In middle school, the girl would ask me to watch TV and ditch homework with her, while in fact she had secretly done the work beforehand. Though I later discover her tricks, we never actually stopped hanging out. ‘Fernery might be the word to describe our relationship back then. Fair enough: it is one of the few words that could almost resemble this conflicted state of mind. You want her to be happy but maybe not happier than you. You want her to be pretty, the two of you being popular together but not if she overshadows your glamour.

You like compliments but those nice words miming from her give you second thoughts. Surprisingly, the word fernery first appeared in print as early as 1953; I suppose this relationship, great tension underneath the seemingly peaceful surface, probably has been going on through various cultures for a long time. From time to time, it occurs to me that the three syllables of fernery cleverly encompass the age-old advice of Chinese General Sun-thug: Keep your friends close and keep your enemy closer.

Nevertheless, a soldiers’ battle technique can never be the same as the relationship between two most complex animals on earth; in real life, where’re rarely things as definite as Othello and Ago or Dorothy versus wicked witch. Though fernery has gradually become a common concept in our daily life, the word itself has recently been listed as the seventh most hated word. Actually, this is not that surprising. The overload of using that word and describing others as a pretentious friend is out of control.

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In the internet-based social media world, with a click, you can befriend, break up, hook up and make up in less than a second, all without having to leave the warm glow of your computer screen. Also, when you tag omen with set characteristic due to some trivial matters, it becomes more difficult for you to see his or her other sides, and nearly impossible to realize a pure friendship. For me, the friend vs.. fernery debate is never a hard-and-fast comparison. Most of our friends will have cranky days once in a while. But most of the time, we should find their imperfections endearing.

The fact that Danny always spills his drink everywhere and Alice eats with loud crunches is annoying but bearable. So our complaints should come with a grin, because friendship requires mutual toleration and support. Such frequent use of ferrymen in our daily description indicates that we are parallelizing our circumstances. For instance, when Alex one day realizes that Mark had no intention to hurt him but can sometimes be too blunt in public, there’s likely a chance Alex Just categorized him as a fernery instead of choosing to talk to Mark about his dissatisfaction and discuss a future plan to work on that.

The word fernery gives an easy way out; Alex could Just say to himself ‘Just take it easy, everyone has fernery and Just stay away from him. ‘ So from then on, to Alex whatever Mark says, especially the positive ones, seem to eve demeaning subtexts. The situation can be more intense in the girls’ world. As heartbreaking as it can be, one can’t help but ask what happened to sisterly love. The media dedicates itself to portray all sorts of fernery relationships deserves some blame. On those reality TV shows, women bring their A-game to create outrageous dramas while trying to win over their so-called ‘soul mate bachelor’.

And highly likely, for once a while, a 13-year-old girl audience would have a sudden ‘epiphany that whether she and her OFF are fate codependent’ or in a weird binary system that says yes to one and no to the other. If we are making a comparison, women obviously have a better ‘appreciation’ for the word fernery, Judging from the frequency they use it. After all, new is what determines the essence of fernery, and is mainly the reason that drives people apart. Evolutionary psychology suggests that women are harder to be associative thinker while man thinks more hierarchically.

This makes women better at raising children, but also makes them more easily Jealous, intimated and insecure. The characterization of fernery in a way gave women a relatively healthy outlet by accepting the person as is and avoiding more catfish. Aside from the common connotation, fernery has much more positive interpretation: ‘If they weren’t enemy, they would have been friend. ‘ This marks respect for your competitor as one who also has great talents and capability. It is the courage and honesty to admit that because of him you have more incentives to improve.

Media and celebrity, Richard Parker and Pi, Harry and Dorado: they would have never developed so well and lost many dynamics if independent. Samsung is still the most reliable contractor for Apple, though it lost the lawsuit and has to give Apple 10. 5 billion for stealing the creative ideas. Samsung fought back using the other way around by merging the other digital screen provider for Apple and nearly monopolized the industry. Predefines help us understand ourselves more clearly and objectively by finding strengths and pinpointing flaws.

There’s an old saying from the Chinese philosopher Meaning: Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living. In some sense, a fernery need not be so negative a thing, having such friend is tantamount to fighting together with a quality competitor The application of the word fernery can also be used describe the relationship between two countries. China and the U. S have a most complicated relationship, and in a sensitive period like this, using the word fernery in News and media avoids bias and maintains accuracy.

The two countries are co-dependent economically and politically in many ways. China remains the largest debt holder of U. S and both countries know exactly the essential part for prosperity lie in export trade. The same time, the U. S has established a ‘suspicious’ relationship with Taiwan and China tackles the U. S information safety issue, especially after the Snowmen incident. The two clearly can’t develop so well thou one another, so they had to keep the ‘align’ discreetly. But once a while, they pick up the tail and make a scene out of it.


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