Many old ages ago, about companies merely did their plants merely like composing information on paper and seek to retrieve it. Everything were done hard, it take a long on the job clip and the work was besides done non efficaciously excessively much. But now, in a modern society, when Information Technology ( IT ) is applied to about countries, including cordial reception industry, people get easy to work with many package have created, merely set all information needed for the occupation into computing machine and no demand to retrieve it so hard. So IT is an of import resource for any house to make the occupation efficaciously. Within cordial reception industry, IT represents one of the largest countries of capital outgo. In order to acquire success, cordial reception executives must utilize IT as a competitory method to make competitory advantage.

1The end of much of concern scheme is to accomplish sustainable competitory advantage. Competitive advantage in cordial reception industry is demonstrated through a belongings ‘s ability to achieve and keep a strong underside line, one with the capableness of returning net incomes to investors and fueling sustainable enlargement. The necessary factors to acquire competitory advantage in cordial reception are: efficient reserve system, efficient gross revenues and selling system, effectual advertisement runs delivered, great service and guest acknowledgment systems, better human resources and developing systems, strong cost control systemsaˆ¦ In my sentiment, if a company wants to make competitory advantage, it must develop client relationship direction, reserve system and better human resources and developing systems.


Customer relationship direction ( CRM ) system:

One of the most of import factors that contribute to success of a company is keep client trueness and besides pull new client at the same clip. A hotel must make everything to function client on a best manner, when client back to the hotel, that means the hotel has satisfy them and they choose the hotel as a close friend when going. So, in order to maintain in touch with client, the hotel must reach with them often, non merely run into them straight, but besides through the cyberspace by electronic mail. By that manner, the hotel will make guest service so good, faster and more convenient. Therefore, a hotel should be provided a CRM system to pull off the hotel ‘s client or guest database. It helps the hotel know who stayed at there or how frequently. In add-on, CRM system besides helps the hotel in marketing run, gross revenues grapevine, prospect communicating and much more. For illustration[ 2 ]Sage CRM links together hotel ‘s Gross saless, Selling and Customer Care sections within one system, giving the concern a individual position of hotel clients, chances and providers. It ‘s easy to utilize and quick to deploy, so you can immediatelyA get down to construct stronger relationships with bing clients, aim new clients more efficaciously and drive your gross revenues grosss.

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It is besides good for selling and advertisement of a hotel. When a hotel privation to spread out its client or contact with some companies, the package will assist to make that purchase happening who was hotel client and who will be. The package implements it by e-mailing selling with newssheet. Besides, when any clients choose the hotel to remain, the package will assist the hotel to direct a verification electronic mail.[ 3 ]This electronic mail is about invitee name, cheque in and look into out day of the month, the figure of room and room type, besides let clients cognize the cost they will pay for remaining at the hotel. In order to do certain everything before the invitee coming, a pre-arrival electronic mail will be sent to that invitee. It is all about a reminder, conditions, transit option and route status. Then besides send thank you email after the invitee leave. The missive show hotel ‘s grateful to guest. In add-on, if the hotel wants to cognize whether client has been satisfied or non and how much satisfaction he or she spend for hotel installations and services, the package will assist the hotel to implement a study. That study called guest satisfaction study that will roll up invitee ‘s thoughts, sentiment about the hotel, including installations, staffs, environment and service quality. That signifier let the guest evaluate the hotel follow four or five degrees. From there the hotel will acquire experiences and seek to better their service to run into the demand of client better.

Reservation system:

Populating in a busy life, the demand of relaxation is increasing more and more, so people look for amusement to cut down emphasis, about choose travel to loosen up. Furthermore, they do non necessitate to travel to a travel bureau for booking a ticket or a circuit, they can remain at place and do those things through the cyberspace. Many large hotels presents have reserve system on their ain web site for clients to book a room, or tourer company besides have it for clients to book a ticket, a circuit and a tabular array in eating house. For illustration,[ 4 ]Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii, usage Reserve Interactive ‘ s Dining Reservations and Table Management package and the Events with Reservations add-on faculty. Thank to the package, hotel staffs have new solution to pull off the reserve procedure for multiple on-property eating house, dining events and invitee Tourss. It is besides allows staff to direct reserve verification, move or natural reserve, and easy and rapidly entree reserve, invitee and fiscal informations, made the Village a much more productive organisation. Therefore, using package to cordial reception industry aid people easy to work, staffs in hotel and eating house can pull off all information about invitee ‘s reserve, so that they can run into the demand of clients.

