Introduction: Dr.S.Radhakrishnan was one of the most distinguished men of India. From a humble origin, he rose to hold the highest office in India. In him we see a rare combination of Indian tradition and scientific thinking. Dr.Radhakrishnan has contributed much to the cause of education in our country. In this essay he points out the importance of the right kind of education for the youth of the country. He looks at the needs of India as related to education in a perspective that is historical, political, economic, philosophic and religious. Challenges facing our Country: Political freedom has brought us a great opportunity. It has brought us the sacred responsibility of building up a new India which will be free from want and disease and the curse of caste and creed. Our country is passing through a great revolutionary period in human history. It is facing a many sided challenge, political and economic, social and cultural. Education is the means by which our youth can be trained to face this great challenge and build the new India of our dreams.

The Constructive Side of Science: Dr.Radhakrishnan believes that scientific and technological studies develop in us an attitude of tolerance, freedom from prejudice and hospitality to new ideas. Only by developing our heart and intelligence and our own moral values can we save the world from total destruction. If we do so, science can lead us to such a degree of material wealth as has never before been possible in human history. But this will be possible only if we develop our moral values and take the right judgments.

The Real Aim of Education: Any satisfactory system of education should aim at a balanced growth of the individual. It should insist on both knowledge and wisdom. It should not only train the intellect, but also bring grace into the heart of man. Wisdom is more easily gained through the study of literature, philosophy and religion. The study of these subjects help us to understand the higher laws of the universe and face the difficult problems of life. Cause for Unrest among Students: Indifference to our culture is mainly responsible for the increasing unrest among the students in our universities. Unless the students develop a sense of self-control and a sense of balance, they become a danger to themselves, and to society as a whole.

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Role of Teachers in Universities: A University is essentially a corporation of teachers and students. The kind of education that the students receive will depend on the quality of the teachers. The University teachers must be paid well so that they may be able to devote themselves to learning, teaching, and research. Magnificent buildings and equipments are no substitute for great teachers. In the absence of competent teachers, it is impossible for the students to get adequate academic tuition or moral guidance. The Importance of Spiritual Strength: Our future destiny as a nation depends on our spiritual strength rather than upon our material wealth. The goal of perfection cannot be reached by the weak in spirit. The greatest asset of a nation is the spirit of its people. If we develop the spirit of our people, our future will be bright.

Demanding more than Giving: Dr.Radhakrishnan remarks that there is no revolutionary fervour among the people of our country at present. There is only a spirit of enjoyment. There is no spirit of sacrifice. We seem to demand more than what we give. There is a kind of spiritual slackness among our people. We have to overcome this spiritual slackness and work hard for the country.

Learning without being Cultured – Dangerous: If we become learned without getting truly cultured, we become a danger to society. We become like demons and we may bring destruction to the world. It is wrong to assume that scientific discovery and technological improvement alone can bring about the betterment of mankind. We have placed too much emphasis on scientific training. We have to rectify this mistake and develop the basic values of the spirit.

Conclusion : The essay reveals Dr Radhakrishnan’s love for our country and his concern to give the right kind of education to the young men and women of our country.


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