Medical touristry is a new signifier of a niche touristry market which has been quickly turning in the recent old ages. The term medical touristry is the act of going to other states to obtain medical, dental and surgical care.Connell ( 2006 ) describes medical touristry as a popular mass civilization where people travel to abroad states to obtain health care services and installations such as medical, dental and surgical attention whilst holding the chance to see the tourist musca volitanss of that state. In this manner, clients ( patients ) leave their place state to obtain wellness attention services with high quality and low-cost monetary values. Present paper highlights the potency of Medical Tourism industry in Gurgaon.It besides helps in introspecting the Hospital Accreditation system for Medical Tourism, analyzing the function of Insurance Companies in Medical Tourism, analyzing the latest tendency to increase the flow of Medical tourism.For analysing the possible and significance of medical touristry in Gurgaon the information has been gathered through secondary beginnings which includes Books, Magazines, Journals, E-Journals and websites etc. After analysing all the facts it can be concluded that India is in an advantageous place to tap the planetary chances in the medical touristry sector. The authorities ‘s function is important to the development of medical touristry. The authorities should take stairss in the function of a regulator and besides as a facilitator of private investing in health care. Mechanisms demand to be evolved to enable quicker visa grants to foreign tourers for medical intents where patients can reach the Immigration Department at any point of entry for speedy clearance.

Cardinal Wordss: – Medical Tourism, Medical Tourist Management, Medical Care, Rejuvenation Centers, Quality Policy, Medical-Visa


From the ancient clip India is celebrated for its traditional intervention therapies and have made a accepted topographic point in the medical literature by supplying yunani, aurvedic, allopathic, homeopathy and naturopathy advantage of medical specialty non merely to the Indians but besides to the aliens. History witnessed that 1000000s of people have benefitted with the medicative wisdom of our skilled medical professionals. Many provinces of India are now recognized every bit good known wellness attention Centre for supplying peculiar section of medical intervention like Kerala and Karnataka has emerged as a hub for ayurvedic intervention, and being spacialised in mending the patient with the virtuousness of natural herbs. Here wellness tourer non merely derive the remedy for his disease but besides enjoy the benefits of scenic scenes, natural beauty, watering place, and pleasant conditions. Further Uttarakhand of India is deriving importance for mending the patient with yoga and speculation and natural medical specialties. Delhi has emerged as a premier finish for cardiac attention, orthopaedic attention, mental injury, and other sort of allopathic intervention, and functioning 1000000s of domestic and foreign patient at that cost which is relatively really low than that of their ain state. Chennai is known for quality oculus attention.

Medical touristry in India has emerged as the fastest turning section of touristry industry despite the planetary economic downswing. High cost of interventions in the developed states, peculiarly the USA and UK, has been coercing patients from such parts to look for alternate and cost-efficient finishs to acquire their interventions done. The Indian medical touristry industry is soon at a nascent phase, but has an tremendous potency for future growing and development.

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The chief ground for turning importance of medical touristry in India is the cost of medical intervention which is relatively 40 % less, than offered by any other developed states. Whereas a cardiac patient has to pay US $ 40,000 – 60,000 in the United States, US $ 30,000 in Singapore, US $ 12,000 – 15,000 in Thailand for his intervention, the same intervention can be availed in India in merely US $ 3,000 – 6,000. At London one is charged ?350 for some trials which include blood trials, electro-cardiogram trials, chest X raies, lung trials and other trials while in India same trials cost merely US $ 84.A Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI ) scan costs US $ 60 at Escorts Hospital in Delhi, compared with approximately US $ 700 in New York.

Medical touristry is a turning sector in India. India ‘s medical touristry sector is expected to see an one-year growing rate of 30 % , doing it a Rs. 9,500-crore industry by 2015. Estimates of the value of medical touristry to India travel every bit high as $ 2 billion a twelvemonth by 2012.

The chief grounds for the turning popularity in medical touristry in India are:

( a. ) The long waiting lists in the developed states.