In add-on, other package that is besides used in hotel named RezEasy provides many characteristics, such as[ 5 ]single engagements, group engagements and practical engagements, charge per room or per individual, full invitee inside informations including flight and transit inside informations, create breakfast list and repast program list, archive old informations, housekeeping including room position, linen and towel alterations, cleaning undertakings and agenda, vacant room list, etc. From that, we can happen out the advantage from utilizing IT to make concern in general and cordial reception in peculiar. All the staffs can work efficaciously, fulfill their clients and direction squad can besides pull off their staffs easier from computing machine system. Furthermore, all invitee ‘s information will be saved in computing machine, we will acquire easy to happen it. The cordial reception industry gets success from using IT. If any hotel or eating house do non utilizing IT system to pull off reserve, it will acquire hard to retrieve what the invitee has ordered or used during the clip he or she stay at the hotel, and it will non come up with its rivals that utilizing IT system. On the other manus, reserve system can assist hotel avoid some hard-to-solve state of affairss. For illustration, my experience when working in a hotel, a invitee order some dishes but he did non retrieve all of it because he was remaining at the hotel for a long clip, when check-out, the receptionist give him a measure that list all of what he had used during that clip, he find out that there is a error in the measure, he did non order a really expensive dish. So he did non hold to pay that measure. Thank to the reserve package, everything he has order before had saved in reserve system, everyday the staff in eating house transportation invitee ‘s measure to response and the invitee has besides signed in the measure already. So the invitee could non deny and must pay the measure. Therefore, utilizing IT in hotel and eating house is really common and utile to make competitory advantage.

Better human resources and developing systems:

In order to function client with best services, hotel or eating house must hold a good line-up of staff, when the staffs are good, they serve client so good besides, fulfill them and it means the hotel will acquire congratulations from client. Therefore, a hotel wants to maintain client trueness, it must non merely better CRM system and reserve system, but besides develop human resource and preparation system, it is besides an of import factor that contributes to hotel success.

First, in order for staff to function client better, hotel direction squad must hold a good direction system that collect and retrieve all of the employee information, a HR package allows us to[ 6 ]better informations direction, retrieve of import day of the months and deadlines, pull off time-off accumulations, path preparation and enfranchisements, record Warnings, evaluate employee public presentation, save clip. All of its utile aid hotel manage employee better, salvage a batch of clip for making others work. When the hotel pull off their staffs closely, the staff will work serious and efficaciously.

Besides, the hotel direction squad hold a good homo resource direction package is non plenty for staff to be a best worker, there is besides a good preparation system to develop the staff about how to function client, how to work better and how to convey the hotel repute up. In order to assist employee larn more about hotel work, there is package about[ 7 ]larning to do reserves, guest check-in and check-out, cashiering, housework, direction of group blocks and bundles, right audits, and much more. It named Opera preparation system, each faculty consists of lessons, patterns and quizzes. Employee can take that e-learning to acquire more cognition about the occupation. The more learning employee get, the more choice service will be created, so the hotel can acquire competitory advantage. But non merely larning one or two clip during occupation period, employees must better their accomplishment twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, supplement deficiency of accomplishment and develop strength. Besides that, employees should detect their director or foreman to larn more and acquire experience. They can besides look for the cyberspace to larn. Thank to the package, everyone can develop themselves more convenient, save clip and assist the hotel turn up more and more.


To sum up, making competitory advantage is an of import thing that any house should implement. A house wants to convey its repute up and everlastingly, it must come up with modern society, utilizing IT by the right manner to vie with others. In other state of affairss, if utilizing IT to make homework, people will lazy to believe and merely sit on desk and utilize the cyberspace, but in the industries, IT contributes to success of a house, a state so much, it help us salvage a batch of clip, do the work easier alternatively of making by manus like earlier. Any thing have two sides, advantage and disadvantage, IT is besides, but in the industry, it take advantages more than disadvantages, and in order to acquire success and competitory advantage, cordial reception must utilize IT as an of import factor.

In general, there are many factors that contribute to cordial reception industry, but three factors that I have mentioned above are most of import I think. Using IT to CRM system, reserve system and human resource and preparation system are helpful actions for the cordial reception industry.


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