The history of Hotel Saigon Morin began from 1901 with the ownership of a Gallic man of affairs, Mr. Bogarde. It was the first hotel in Central Vietnam at that clip. The Hotel belonged to Mr. Guerin who changed its name to “ The Grand Hotel de Hue ” after 1904. In 1907, this hotel was transferred to Morin ‘s Brothers and was upgraded to the best Hotel in Hue.A The Hotel concern flourished and reached a extremum. It was non merely a Hotel, but besides used as a “ Center for the Gallic community ” in Hue until 1946 before going the shelter for the Gallic ground forces and civilians during the Anti- French colonialist motion lifting until 1957 and was so used as the House of Hue University until 1988. In 1989, the hotel was under control and direction of Thua Thien-Hue Tourism and once more used as a hotel for back-packer tourers. In 1997, after monolithic redevelopment, the hotel was reopened with the new name “ SAIGON MORIN ” . Hotel Saigon Morin is now a taking 4 leading hotel in Hue. This hotel is a 2-member-limited company of Saigon tourer in Saigon and Huong Giang in Hue. It is a Gallic manner hotel with 184 suites, 4 eating houses and many other installations with the bulk of invitees are hi-end and mid-end aliens ( 90 % ) coming from United States, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Japanaˆ¦Being a portion of the history of Hue metropolis in the last 110 old ages, Hotel Saigon Morin – the oldest and legendary hotel in Hue – has had the honor to welcome and function a assortment of famous persons and distinguished invitees on their visit to Hue.

1.Type of administration and its range ( product/service, market )

Hotel Saigon Morin – a 2-member limited company – is a joint-venture of Saigontourist keeping company ( Saigon ) and Huong Giang joint-stock company ( Hue ) . This is a Gallic manner hotel with 183 suites of six types ( Executive Suite, Morin Suite, Junior Suite, Junior Deluxe, Deluxe and Superior ) , four eating houses ( Morin eating house, Garden Rendez -Vous, Royal room, Rose room ) , 2 bars ( Garden saloon, Panorama saloon ) , Swiming pool, concern centre, fittingness centre and many other services every bit good as facilitiesaˆ¦ Operating in touristry industry, its merchandises are services, such as adjustment, feast, catering, MICE, transportation, entertainmentaˆ¦made by a well-trained staff troup of about 230 employees. The operations are divided into four groups: Room division ( Front desk + House maintaining ) , Food & A ; Beverage ( Restaurant + Kitchen ) , Gross saless – selling & A ; Entertainment ( Gross saless & A ; Marketing, Tour desk & A ; transit, diversion ) & A ; Back office ( Administration, Finance & A ; Engineering & A ; Maintenance ) ( see chart below ) . Hotel Saigon Morin is one of 12 4-5 star hotels in Hue and has been busying a 20 % market portion with bulk of invitees are aliens ( 90 % ) of hi-end and mid-end invitees from United States, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Japan… The major rivals are La Residence, The Pilgrim small town, Imperial, Huong Giang, Mercure Hue Gerbera & A ; Celadon Hotel.


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2.The administration ‘s intent and an analysis of its cardinal stakeholders with an underpinning principle for the power/interest of each stakeholder group

a. Purpose:

Bing located in Hue – the festival metropolis of Vietnam. This is the World Heritage site with growing rate of 18-20 % per annum ( Legend Indochina Travel ) . Hue is considered the alone imperial metropolis in Vietnam still retaining its visual aspect of a metropolis in the Middle Ages with ancient monarchal buildings holding made it an vastly valuable museum. There are a assortment of interesting topographic points: pagodas, royal graves, Huong Riveraˆ¦ Hue touristry leads the list as to the most astonishing & A ; often visited metropolis of VN ( around 12,000 tourers / twenty-four hours at extremum season ) . Thua Thien Hue state defines touristry as cardinal economic sector & A ; makes a batch of investings in touristry development every bit good as call for investings. Like other touristry administrations in Hue, Hotel Saigon Morin Easts to maximising the net income of organisation and Hue metropolis by committedness to supplying outstanding services, lending to TTH ‘s touristry development and the integrating of Vietnam, part and universe in the globalisation. With the slogan “ Heritage Heart Land Of Hue ” , Hotel Saigon Morin ever tries its best to convey the invitees a comfy stay with uncompromised quality that has been extremely appreciated over clip, meriting a “ bosom ” of Hue metropolis. That is the ground why this hotel has been considered the finish of many famous persons and distinguished invitees on their visit to Hue. Harmonizing to hotel ‘s study 2010, 23,085 of entire reachings and 39,545 of entire invitee yearss are counted for this hotel.