( B ) The low cost of medical interventions in India than the other developed states. In India, complicated surgical processs are being done at tenth part of the cost as compared to the processs in the developed states.

( degree Celsius ) The low-cost international air menus and favourable exchange rates.

( vitamin D ) The Internet ; with the development of communications, new companies have emerged who acts as jobbers between international patients and hospital webs, giving patients easy entree to information, monetary values and option.

( vitamin E ) The state-of-art engineering, specializer physicians, nurses and para-medical staffs that has been atdopted by the large infirmaries and nosologies centres in India. In India, the medical instruction system besides caters to the of all time increasing demand for the bringing of the quality wellness attention services all over the state.


Following are the aims of the research survey.

To analyze the operation of a infirmaries and installations provided to patients.

To make geographically comparing from where ( Origin ) the tourer semen.

To research the potency for Medical Tourism industry in Gurgaon.

To introspect the Hospital Accreditation system for Medical Tourism.

To analyze the function of Insurance Companies in Medical Tourism.

To analyze the latest tendency to increase the flow of Medical touristry.

To analyze the function of Alternative Therapies in Medical Tourism

A Literature Review:

S.L Goel / R. Kumar, in their Book named “ Medical Tourism and infirmary Servicess, Published in twelvemonth 2010, have stated thatHealth and medical touristry is fast emerging as a large chance for India with its low cost advantage, high quality wellness attention and an English speech production public. Greater research and development in medical field touristry and reversal of encephalon drain, some of the illustrations are-visitors, particularly from the West and the Middle East find Indian infirmaries a really low-cost and feasible option. Karnataka, Andhra, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and Gujarat are in the head of medical touristry publicity. Kerala is God ‘s ain wellness Eden. However, the state would hold to better its wellness and infirmary attention substructure, connectivity between major metropoliss and streamline visa processs for medical visitants.

Renee-Marie Stephano, Esquire – President Medical Tourism Association, have prepared a usher, named “ Medical Tourism ~ An International Healthcare Guide For Insurers, Employers and Governments, This is a unequivocal usher for any international insurance company, transnational employers, wellness insurance agent or authorities who is involved with patients and insured who travel to other states for health care. It explains why patients are going for health care, what medical and dental processs they are going for and what states patients are going to. It will supply an apprehension of the medical touristry and international health care market place and Teach you what you need to understand in order to implement a successful international health care program.

What is known about the effects of medical touristry in finish and going states? A scoping reappraisal – By Rory Johnston, Valorie A Crooks, Jeremy Snyder, Paul in the twelvemonth 2010.In this reappraisal they have highlighted the potency of Medical Tourism, to function as a powerful force for the unjust bringing of wellness attention services globally. It is recommended that empirical grounds and other informations associated with medical touristry be subjected to clear andcoherent definitions, including studies focused on the flows of medical tourers and surgery succ 0ess rates.

Harmonizing to J Connell -A TourismA Management, 2006 – Elsevier

Medical touristry, where patients travel abroad for operations, has grown quickly in the pastA decennary, particularly for decorative surgery. High costs and long waiting lists at place, newA engineering and accomplishments in finish states aboard reduced conveyance costs andA …

MD Horowitz, JA Rosensweig – Physician Exec, 2007 in his work, ” Medical Tourism- Health Care in the Global Economy ” have stated that although physician executives are surely cognizant that some patients bypass their infirmary, clinicA or ambulatory surgery centre on the manner to the airdrome to hold attention in other metropoliss, they may beA some what surprised to larn that an increasing figure of patients are going to worldwide.

Research Methodology:

The survey consists of the primary and secondary informations.

Primary Datas: – The facts refering to the organisation and direction ofA Medical Tourism merchandises and Tourism Destination will be collected from the authorities/personnel of the assorted tourer sections of authorities, the Medical Tourists and the local people. To cognize the functional and behavioral facets of infirmary ‘s staff with the patients, a field study was carried out at assorted infirmaries located in Gurgaon. These information have been carried out through the Questionnaire and personal interview.

