I knew I was being followed as I drove towards town. A dark figure in an intimidating truck had been following me for hours. The truck was completely covered in rust and had a dent in the bonnet. It began to accelerate and tried to ram me off the road. I was panicking; I accelerated trying to escape, with my foot pressed against the floor. But the truck was too fast, and tossed me off the road. Like a derailed train, my little car rolled down the hill, hitting a tree, knocking me out. The last thing I remember was looking around me, seeing the smashed windows and the caved in roof.

When I came to, I was still in shock; I was still in my car. I wasn’t seriously injured; I had only a few minor cuts and bruises. I struggled to listen. Everything was quiet. All I could hear was the waves hitting the beach. It was completely dark, the only light coming from the moon’s reflection off the sea.

I peered out, hoping that I was safe, wondering who it was. Who was trying to hurt me, and why they would want to? I was hoping that they wouldn’t find me. With my heart thumping against my chest I knew I would have to keep moving so that he wouldn’t track me here, and with the tide creeping up towards me, I took a final look around and then slowly crawled out of the car, and stood up.

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The wind hit me like a hammer,throwing me off balance. But once I recovered I staggered up the beach, trying desperately to remember a place where I could hide from him or seek shelter from the icy wind and rising tide. I had to get off the beach, so I darted down the nearest street, looking behind me constantly. As I crept down the street nervously, I noticed a newspaper on the ground. I picked it up. The headline read “Scale 5 Hurricane coming!” I read on. It described how the hurricane was heading straight for this town, destroying everything in it’s path, already leaving a trail of destruction. As I dropped the newspaper in shock I looked up. To my horror I saw that all the houses were abandoned, and most of them had holes in the roof, smashed windows and all of the gardens were being over grown by weeds, which were flowing into the road and climbing up the houses,as though attacking them and trying to swallow them up.

The street lamps outside the houses didn’t work, either because they were smashed or because there was no power going to them. The houses were completely dark as well, so I assumed that the whole street was without electricity.

This sent a shiver up my back. There were no lights, no electricity and more importantly, the town was completely abandoned. The only person that I had seen had been the person that had tried to kill me. I was terrified, trying to think of possibilities as to why the town was abandoned. Was it because of the hurricane? Or maybe the mysterious dark stranger had something to do with the town’s emptiness?

The tarmac on the road was cracked, with weeds aggressively breaking their way through. There were also big holes randomly spread over the road. The people of this town must all have left, and judging by the houses it must have been a long time ago. The paint had started peeling off, the windows were mostly cracked or smashed and the rooves had holes in them.

As I limped down the creepy, dark street one of the windows of a house smashed, but I kept on walking. A few moments later I heard the echo of footsteps. I stopped, to listen carefully, to confirm that I actually could hear footsteps behind me. The footsteps continued, which verified that I was being followed. As they continued, they got louder. Thinking the worst of the noise I began to increase my pace. Was it the mysterious dark figure, or was it a resident of this town trying to seek help, or even help me?

The sky gave a sudden roar and let out a river of rain and then lightning streaked across the sky. When the lightning came close, I used its light to look around me, searching like a hawk; I saw a faint shadow, just metres behind me. I quickly tried to run for shelter towards the nearest house, which was abandoned.

The door was locked, but I was able to smash the window in the door, and then push my arm through and unlock it from the inside. The house was completely empty, only dust and cobwebs covering everything. I ran up the creaking old stairs and into the room at the front of the house. The room was bare and dark, the only light coming through the crack in the curtains. The room was dusty and covered with holes, all over the room. I peered out of the gloomy window to see if anyone was following me.

I began to tremble, as I saw a mysterious figure, wearing a long black leather cloak, a hat which covered his face and black trousers, with big black leather boots underneath them. The tall shadowy figure began to walk slowly into the house. I could hear him walking slowly up the creaking stairs with slow, heavy steps. With every step closer my heart began to beat faster and faster. I looked around, looking for a place to hide, but the room was completely empty.

The time it took him to climb the stairs was like a lifetime. He started to make his way slowly towards the door of the room I was in. Once he was outside the door I was frozen to the spot, unable to move. Even though I wanted to run, I couldn’t. All I could do was sit frozen, staring at the door, breathing heavily.

I heard him begin to turn the squeaky handle incredibly slowly. He started to open the creaking door. In a heartbeat he had thrown the door across the room, I began to shake more violently than before. My heart, was thumping against my chest like a drum. He began to walk slowly towards me, the shadows hid his face. He stood directly above me, but when I looked up all I could see was a gigantic hand, stretched out coming towards my face. I couldn’t see the hand completely, because it was extremely dark, and I only saw the outline. In the other hand was a sharp pointed object, shining in the moonlight. With a sudden movement it came rushing towards me, and I knew that this was the end…


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