An Important Leader Mahatma Gandhi, Vladimir Lenin, Winston Churchill, the Roosevelt, Mao Sedona, John Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Fidel Castro, Martin Luther King… There is a long list of the names of people who was making history during their lives. I would like to mention another important leader, whose policy is differently considered. He is Joseph Stalin. There are contradictory opinions on what he was like but there is no doubt he was a great leader. One of the main reasons for thinking this way is the fact that Stalin managed to recover the country from the havoc that the revolution, the First World War and the Call War had caused.

Joseph Stalin was not afraid of taking responsibility, making decisions and making his plans a reality. He was able to beat confusion and panic. In addition, Stalin’s policy aimed at development of science, art and education. What is more, he was a successful military strategist. Of course, Soviet Union won the Second World War due to its nations’ courage and self-devotion but Stalin played an important role In the victory, too. Under Stalin’s leadership powerful army and aviation were created. Moreover the leader of Soviet Socialist Republics was very smart, sensible and far-seeing, so he managed to overcome the disaster.

Of course, the violence of Joseph Stalin’s actions cannot be ignored. Repressions, forced acclimatization marked this epoch. Besides, the so called ‘cult of personality’ and ‘iron curtain’ (that cut off the country from contact with the outer world) were other negative points of the leader’s policy. However, nobody knows how the country would have coped with all the difficulties that It faced, If Soviet union had had another chief at that time. To sum up, I believe that Joseph Stalin Is not the last among the most important leaders all over the world, because he undoubtedly influenced history and people’s destinies.


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