Secondary Datas: -The secondary informations includes the newspapers, books, magazines, trade diaries, assorted publications of the authorities, organisational bulletins, N.G.Os, and conservationists etc.

Research Tools:

The appropriate tools / techniques would be used to both primary and secondary informations. These tools shall be statistical devices or techniques, mathematical equations, Questionnaire etc.

In this work an effort has been made to do an in-depth survey of assorted infirmaries located in Gurgaon metropolis, which are playing a critical function to advance Medical Tourism in India from Internationally & A ; Nationally for making extended studies, assorted popular infirmaries were selected as: –

Medanta Medicity.

Artemis Hospital.

Max Multispecialty infirmary.

The Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

Paras Hospital

Columbia Asia

Research Questions:

Does the production of an reliable monograph might be helpful for touristry contrivers to take suited stairss in planning and the direction of appropriate medical touristry in close hereafter?

Does the Government attempts for the development of medical touristry can alarm the contrivers and determination shapers to guarantee the local people engagement in medical touristry development?

Does this survey will assist to place major push countries where touristry contrivers can pay extended attending to develop and advance medical touristry from national and international point of position?

Analysis and Discussion

Gurgaon, is one of the commercial metropoliss of India by being geographically situated in the northern Indian province of Haryana, and is a suburb of the Delhi metropolitan country. It is besides a portion of the National Capital Region of Delhi. It is located in Gurgaon District.

Gurgaon has emerged as a major finish for persons seeking medical intervention non merely in India but globally. Medical installation is an built-in portion of this well established metropolis and its propinquity to New Delhi International Airport act as a accelerator for supplying the Medical Tourists with the best in medical installations in India. In Gurgaon, there are a figure of super-specialty infirmaries offering universe category wellness attention installations to the citizens and patients coming from international finishs. A universe category and internationally acclaimed metropolis, Gurgaon offers a glorious dainty to one and all.

Bringing comfort and luxury to the lives of many, Gurgaon has everything to do it a complete orbiter metropolis. Gurgaon, the commercial capital of Haryana, is one of the most sought after finish for MNCs, Corporate, occupants and Investors as it offers universe category criterion of life and globally comparable concern reference in the signifier of IT parks and Business Centers but besides for its universe category super-specialty medical centre ‘s that offer province of-the art intervention for:

Cosmetic surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft or CABG Heart Surgery

Infertility Treatment


Dental Surgery

Renowned infirmaries in Gurgaon

Medanta Medicity

Artemis Hospital

Max Multi Specialty Hospital

The Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Paras Hospital

Columbia Asia

In Gurgaon infirmaries offer World category Medical Facilities which are equipped with the best substructure and the best qualified Doctors. Gurgaon is home to some of the taking transnational corporations in India. It offers a turning substructure, close propinquity to Delhi and brilliant connectivity. Delhi airdrome is less than a 20 proceedingss drive from the infirmary. After intervention Post Surgery Holidays are being suggested as to greening and recovery every bit shortly as as possible by traveling into the oversight of “ Mother nature ” .

Quality Policy at Gurgaon Hospitals

Deliver universe category patient attention through medical excellence.

Make a patient-centric environment

Ensure high criterions and safety of intervention during the patient ‘s stay.

Continuous Quality Improvement through execution of robust clinical and non-clinical procedure and protocols.

Having first substructure and cutting border engineering utilized by extremely skilled employees.

Restriction of Medical Health Centres of Gurgaon

Hospital is a really complex organisation as it is rational coaction of the activities of a figure of people who are endeavoring towards the accomplishment of the common end, depends on the clear authorization and duty relationship and specifying the function and place of the people through division of labor and hierarchy of bid.

Effective operation of a infirmary fundamentally depends on the clear defined authorization and duty and systematic division of proficient and administrative activities. Coordination and cooperation are the another two arm through which desired consequence can be obtain in a good mode. A good organisation is that where all the clients, employees and employers are satisfied. This satisfaction sometimes depends on the good working conditions, just wage, progressive organisational policies, deputation of authorization, and attitude of the higher-ups.

