This passage’s relationship with the general subject or thought of the narrative is that it was able to demo the chief character’s quandary of whether yielding to his predetermined decease or contending for his life and his desire to be with his love 1s. More so. the ticking of his ticker symbolized the feeling of fright and dismay over the impression of an at hand decease. In this type state of affairs or struggle. an person would usually detect all the things that are go oning around him.

However. his senses were enhanced doing the chief character to see all the things in a micro-level which means that everything has been intensified such as the ticking of his ticker that he thought was the sound of loud buffeting of metal ( Eserver. org ) . 2. “When he frowned she trembled. but loved him. When he smiled. she asked no greater approval of God” The narrative of Desiree’s Baby narrative revolved around unconditioned love every bit good as the restrictions of love.

In the transition. it demonstrated Desiree’s unconditioned love for her hubby despite his fickle disposition and his evident concern over racial issues. However. this besides suggests that the hubby did non reciprocate the degree of love and attention that was being given to him. In connexion with the general subject of the narrative. the transition emphasized the chief character’s sentiments towards the overmastering feature of love or being in love.

She is willing to give her all to the adult male she loves without anticipating any in return which was the chief thought of the narrative. More so. in the terminal. sorrow or compunction is the lone salvation that one can make to counterbalance for a great love loss ( Eastoftheweb. com ) .

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