B. Analysis of cardinal stakeholders ( stakeholder mapping – power/interest matrix )


Degree OF Interest

Low High


Minimal attempt

( travel bureaus, spouses )

Keep informed

( employees, authorities, local bureaus )



Keep satisfied ( clients, invitees )

Cardinal participants ( stockholders, direction board, board of managers )

( 12 Manage – The Executive Fast Track )

For touristry industry by and large and Hotel Saigon Morin peculiarly, clients ( invitees ) are ever at the bosom of concern. The spouses and travel bureaus besides play an of import portion in hotel operations. As a consequence, every determination and scheme focal points on clients ( invitees ) .

3.The cardinal external environment issues ( both general and competitory ) impacting the administration in 2011 and beyond – PESTEL analysis



Recently, in the universe the political instability has on occasion been taking topographic point. In some countries, states war is go oning. This hinders the traveling, to some extent. ( i.e: Political upheavalA inA Thailand ) . Fortunately, Vietnam is still peaceable with a stable political relations government. That is the ground why Vietnam is considered one of 10 safe finishs. Central every bit good as local authorities defines touristry as a cardinal economic sector in the integrating and development procedure. Furthermore, the Government external activities in 2 recent old ages has improved the Vietnam ‘s image together with unfastened policy and entry process reforms helps pull more and more tourers and business communities to Vietnam ( 2010, VN: 5,000,000 – + 34 % , Hue: 600,000 – + 8 % ) aˆ¦


Vietnam has changed to market economic system since 1986, encourages and attracts investings. This creates an advantage for touristry development. The economic growing has been at instead good degree ( ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ) together with rising prices and unemployment has been kept stable and put under control. The USD-VND exchange rate rises brings benefit for Hotel Saigon Morin when the duty is calculated in USD. However, planetary crisis ‘s aftereffect makes a large lessening in hi-end tourers. Most of tourers limit or cut-off outgos budget. Harmonizing to an unofficial statistic, the figure of hi-end tourers coming to Vietnam, in 2010, lessening about 10-15 per centum while the entire figure rises up 34 % . The decrease makes a direct injury to our market portion. Besides, the competition in the industry is more and more intense when more new hotels coming into being, sharing the same market. The twelvemonth 2011, Hue witnesses the visual aspect of two more hotels ( Ana Mandara & A ; 4U ) . This creates more troubles for Hotel Saigon Morin in protecting and keeping market portion.


Day by twenty-four hours, the populating criterion is fast lifting. Traveling becomes a necessary demand after the basic 1s. Therefore, more and more people would wish to go, assisting to increase the figure of tourers coming to Vietnam and Hue. Particularly when Hue has been acknowledged as World cultural heritage in 1993 and the Royal music as maestro of intangible heritage in 2003 by UNESCO with a assortment of interesting topographic points such as Royal graves, pagodas, Huong river, beaches, mountainsaˆ¦

In add-on, societal demands about a green touristry environment are higher and higher. They tend to a pure and sustainable touristry. This requires Hotel Saigon Morin to pay more attending to environment saving.

And, the deficiency of synchronism of conveyance substructure besides hinders the Vietnam touristry development. Many tourers complaint about the deficit of qualified agencies of Vietnam ‘s transit. This does non go forth a good feeling on their head after the travel to Vietnam with the uncomfortable feelings.


Together with rapid advancements in Information and Technology, hotel Saigon Morin has had the betterments in C/in – C/out processs. Now, no invitees ‘ passports are needed for C/in procedure because informations were imput before invitees ‘ reaching. Technology besides affects our concern in the facet of on-line reserve. Guests can book the hotel through cyberspace or merely by a callaˆ¦Very convenient! Particularly, when the invitees would wish to go separately by a direct reserve, non through a travel bureaus in a group. Technological progress brings the advantage to our operation and invitees every bit good.


The late unnatural clime alterations all over the universe such as inundation, drouth, temblors, volcanoesaˆ¦create many disadvantages for touristry. In 2010, the vent in Ireland, prolongedA snowA in Europe, the Americas or the recent temblor in Japan in March affects the traveling. Tourism nowadays Easts to the “ green touristry ” by understating resources development, wastes, waste H2O and increasing recycling in order to accomplish a sustainable development. This is the spirit of ISO 14000. Bing to the full cognizant of this demand, until now, Hotel Saigon Morin is the first and lone organisation in Hue deriving this certification. Furthermore, it requires a reserve of local, cultural individualities when holding investing and building of hotels, eating houses, watering place & A ; resortsaˆ¦Just because, protecting environment is keeping and bettering our lives.