The effectivity or growing of a infirmaries sometimes depends on the organisational construction. The best suitable organisational construction for any infirmary is the matrix organisation. Because here everybody is given importance whether they are patient, staff or proprietors of the infirmary.

These infirmaries hold a really big staff including Dean, Head of the Departments, Doctors, Nurses and other staff who are committed to supply good services to the client and every bit good as effectual, efficient and smooth running of the infirmaries. This ca n’t be achieved in the absence of coordination and cooperation among all the staff member of the infirmaries.

All infirmaries are bounded to supply high criterion medical installations at sensible cost, to all the people who are coming to see them. Chief Medical Officer ( CMO ) is responsible to look after the operation of all infirmaries of the country. All infirmaries are required to hold qualified physicians from different watercourses of medical specialty. Other people who work at these infirmaries are the administrative staff and nurses who look after the efficient running of the infirmary and help the physicians.

Hospitals of Gurgaon are supplying all sort of medical services to their patients including surgeries, Immunization for kids, all sort of blood trials, Emergency attention to victims of accidents and catastrophes, quality oculus attention, decorative surgery, orthopaedic attention, female parent and kid attention, household planning and all sort of medical specialties.

Key Findings of the Research

India offers first intervention at really low-cost monetary values which is relatively really high in USA and UK. The Indian health care industry is turning at a really high gait and it is expected that the sector will touch US $ 238.76 billon by 2020. Harmonizing to the Investment Commission of India Medical Industry has experienced singular growing of 12 % per twelvemonth during the last four old ages, due to an addition in the mean life anticipation, mean income degrees, and lifting consciousness for wellness insurance among consumers. On history of the item survey of the potency of medical touristry in India every bit good as in Gurgaon the cardinal findings of the survey may be summarised as follows: –

a ) Most of the JCI accreditated and other infirmaries of India are dedicatedly functioning the patients of cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery ( including articulatio genus and hip replacing surgery ) , organ graft surgery ( including liver, kidney ) , Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatric Neurology, Urology, Gynaecology / Obstetrics / Surrogacy, Psychiatry, General Medicine and General Surgery, Cancer direction, Cosmetic interventions, and Dental attention.

B ) Various foreign investors and pharmaceuticals industries are coming frontward to put in the medical sector to construct a good image of India as a medical tourer finish and to pull international tourer.

degree Celsius ) Inexpensive and low-cost costs of medical attention services, about 30 % to 70 % lower than the costs in the US, UK, Singapore and Korea, doing India extremely appealing for foreign tourer as a Health Tourism finish.

vitamin D ) Experienced and talented professionals, comprised of nurses, technicians, attenders, clinical co-ordinators, and dieticians are working together to function the planetary medical tourer with their accomplishments of executing complicated surgeries and other medical processs.

vitamin E ) The physicians of India are circulating their proficient endowment and art of surgeries to the patient of whole universe.

degree Fahrenheit ) Every infirmary of India are now good occupied with English talking staff and therefore taking the job of communicating spread between patient and the hospital staff.

g ) India receives maximum of its international medical tourer from USA, UK, UAE, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Mauritius.

H ) Various Health travel contrivers are coming frontward to work with different infirmaries, medical professionals, air hoses, and hotel industry to function and compel the medical patients with their best quality services and at the most low-cost monetary value.

I ) Indian Government is puting a immense sum on promotional activities to increase the potency of medical touristry in India. Today Internet and word of mouth promotion is playing a critical function in rousing 1000s of people, about the best quality and handiness of specialised physicians, sawboness and medical services in India.

J ) Maharashtra, Bangalore, Gujarat, Kerala and Karnataka, receives maximal figure of foreign wellness tourer, in comparing to other provinces of India because of their natural scenes, vegetations, zoologies and ayurvedic techniques of healing and greening.

