What do Kingda Ka and the discoverer of radioactivity, Marie Curie, have in common? Actually, there is a lot more than you would think. You might say to yourself that they are completely different, which is correct, yet incorrect. One thing is a rollercoaster and the other is a famous scientist, but when you look past just their physical descriptions, you will see how much they actually are alike. They both follow similar paths and they both faced many hardships, but also many great things. Firstly, they both start off slowly. Marie was just an average girl who was born in Poland in 1867.

Kingda Ka was just a rollercoaster when construction began. They weren’t anything special. Marie grew up like all other girls in Poland did at that time and Kingda Ka was being built the same way any other rollercoaster was built. Marie eventually finished school and Kingda Ka was eventually finished with construction. But neither of them wanted to stop there. Marie and Kingda Ka both faced challenges early in their lives. Marie desperately wanted to continue getting an education although girls weren’t allowed to go to school after they had completed secondary school. She knew she was destined for more in her life.

Kingda Ka was also destined to be more than just another rollercoaster. Marie had to find a way to continue her education by herself. This is similar to Kingda Ka because within the first month of Kingda Ka’s opening, it ran into a few problems, much like Marie’s issues with not being able to get a higher education. The launch cable, engine, and brakes all malfunctioned. But neither Marie nor Kingda Ka let their early issues stop them. Marie and other girls, including her sister, in Poland created an illegal school where they taught themselves and Kingda Ka was repaired.

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They were both quickly back on their tracks to success. Kingda Ka and Marie were both going well for a while. Marie continued her education and Kingda Ka safely continued to work with no more major issues. But of course, it didn’t stay this way for long. Eventually, Kingda Ka was struck by lightning and was down for an extended period of time. Much like Kingda Ka, Marie was struck down by the fact that after a while, Marie had learned all she could. If she wanted further education, she would have to wait a while to save up enough money to keep going.

As they had before, they didn’t let this obstacle stop them. Kingda Ka was eventually repaired and it continued working as it had before, even though it had many more light breakdowns than it had before. Marie and her sister had worked out a plan as well. First, they would save up enough money between them to send Marie’s sister to college in France first. Then, they would send Marie when they had enough money. Of course, there was a small issue. Since the college was in France, all of the lectures were in French, so Marie would have to learn French in order to understand what was being taught.

But this was only a small issue because Marie did know some French, so it was easy for her to learn the rest of the language. But after these early issues, things seemed to be going well. There was nothing major that stopped them. Kingda Ka ran smoothly for quite some time and Marie’s interest in science really grew. This part in their lives seemed like the initial hill on Kingda Ka. It was a huge obstacle and it seemed difficult to make it all the way up, but they found a way to make it work. Of course, though, it didn’t stay this way. Marie was a very intelligent person.

She had made many huge impacts on science, such as discovering radioactivity and two new elements, Radium and Polonium. But during the time when she was making these huge discoveries, women weren’t taken seriously in the world of science. Many other famous male scientists of the time believed that her discoveries were just a result of miscalculations on Marie’s part. But she wasn’t wrong. She had found more ways to back up her findings and eventually, people believed her. This is similar to a common problem on Kingda Ka, called rollbacks. This is when Kingda Ka fails to get over the top of the first hill and rolls back down.

Even though the train can get over the initial hill, it doesn’t always get enough momentum, much like Marie who knew she was right; she just didn’t have enough proof to show that she was. After these initial hardships, they had reached the peak of their lives. Kingda Ka was named the tallest rollercoaster in the world. Marie Curie was recognized for her discoveries and contributions to science. They both became famous in their own line of work. But, like everything else, you can’t stay at the top forever. Eventually, you will have to come back down.

In Marie’s and Kingda Ka’s cases, this drop is sudden and very fast. Marie had worked on her theories about radioactivity for years and had eventually found enough evidence to prove that it existed. But, of course, she had spent all of these years working with radiation from her experiments. This radiation slowly made her sicker and sicker. After a while, though, her health decreased rapidly from the radiation poisoning, much like the way Kingda Ka’s train rapidly comes back down the hill. Marie had a constant ringing in her ears, she was nearly blind, and she constantly felt dizzy and weak.

She was dangerously close to the end of her life, similar to the way that Kingda Ka is close to the end of the ride after the initial drop. But just before the end, Kingda Ka has another hill. Going up the hill is very easy due to the fact that the hill is very small compared to the first hill. Just like Kingda Ka, Marie had one more up in her life before her death. She received many awards for her work in the field of radioactivity. She was known worldwide for her discoveries and her huge impacts on science. But this small hill was over quickly. After she had received her awards, her radiation poisoning had gotten the best of her.

Her life quickly came to an end, much like the way that Kingda Ka quickly stops after this hill. After all, everything has to end somewhere. Obviously, Marie and Kingda Ka are nowhere near similar in their physical descriptions, but when you look past what they seem to be on the outside, you realize that they are actually very much alike. Of course, they aren’t spot on, but they are still very similar. They both started off with many difficulties, then rapidly rose to fame, then quickly fell, but had one last hill before they come to a complete stop. They didn’t stop until they had finished what they were destined to do.


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