Operating in touristry industry, hotel Saigon Morin has to obey the jurisprudence on environmental protection with the rigorous articles and commissariats. Every twelvemonth, like other hotels, Saigon Morin makes the studies on environmental protection to local authorities, Thua Thien Hue state ‘s touristry service and Vietnam national disposal of touristry. Besides, the environmental trial is besides sporadically conducted to guarantee that the environmental parametric quantities remain relevant statutory demands and environmental protection is done good and expeditiously.

However, the present deficiency of legal paperss system on control of services monetary value from cardinal and local bureaus leads the unhealthy competition in touristry industry. Some hotels, for endurance, down the duties unsystematically. This creates troubles for us every bit good as misgiving for tourers.

4.The administration ‘s market place and its cleavage in 2011

Hotel Saigon Morin which is one of 12 4-5 star hotel in Hue – an ancient capital of Vietnam occupies 20 % market portion ( Compare with other hotels? ? ? ) . 90 % of invitees are aliens coming from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Japan… ( figure of invitees harmonizing to nationalities – Report 2008-2010 ) With the outstanding services operated under the Saigontourist ‘s criterions, hotel Saigon Morin Easts to hi-end and a small spot mid-end tourers. 75 – 80 % of invitees come to hotel through the travel bureaus, named Indochina Service, Saigon tourer, Trails of Indochina, Exotissimo, OSC travel, Vido Touraˆ¦

( Charts with invitees from travel bureaus for illustration – study 2008-2010 )

Coming to 2011, Hotel Saigon Morin sets the scheme of opening domestic markets, advancing MICE concern, heightening online concern and broadening the East of Europe market ( Russia ) . Together with keeping the traditional market of hi-end invitees, hotel Saigon Morin would wish to increase the market portion by supplying suited services for pulling mid-end foreign invitees every bit good as Vietnamese invitees whichA onlyA accounted forA aA bantam fraction ofA theA totalA figure of hotel invitees. This is perfectly sensible because the figure of local invitees is significantly increasing as statistics ( at hotel Saigon Morin – 3 % for 2010 ) . In the state of affairs of hi-end decrease, Hotel Saigon Morin issues the flexible policies for mid-end invitee market. In add-on, strengthen the on-line reserve and do more investing in advertizements and publicity with the purpose of more conferences, meeting, banquetsaˆ¦Especially, sets up the direct relationship with travel bureaus from abroad and broadens the market to East of Europe which is considered possible market of Vietnamese touristry.


5.The extent of the administration ‘s internationalization in 2011


Tourism is one of industries being strongly affected by globalisation. Being to the full cognizant of this importance, Hotel Saigon Morin makes many attempts to maintain gait with this tendency. Bing a member of Saigon Tourist keeping company – a prima and the strongest national group in touristry in Vietnam ( its scheme, operations, policies shows and be impacted by Vietnam national policiesaˆ¦ . ) , Hotel Saigon Morin has been affected and runing under group ‘s scheme. Inspite of a local group, Saigon Tourist has been pointing to internationalisation. This group has made a batch of international cooperation, joint-venturesaˆ¦The considerable accomplishment is a hotel undertaking in San Fransisco ( USA ) coming into being in aˆ¦ . – Coming to 2011, the direction board gives out the determinations of set uping direct relationship with foreign travel bureaus, heightening selling & A ; bettering the image of hotel non merely in Vietnam but besides in part and abroad every bit good as taking a portion in regional and international touristry administrations. Presently, Hotel Saigon Morin is a member of many national touristry associations and PATAaˆ¦Hotel Saigon Morin besides marks contracts, understandings on cooperation with international administrations. The cooperation for developing with IMI University Centre, International Hotel Management Institute, Luzern ( Switzerland ) is an illustration.

6.The cardinal chances and threats/challenges confronting the administration in 2011 with a principle for their choice



The 1st is the planetary fiscal crisis ‘s aftereffect, doing the lessening of hi-end tourers. The tourers they tend to take the mid-end or lower hotels for adjustment to salvage budgets. This is wholly suited with the general tendency of income decrease due to economic downswing. That ‘s the ground why we see a paradox in 2010, the figure of tourers coming to Vietnam and Hue lift up to 34.8 % and 8 % severally whereas, the high-end hotels ‘ invitees decrease. At Hotel Saigon Morin is 16 % , other hotels around 10-20 % lessening. ( Beginning: Hotel Saigon Morin ‘s one-year study 2010 – hardcopy ) .

