In the drama “Othello” by William Shakespeare Iago plays the maestro operator and manages to lead on many of the other characters particularly Othello and Cassio. It can be said that his motivations are based entirely on his insecurities due to the fact his end in the drama was to destroy Othello’s life. He does this by utilizing psychological use on Othello’s ideas and makes him believe that Cassio and Desdemona are fond of each other. Which fundamentally means that he targets anyone that brings out his insecurities. which gives him a ground to flog out and kill or harm these people. to do himself experience better.

In the beginning of the drama Iago makes it look as if his hatred towards Othello is because he has made Cassio his lieutenant. As the drama goes on you subsequently realize that Iago’s hatred extends even more. “I hate the Moor. and it is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets. he has done my office: I know non if’t be true. but I. for mere intuition in that sort. will make as if for surety. ” . There seems to be some rumours about Othello and Iago’s married woman Emilia. the rumours are that Othello and Emilia have slept together. In the quotation mark above he states that he doesn’t attention if the rumours are true and that he is traveling to continue with his program as if they are true.

Throughout the drama Iago invariably reminds himself of why he’s targeting Othello. “I do surmise the lustful Moor. Hath leap’d into my place: the idea whereof. Doth. like a toxicant mineral. gnaw my inwards ; And nil can or shall content my psyche. boulder clay I am even’d with him. married woman for married woman. ” His hatred towards Cassio is more directed. Iago hates Cassio because he has gotten the place of lieutenant even with his deficiency of experience in the field as he is a more tactical making schemes individual. “More than a old maid. unless the studious theoric” . Iago fundamentally states that Cassio’s deficiency of manfulness attention deficit disorder to his hatred towards him.

Each individual in the drama get manipulated in a manner that merely suits them. For illustration Roderigo is “blinded by his love for Desdemona. and is prepared to make anything to win her heat” this give Iago the advantage to take his failing and utilize it against him. Equally guiltless as Iago’s words seem Othello Lashkar-e-Taibas Iago’s manipulative words counteract with his thought and this is where you could state he has officially planted the seed devising sure he has Othello’s ear. As Othello asks for cogent evidence Iago is one time once more able to pull strings Othello by doing him conceal and hear a conversation Iago has with Cassio. “Now will I question Cassio of Bianca. A homemaker that by selling her desires. Buys herself staff of life and apparels. It is a animal. that dotes on Cassio. as ’tis the strumpet’s pestilence. To juggle many and be beguiled by one. He. when he hears of her. can non forbear. From the surplus of laughter.

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Here he comes. ” Iago says this one time Othello withdraws and one time Cassio corners him starts discoursing Bianca but allows Othello to believe they are discoursing Desdemona. He whispers so Othello would non hear him and by making that he agitates Othello and that causes him to be delusional. As mentioned before Cassio is besides manipulated by Iago. The first manner in which Cassio is deceived is when he acquire pressured into imbibing and so get downing a battle which accordingly ruins Cassio’s repute. ” If I can fix but one cup upon him. with that which he hath intoxicated tonight already. He’ll be as full of wrangle and discourtesy. as my immature mistress’ Canis familiaris. Now my ill sap Roderigo. Whom love hath turned about the incorrect side out. To Desdemona hath tonight caroused. Drafts pottle-deep. and he’s to watch.

Three chaps of Cyprus. baronial swelling liquors. That hold their awards in a wary distance. The very elements of this militant isle. Have I tonight flustered with fluxing cups. And they watch excessively. Now ’mongst this flock of rummies. Am I to set our Cassio in some action. That may pique the isle. ” This is Iago’s monologue where he really reveals his manipulative side. At first. Iago told Cassio he should imbibe on behalf of Othello although he knew that he did non desire to and was non capable of it. Iago has manipulated Cassio to make something unethical. Othello and Cassio both get exploited by Iago because they both find honest. good friend and have a difficult clip judging character. Iago Acts of the Apostless like he genuinely cares about Othello by giving him warning marks about Cassio. Iago besides fools Cassio into believing he cares whether he has a good clip or non.

Another manner Iago manipulates Cassio is when he workss the hankie in Cassio’s Chamberss. “I know non neither. I found it in my chamber. I like the work good. Ere it be demanded. As like enough it will. I would hold it copied. Take it and make ’t. and go forth me for this clip. ” . Cassio says this when he gives it to Bianca. Cassio has no thought as to how the hankie got into his room. Iago left it at that place to put him up and do it look as if he is holding an matter with Desdemona. Iago exploits Cassio’s limited cognition since Cassio did non cognize that the hankie belong to Desdemona. In both scenarios Iago manipulates Othello and Iago by sugar surfacing the truth from them.

Iago does experience better after pull stringsing the characters in the narrative this is shown throughout the narrative as Iago manipulates and controls every other character so good that they seem like marionettes that he controls. At the terminal of the drama. Iago’s use has left a trail of devastation that has killed Othello and Cassio. every bit good others and has destroyed the lives of many who remain. The motives and thoughts Iago has are really delusory and cunning. and his ability to influence is really astonishing. Iago’s actions define of a adult male who will halt at nil until he exacts retaliation on everyone who he feels has threaten him in one manner or another. Shakspere has presented Iago as a sort and baronial soldier he has besides been known as honest Iago. this screening that everyone is non as what they seem on the outside. Already cognizing that Iago has a hatred for his superior Othello and now Cassio “Thou told’st me thou didst hold him in thy hatred. ” Said Roderigo. “Despise me if I do non. ” Iago answers. This during the gap scenes in the drama.

Iago saps Othello by supplying “ocular” cogent evidence but didn’t allow him to listen or understand decently. As for Cassio. he used his friendly relationship to works the hankie. Both Othello and Cassio are naive have a difficult clip judging character. are excessively proud to believe that person is gulling them and their limited cognition as to what was traveling on around them allows Iago to Successfully in the terminal manipulate the head of Othello and sent him insane and left Cassio in a state of affairs that he didn’t belong in. Othello and Cassio were both victims of Iago’s use due to the fact that they had something Iago did non.

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