An Inspector calls’ Arthur Birding – is happy because his daughter is marrying Gerald because his family owns a big company and Birding wants to be part of the upper class and he also wants to bring the two companies together after the marriage. ?Film was set in 1912. ?before the war ?In 1946 it was written and performed war” “Fiddlesticks” – Mr. B is wrong about war and is foolish, he doesn’t let his son or anyone else talk. “Titanic” “Unsinkable” – It is almost comical because the audience knows he is wrong.

Priestly mentions most famous disaster to point out Mr. Bi’s folly and blindness. ?He is living in a ‘dream world. ‘ “like bees in a hive” Birding doesn’t like the idea of community, he prefers the idea of looking after yourself first and then your family. ?selfish. Sheila – Takes the suicide in a more sympathetic way and is the first one to ask what she was like. ?She is also partly responsible for Eva Smith’s death ?Birding wants to sweep the death under the carpet however, Sheila acts like all of its her fault and she would do anything to change what she had done.

Sheila recognizes that the inspector knows everything and she knows that something weird is going on. When Gerald starts telling the story, Birding wants Sheila to leave the room, as he thinks the story isn’t suitable for her to Sistine to and she is too young. On Page 67 SHeila and Eric are ashamed about what they did but the parent’s think they can still get away with it ?Adults vs.. Children They are trying to look for a way out but they have all done something wrong and the can’t change it By Beatrice Guthrie


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