The 2nd menace is, in the country, more and more hotels at the same rank coming into being ; particularly, some of foreign-invested hotels holding direct relationship with travel agents from abroad and strong selling scheme. The twelvemonth 2011 will witness the visual aspect of 2 new hotels in Hue ( 4U hotel & A ; Ana Mandara ) . The appropriate topics ( invitees ) are non lifting, even falling together with more hotels sharing the same market ; hence, some hotels including ours get into problem is ineluctable.

Furthermore, there has non been any official legal papers on commanding the monetary value of services from authorities and concerned administrations, taking the unhealthy competition among hotels. Some hotels, for endurance, down the duties unsystematically. This creates troubles for us every bit good as misgiving for tourers.

And, the deficiency of synchronism of conveyance substructure besides hinders the touristry development.


First, Vietnam has been considered one of the 10 safe finishs. In our state, no Rebels, no military onslaughts go oning. And, Hue is a little and peaceable land with the relics community recognised as the World cultural heritage in 1993 and the Royal music as maestro of intangible heritage in 2003 by UNESCO.

The following, touristry is defined as the cardinal economic sector of Hue every bit good as Vietnam harmonizing to the economic development scheme for the period of 2010-2020. A batch of investings are made in touristry development ( roads fix and ascent, name for flight addition, esp. the undertaking of main roads associating touristry countries aˆ¦ ) .

And eventually, globalization is progressively the common tendency presents,

Vietnam with unfastened policy, entry process reforms, and the Vietnam ‘s image has been improved by the Government ‘s external activities late together with the recovery signal of the fiscal crisis aˆ¦.helping to pull more and more tourers coming to Vietnam.

With the hope of holding the opportunities to function more and more invitees with uncompromised quality that has been extremely appreciated over clip, lending to the intergration and development procedure of Hue metropolis and Vietnam, Hotel Saig on Morin comes to a decision that the twelvemonth 2011 has brought to the hotel with the chance of stronger cooperation ( authorities ‘s unfastened policies and activities in favor of touristry development ) together with the cardinal challenges of the tax write-off in hi-end tourers due to planetary crisis ‘s aftereffect in the context ofA increasinglyA fierce competitionA amongA hotelsA of the same degree. The situationA makes theA hotel’sA market shareA is progressively shrinking and earnestly harms the hotel ‘s concern. As a consequence, Hotel Saigon MorinA expeditiouslyA buildsA aA concern scenarioA in order toA promptlyA copeA withA the state of affairs.

7.The function and intent of scenarios as a direction tool exemplifying your reply with an illustration of a scenario for your administration based upon the cardinal challenges generated in your analysis above.

Scenario can be used as a direction tool to supervise the changing concern environment with analyzing dynamic and disruptive environments in the procedure of scheme formation.

Scenario, differing from prediction, plays an of import function in direction, particularly in times of uncertainness. Scenario helps direction board predict and actively respond to extinguish the development of the big scope of external universe scenarios and travel by different paths to specify the ends or the coveted results for the organisation before constructing the nominative scenario.

In the current globalization tendency, the uncertainness every bit good as volatile markets force the administration be under force per unit area of adaptability. Tourism is to a great extent affected by globalization and internationalization. The competition in the industry is progressively rough. There are more and more hotels at the same rank looking whereas the diminution inA hi-end marketA shareA is still continuedA and relentless. Hotel Saigon Morin understand that the twelvemonth 2011 will be of troubles and challenges ; hence, the hotel actively builds a suited scenario for carry throughing the scheme.

Integration to globalization ( regional & A ; international ) ( ACCORDING TO SGT STRATEGY )

Competition in touristry and hotel industry

The natural catastrophes

Selling, publicity & A ; advertizements

Cooperation with abroad travel bureaus ( NAMES OF SOME PARTNERS WITH SGT )

Flexible duty policies

Uncompromised quality services ( well-trained staffs, service distinction, furniture & A ; equipment maintenanceaˆ¦ ) – & gt ; unforgettable memory in invitees ‘ heads – & gt ; regular / repeated invitees

Healthy competition

Green hotel ( ISO 14000 )

Make usage of high exchange rates

Local market

DeployA to exploitA marketsA in Eastern Europe

MICE, business communities, authorities ‘s seniorA delegationsA andA stateA politicians

Online resa + FIT invitees

Bettering the F & A ; B gross

Higher transit fee ( flight, auto, train )

National & A ; international policies & A ; demands of industry


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