K ) Tourism in India is besides one of the fast gross bring forthing industry and lending about 5.92 % to the National GDP, and supplying employment to over 9.24 % of the entire state ‘s work force.

cubic decimeter ) It is projected that India will capture 2.5 % of the entire international medical touristry market by the twelvemonth 2012, with coincident foreign exchange gross of $ 2.3 billion. It is besides estimated that medical touristry in India will have around 1.1 million wellness tourer from all over the universe, by the terminal of 2012.

m ) Harmonizing to a statistics, by the terminal of the twelvemonth 2012, India will have around one million wellness tourer with a compound one-year growing rate ( CAGR ) of 28.09 % over the twelvemonth 2007. In India a wellness tourer has to pass less on different surgeries in comparing to other developed states.

N ) Harmonizing to a survey by McKinsey & A ; Company and the alliance of Indian Industry, India will have $ 1 billion concern by 2012, from medical touristry. Which is 1 % of the entire global gross.

O ) The part of private and multi-specialty infirmaries of India in advancing medical touristry ca n’t be overlooked. The Apollo, Max Health Care, Escorts, Stephens infirmary, Jason Hospital, and Global Hospital, in India are providing the demand of medical attention for international patients in the countries of diagnostic, disease direction, and preventative wellness attention.

P ) Harmonizing to a survey 75-80 % of wellness attention services and investings in India are nowA provided by the private sector. India is allowing assorted inducements and revenue enhancement discount to assorted pharmaceuticals industries to supply medical specialties, surgical-equipments, and other medical installations.

Q ) The Ministry of Tourism has included the publicity of wellness Tourism as new enterprises. The Marketing Development Assistance Scheme ( MDA ) administered by the Ministry of Tourism provides fiscal support to Wellness Tourism Service Providers accredited by State Governments till the guidelines of AYUSH-NABH for accreditation are finalized.

R ) Gurgaon is late has been recognized as a premier wellness tourer finish and pulling 1000000s of foreign and domestic tourer to see Gurgaon for their wellness intervention. It is besides emerging as a latest modern upcoming industrial hub near Delhi. Due to the sufficient handiness of land and nice life conditions, the focal point of Medicare is bit by bit switching from Delhi to Gurgaon, which is indirectly pulling universe category infirmaries and physicians to come to Gurgaon and serve the wellness patients of the whole universe.

s ) Gurgaon infirmaries specialize in assorted Fieldss that most of the foreign patients want to acquire treated for. The physicians of Gurgaon are good qualified and good trained to manage the assorted sorts of surgeries and diseases. They are capable to supply holistic intervention, dental surgery, decorative sugery, dependence intervention, hair graft, knee-replacement, chemotherapy, hip-joint replacing, and lap-band surgery, etc.

T ) Gurgaon besides offers a figure of service flat installations where patients can remain in instance of long intervention or followups. These flats are equipped with international life criterions so that patients find place off from their place.

U ) Internationally accreditated infirmaries of Gurgaon like Artemis, Medicity, Paras, Fortis, and Max are good equipped with first specialised physicians, engineerings and interventions and offering coveted nursing and remedy to their national and international patients.

Stairss for taking impressive Medical Tourism Business

Constructing the India Brand Abroad:

Classify the mark consumer sections based on their attraction and place the India Brand based on the three chief value propositions – high quality service, value for money and finish diverseness. An incorporate selling Communications run utilizing print, media and route shows should be developed.

Travel Desk in Hospitals:

Hospitals that want to sell medical touristry services should hold a dedicated travel desk in the infirmaries. Such a travel desk should move as a comprehensive selling arm of the infirmary w.r.t medical touristry. It shall organize the in-house services every bit good as services provided by other participants like local circuit operators. It can besides believe of supplying services like fining, visa-extension aid, foreign exchange, etc.

