Foods is the organization I chose to create my Ethical Program for my final presentation. Kathy Judder is the creator and owner of a unique gourmet store; this not your everyday grocery store. Judder Fine Foods is a unique gourmet store that offers a wide selection of quality meats, seafood and wines. The store sells fresh baked bread and produce, including dairy products too, which Mrs.. Kidder’s stands behind its freshness. Kathy Judder only uses the highest of quality ingredients shih peed in from across the world while she guarantees to provide her customer a tasting experience at a great alee price.

With her three locations in the San Diego area, Kathy works long and hard hours to ensure that products in demand are delivered daily. Judder Fine Foods is subsequently a young business only been in operations for five years and is relatively a successful business that prides itself on the quality of service, superiority of products and the loyalty of customers. Kidder’s promises their customers they will encounter and experience helpful and knowledgeable staff willing to assist them with any question they might have.

Although, customers view the store as operating smoothly they have also seen areas of dysfunctional. These areas seem to need improvements behind the scenes; a few areas needing special attention is to ensure the ethical code of Kidder’s are upheld. Therefore, would like to discuss how and what ethical and moral challenges, managers and the MM,’nerd of Judder may face when you are working in the food industry and the handling of food improperly. The issue of handling and storing the improperly can have many ramifications behind it.

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Potentially the owners of fine establishment may have to close its doors completely due to the legal ramifications of a member of the staff unintentionally sold a customer contaminated meat which resulted n the customer getting severely sick. Although, Kathy Judder knows it was not intentionally, but yet it happen. Which becomes an ethical dilemma for the store to handle, the issue and challenge for Kathy is to figure out a better way of addressing and practicing better measures of keeping the customers safe this forward.

I can think of one way Kathy Judder and her staff can practice more safe ways of handling the properly. Implementing some type of procedure to document when and what and how the meats were processed and stored. By introducing this, it will help to reduce the risk of endangering customers or the staff. Kathy Kidder’s has a set of principal values for the store and her employees to follow such as respect for one another, equality and social responsibility. She believes each individual should reflect the same ethical approach to the decision making process.

People make decisions every day and are face with situations where they must make the decision of what is right or wrong. Coincidently, when it comes to ethical decisions people basically basis their decision on their personal values. Although, customers view the store as operating smoothly, they do not know what goes n behind the scenes in the work area of the store with the staff. Most organizations try to protect their customers from seeing what goes on in the day to day operations.

By focusing practicing the rules and regulations of the Codes of Ethics handbook has established. Employee should know how to act appropriately with each other especially away from the floor where customer can see. Because customers can get the impression that the store is disorganized and behaves unethically. The ethical dilemma owner’s and staff of Judder Fine Foods may face many other challenges that may consist of individuals performing in such a manner that is unethically.

Although there have been incidents where employees and employers both have behaved unethically. Codes of ethics are a broad set of principles establishing an organizations belief on matters of operations, such as their values, and the work environment which is supposed to be confidential. These codes are common and used to channel the concerns of the employees activities. Kidder’s Fine Foods character solely depends on the quality of service and the manner in which they carry out their relationship with their customers suppliers and other organization.


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