresh water supply.

Commercial farmers may be reluctant switching to aerobics because indoor growing has assumed limitations for production compared to Its open. Rural counterpart. However, as traditional agriculture takes advantage of Earths massive surface, earphones can take advantage of Earth’s boundless atmosphere through a 1 OFF advocate for vertical farming, illustrates the concept, saying it, “Involves the construction of urban food production centers in which our food would be mutinously grown inside of tall buildings within the built environment. Apparent, immediate benefits include a potentially greater production potential compared to current methods, as well as reduced product transportation, and the elimination of climatic and biological detriments. With aerobic technology, nearly any environment can be replicated in an ideal, undisturbed form. This eliminates the need to transport domestic produce, as well as the need to import crops that cannot be grown domestically due to climate or soil limitations.

Furthermore the exclusion of pesticides promotes a cleaner harvest, eliminating health risks as well as improving crop longevity (current harvest is generally washed with water littered with microbes, which play an important role in decomposing organic matter). These short-term benefits from vertical farming are masked, however, by the long-term impact of ecosystem restoration, and the significant potential it possesses to overcome global warming. By urbanize crop production, ecosystems destroyed by the traditional ethos of agriculture are given a chance to restore themselves.

According to DRP. Despoiler, “In temperate and tropical zones, the re-growth of hardwood forests could play a significant role in carbon sequestration and may help reverse current trends in global climate change. ” Ultimately restoring the natural vegetation, especially forests, (trees require more carbon for energy and growth processes) will significantly reduce atmospheric carbon, therefore stalling, or potentially reversing, the effects of global warming.

One could argue against this effect, keeping in mind hat aerobics relies solely on electricity to sustain photosynthesis, among other growth processes. However, the use of LED lighting as explained by “The Reaffirms System” has an advantage because LED lights possess “the ability to target specific wavelengths of light. This allows for reduced energy consumption. ” In addition to conserved energy, the use of LED lighting allows the fixtures to “be placed… Closer to the plants… Enabling greater vertical stack-ability of modules. Ultimately the structure of an aerobic system is more feasible than traditional crop fields because f its mobile aspect; you can’t exactly pick up a couple hundred acres of land and move it around to maximize its potential, but the notably workable configuration of aerobic systems can, allowing for increased overall production. As global warming continues to heat up the atmosphere, alternative agriculture methods must be adopted. Not only to reduce the current, substantial use of our water supply, but also to relieve the impoverished landscape of further destructive practices, allowing it to gradually revert back to a natural ecosystem.

With the adoption of an aerobic growing system, and the transition of production from rural to urban areas, water quantity and quality will be conserved. In addition natural vegetation is given the opportunity to grow once again, providing much needed aid in carbon absorption. Simply put, aerobics could be the answer to the global climate crisis, but in the case that it is not, it is still more feasible and less environmentally demanding than traditional practices, and will at the very least contribute to a much larger solution.


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