Staff Trainers:

qMedical tourers expect top-class cordial reception from the infirmary service staff. Supplying client relationship-training inputs for physicians, nurses, druggists, technicians, and hospital front office staff is critical in this respect. For this, the trainers have to first place the factors that generate patient satisfaction and trueness and the corresponding behavior of the service staff. Then, suited employee preparation plans and direction development plans can be designed, developed, and delivered.

Medical Tourist Management Software Developers:

If one has the competency in package development and sufficient sphere expertness in medical touristry ( or, if both of these can be harnessed from external persons or houses ) , there exists demand for customized package solutions. Software can be for on-line engagement, for automatizing the infirmary disposal, etc.

Medical Tourism Advisers:

Medical touristry is a dawn sector where many jobs are non good defined and replies non readily available. Therefore, there requires trouble-shooters and one who has originative penetrations and academic preparation with ample exposure to the industry can stand out in the function of a adviser.

Get downing Alternative Medical Care/Rejuvenation Centres:

In a state like India which has for so long been known universe over as a place of larning in a scope of alternate therapies, there exists abundant range in advancing the same. Ayurvedic wellness Centres spread across the state are among the first to capitalise upon this unmet demand. It requires comparatively less outgo to get down an alternate wellness Centre for Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Yunani, Siddha, etc. The governmental ordinances restraining the operations of health care Centres are less for these compared with that bing for allopathy, excessively.

Medical touristry agents:

Across the universe, demand for private wellness attention has created a bungalow industry of kinds for medical agents, who specialize in assisting patients jump the waiting line by negociating reduced rates for elected surgeries such as articulatio genus and hip replacing. They get a large committee, which they partly pass on, to the client who is besides benefited therefore.

Promoting Inter-Sectoral Coordination:

The NABH should take up the duty of alining the activities of assorted participants – Tourism Department, Transport Operators, Hotel Associations, Escorts forces etc.

Integrate vertically:

Various added services may be offered to the patients. For illustration, infirmaries may hold booths at airdromes, offer airdrome pickups, bank minutess, or affiliations with air hoses for tickets and may assist ease medical visas by the authorities. With more Arab patients coming in, some infirmaries may hold hired Arabic translators, stocked up on supplication carpets and opened up a kitchen functioning the nutrient readyings in corporate infirmaries in India.

Anti/Alternative-Medical Tourism NGOs:

Of class, this is besides a possibility. If one believes that advancing medical touristry as it is being done now is unsafe, he can fall in an NGO defying it, or, start an independent NGO himself. Such Nongovernmental organization are likely to pull support from international givers. In any instance, if one wants to understand the exclusion, he has to understand the regulation foremost.

Besides these, an enterpriser with an advanced crook of head could believe of other possibilities as good. This exercising will frequently than non give good consequences since the industry has merely taken-off and many chances are remain concealed from the direct oculus.

Joint Ventures / Alliances:

To counter increasing competition in medical touristry sector, Indian infirmaries should tie-up with foreign establishments for assured supply of medical tourers. Specifically they may tie-ups with capacity constrained infirmaries and insurance suppliers.

Medical Visas:

A simplified systems of acquiring medical visas should be developed in order to do travel across boundary lines smoother. Visa can be extended depending on the status of the patients. The processs for obtaining medical visa, the subsequent enrollment and visa extension processs are complicated and clip consuming. There is a demand to simplify and rush up these processs to do India a more attractive medical touristry finish.

Role of Government

The authorities of India must move as a regulator to establish a unvarying scaling and accreditation system for infirmaries to construct consumers ‘ trust. It besides acts as a facilitator to promote private investing in medical substructure and policy-making for bettering medical touristry. The authorities should actively advance FDI ( Foreign direct investing ) in health care sector every bit good as besides enacts contributing financial policies – supplying low involvement rate loans, cut downing import/excise responsibility for medical equipment It besides facilitates clearances and enfranchisement like medical enrollment figure, anti-pollution certification etc. The authorities should cut down barriers in acquiring medical visa and institute visa-on-arrival for patients and besides can make medical attaches to Indian embassies that promote wellness services to prospective Indian visitants.

