Dear Mr. Campbell (Director),

An inspector calls Was written in 1948 but set in 1912 just before the climax of war and the victory of the trade unions.

The play is basically about an inspector that thoroughly interrogates a family riddled with secrets and lies. He exposes them and unfolds the terrible story about Eva – Smith and the birlings.

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The scene I have chosen you to direct is “Eric’s Confession”. In this scene Eric slowly opens up and miserably confesses to the “part” he played in the lead up to Eva’s death.

This scene is important to the play because it reveals how much the Birlings actually know about Eric and how little they know about the type of person he is. It also makes Mrs.B dreadfully embarrassed because shes been saying that ” the father of the baby should be responsible for her death”.

They also find out that Eric Was going to be a father and that Birling is only worried about the money stolen from him.

The plays main point is to promote socialism and dis-credit capitalism, In Eric’s confession He Dis-credits Capatalism because he has treated Eva badly and inhumanly but he is a capitalist.

In my scene The inspector should be centre stage with Eric because they are the main characters in this scene, Birling should be slightly further back and Mrs b to the left of what is going on.

I would like The inspector to be slowly pacing back and fourth trying to rinse every single bit of detail out of Eric. Eric should be not making eye contact with nobody and looking at the floor ashamed and slightly disturbed. Furthermore, I would like Mrs.B to be sitting down on a chair in utter disgust and dis-belief.

Eric should be speaking in a soft croaky voice and the inspector should be speaking in a calm cool tone. While Mr.Birling and Mrs.B are speaking in disgust and in a impatient tone.

There should be extreme tension between Eric and Birling because Birling has just realised that Eric has stolen from him. Every chance Birling has he should be probing him and having a go at him, never giving him a break, ” Eric: Can I have a drink first ?” Birling: ( Explosively) NO!”.

There also seems to be an everlasting conflict between the inspector and Birling, The inspector seems to always disagree with him, “Birling:(explosively) NO!” “Inspector:(Firmly) Yes.” And he seems to treat him like a less of a person, I think this is the way Priestly Promotes socialism by making birling (capatlist) Look stupid, “Birling:(Angrily) I don’t want any of that talk from you” “Inspector:(Very sharply) I don’t want it from either of you”.

I would like the tension between the inspector and Birling Last throughout the whole scene as it represents the everlasting conflict between capitalists and socialists that existed when the play was wrote.

The main reason That JBP wrote the play was to reveal was capitalists was really like, they seemed rich and posh but revealed to be Dirty, lying inhumaine people, and it made people feel sorry for socialists and realise that they were the good people.


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