This was the time of the transformation of the U. S economy. Manufacturing started on a large scale now based upon the foundation of abundant natural resources, efficient workers, expanding harvests and supportive government policies. Railway, the national transportation network was extended. Raw materials and finished goods were thought about on a national market level. Railroad was expanding with many problems.

Steel was the crucial building material for much of industrial America, and that was when Andrew Carnegie revolutionized the steel industry. He became the best known, which brought competition and criticism to him. The workers had no control over their schedule and often faced unpleasant and dangerous working conditions. Even so, they moved from the rural part to the place where the industry settled. Both adult males and females were the part of the new work force, and children as well.

They formed organizations for higher wages, less irking hours and better conditions. The earliest successful were the trade unions based upon craft skills. In the later time political parties were expected to dominate politics. All the nominations were by the party conventions. U. S encouraged trade with the nations of eastern Asia. That was also when U. S acquired Alaska and forced the French to withdraw from Mexico while the Americans hoping that Canada might become U. S territory.

To me, the large-scale manufacturing expanded rapidly which had both plus and onus points. The outcome to it was the transformation of the economy but for it so many workers were suffering. They did not have any fixed working hours and pleasant working conditions. They had to work under dangerous conditions. At that time political parties were expected to dominate politics, the public officials were nominated by the party conventions. The voters discriminated between the major parties on the basis of region, ethnicity and race.

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