Economic Impacts of Medical Tourism in India

Foreign exchange net incomes which enable economic wealth of state.

Cost advantage in duty over the developed states

Improve information sharing

Addition in efficiency of patient attention procedure, cutting border intervention.

Improvement in hospital supply concatenation efficiency

Strategic confederations with concern spouses within and outside the state.

Technology and cognition transportation

Better logistics public presentation both in internal and external.

Creation of employment chances in the industry

Better use of substructure and skilled work force.

Opportunity for development in Infrastructure in Health, Tourism and Travel.

Economies of scale.A· Connectivity with air, route, rail and information and communicating industriesA·

Bunch of medical TravelersA·

Health chances for foreign patients may take to better criterions at place.

Scope for Research and Development to offer comprehensive medical solutions.

International credence of state as a planetary health care supplier A·

Social and transverse cultural experienceA·

International client relationsA·

Global Selling and Medical Trade relationsA·

Brand image of state as world-class health care destination.A· Competitive advantageA·

Better coordination among the spouses i.e. infirmary and cordial reception industry.

Public and Private PartnershipsA·


India is in an advantageous place to tap the planetary chances in the medical touristry sector. The authorities ‘s function is important to the development of medical touristry. The authorities should take stairss in the function of a regulator and besides as a facilitator of private investing in health care. Mechanisms demand to be evolved to enable quicker visa grants to foreign tourers for medical intents where patients can reach the Immigration Department at any point of entry for speedy clearance. Tax incentives to the service suppliers, import responsibility decrease on medical equipment, commissions to advance and further medical touristry are some of the enterprises that can be undertaken. There is besides a demand to develop back uping substructure such as conveyance services to ease touristry in India. The touristry, wellness, information and communicating sections need to work in tandem for efficient patient attention. This paper has recommended some of the medical touristry schemes for farther advancing medical touristry in India. These include edifice and advancing the image of India as high quality medical touristry finish, making and advancing new combination of medical touristry merchandises, maintaining up the high criterion of quality interventions at a sensible monetary value, supplying enlightening online and offline stuffs and do them available to the possible clients. Besides achieving the accreditation/standard to reassure the quality of interventions every bit good as stressing on the demands and demands of the bing mark markets must be incorporated.


The boosters should concentrate more on promotion of Medical Tourism as the consciousness about Medical Tourism among people is really low.

The heath attention centres can besides despatch rank card to their clients, this will ensue in retaining of the clients for a longer period of clip.

The boosters can promote the tourers to urge their wellness attention centres to others as oral cavity to talk information is effectual and does non any money.

The boosters should guarantee that they cover all sorts of wellness insurance provided in different states, and encourage clients to take up wellness insurance, as this will simplify the dealing procedure.

The boosters should keep assorted runs in different states and continents and offer better price reduction bundles.

Restrictions of the Research Study:

This research survey is fundamentally based on secondary informations which may non be dependable.

Preparation of a research survey is a clip devouring procedure.

Organization of information is itself a really tough undertaking.

Scope of the Research Study

I. Geographical: The survey pertains to the Scope of Medical Tourism with Special Reference to Gurgaon.

two. Operational: The survey is limited to tourist finish holding Medical Tourism resources like Super Specialty Hospitals, Rejuvenation Therapy Centre, and Health Spas etc. at Gurgaon Only.

three. Particular Area: Super forte Hospitals & A ; Rejuvenation Centers in Gurgaon

Scope for farther Research

Like Gurgaon, another metropoliss of India like Faridabad, Meerut, and Dehradun etc. can be developed as premier wellness tourer finish. These metropoliss have assorted good infirmaries, whose services can be enhanced and improved, if authorities wage attending towards them. Indian Government can supply assorted sorts of fiscal AIDSs to develop substructure of these metropoliss and can allow some revenue enhancement freedoms to pull foreign investors and pharmaceuticals industries to put in private infirmaries. This research will function as a oculus opener and a usher for authorities to tap the potency of medical touristry in such topographic points.


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