People knew what old happen if they don’t take responsibility for their pets yet they chose to ignore the consequence. Sadly, as much as I love animals, I wish for the feral dogs to be euthanized. It may sound brutal and inconsiderate but isn’t it more inhumane to leave them on the streets Just to get run over or suffer a more painful death due to illnesses transmitted to feral dogs? Firstly, feral dogs can carry diseases. Canine distemper, ovoviviparous, and rabies are some of the main reasons stray dogs suffer and die from.

It became even worse because those diseases can also be transmitted to living species. For example, India is said to have the highest cases of human rabies death in the world and was estimated to 35,000 deaths every year. Thousands of children are being hospitalized from having contact with infected dogs, and of course, not only did these diseases cause harm to humans, but also to other wildlife animals. In Romania, many Ethiopia wolves, gray wolf puppies, and black-footed ferrets suffered excruciating death from rabies epidemics causing the endangered Ethiopia wolves to decrease to 500 in population.

Moreover, on the survey that I and my group mates created, 17% f the survey takers are aware that feral dogs can carry diseases that could harm others. One of them also told us that a stray dog has transmitted its mange to his/ her pet. The events mentioned above are Just a few of the thousand cases report worldwide and it may mean that our island might be prone to possible dangers from stray overpopulation. Secondly, stray dogs can be aggressive. Feral dogs preys on over 10,000 Stay deer in Astrakhan every year while numerous numbers of marine iguanas became a main food source for dogs in Galapagos Islands.

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More wild turkeys are slaughtered by feral dogs in the United States. In New Zealand, one unleashed dog killed 800 kiwi -?One of New Sealant’s National Symbols-?in Just six weeks. Its sad how one untrained dog can mess up an ecosystem and how a man’s best friend can turn into our worst enemy. Imagine if our endangered Moorhen birds, Kook birds or Swiftly birds are to be wiped out by strays. My group’s survey results appeared that 33% of all who took the survey said that stray dog likes to chase people and cars passing by their streets.

That alone is scary since most students-?raging from elementary to high school-?in Guam walk to their designated bus stops. Another example was the ease in Romania where the government decided to catch and euthanize over 64,feral dogs due to the growing number of dog bites that caused 7,800 dog bite injuries on October 2013. According to Richard Conning, “It gained momentum last month after a stray dog mauled a four year old boy to death. ” Many were outraged from the government’s decision and they claimed to have already saved 800 strays.

Sadly, those numbers weren’t enough to control the population so they did not budge the decision to euthanize the strays. In Guam, Vincent Salsas, an animal control officer, responded to a call about a stray dog roaming around a village only to be attacked by the same dog he tried to capture it. The last case of dog bite injury in Guam was a woman that got mauled by four skinny dogs in Vigor. The dogs were captured and euthanized after 100 days because as DRP. Tom Poole said, “Once they’ve tasted blood, they’re going to do it again. Thirdly, the population of strays is too many to control and reproduction contributes to it. Knowing that 40,000 strays are found in Guam, I couldn’t think of any possible solution to decrease their number immediately before the population goes up again. On the survey, many suggested to have the strays brought in to G. A. I. N. Yes, G. A. I. N. Does help in controlling the increase of population but only 4,259 were brought in last year, only 51 5 strays were adopted and the rest were euthanized due to contagious disease spreading on feral dogs and the lack of space in the shelter.

Although my friend who volunteers at G. A. I. N. Did not support my argument, these facts were strengthened when I interviewed her. According to Megan Palomar, a friend of mine that volunteers at the shelter, strays that are severely injured or sick are euthanized immediately to stop the strays suffering and the other’s gets put up for adoption but like what was aid earlier, less than 15-20% only are given a home so why give these feral dogs false hopes when there’s very little chance of them getting adopted? Stray dogs will only suffer a more painful death on the streets.

Almost every day on Guam, stray dogs are getting run over by cars and they are left to rot on the streets which are more remorseful than euthanasia. People around the world have come up of many interesting programs like trap-neuter-release of feral cats in Hawaii but those were later on not approved by the government as spaying/neutering cost a lot more than Just euthanizing them. But instead of automatically opposing euthanasia idea it’s worth pausing to think more clearly about what animal welfare really means.

Leave aside the question of whether a life on the street is any kind of life for a dog. ” says Richard Conning in his article, The Case for Euthanizing Stray Dogs. Lastly, many people may disagree with my argument. People like Cesar Milan, also known as Dog Whisperer. In his site, he mentioned how Germany deals with strays. It is mandatory for pets to be spayed or neutered unless you have license to breed dogs in order to lessen to increase of stray population. Believe me or not, I did thought of that solution too.

In fact, that was my first argument before me and my group started the survey and I still think it would be a great idea to petition it into a Guam law but right now, we should do something to control the existing strays first so they don’t cause more epidemics and attacks. My suggestion is not something to be proud of and it may be inhumane for lots of people but this used to be a little problem that may grow into a very terrible one if the people tolerate it even more. Isn’t it the people’s responsibility to take care of their own pets anyway;ay?


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