You are to critically analysis the current scheme of Ryanair which comprises the undermentioned undertakings.

Undertake an environmental analysis of the European air hose industry with deductions for the budget sector and Ryanair in peculiar.

Analyse how Ryanair has been successful in the European budget air hose industry.

From the above analysis, critically assess the sustainability of Ryanair ‘s scheme.

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Executive Summary

In this recession period to prolong a concern and do it different and alone Idaho decidedly a large undertaking and to do it turning need to implement different Schemes. Strategy is the way and horizon of a concern organisation in long tally to accomplish an advantage over other challengers by accommodating with available resources and build competence. today we are discoursing the Environment Analysis, strength and failings and its scheme to sustainability of Ryanair a low cost Airline.

This assignment will analyze the concern environment of the air hose industry in Europe, so it considers the competitory scheme and sustainability of Ryanair.


Ryanair start its concern by Mr. Cathal and her married woman with the fiscal aid of their male parent Tony Ryan with the entire capital of ?1 in 1985. The company Head office is in Dublin, Ireland. Initially Ryanair supply flights between Ireland and UK by utilizing secondary airdrome due to national air hoses monopoly. In 1990 Ryanair loss was IR?20 Million and at the terminal of 1990 the new direction squad under the supervising of Michael O’Leary adapted the theoretical account of Southwest USA base air hose introduced the low budget cost construct in Europe and became market cost leader with no frills bearer. Gulf War 1 broke out in 1991 and air hose traffic all over the universe distorted. Although the down bend in overall air hose traffic, Ryanair made a net income of ? 0.3 million for the twelvemonth and carry 651,000 riders with a entire work force of 477 people. In 1997 Ryanair first clip ranked in Dublin Stock exchange and London stock exchange and in 2002 on NASDAQ. Ryanair added figure of aircraft and figure of European finishs in 1999. And in 2000 Ryanair introduced Europe largest travel web site, within three months, the site was record 50,000 engagements per hebdomad. In 2005 May 26th Ryanair Holdings, PLC celebrated its twentieth birthday. At the jubilation party Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said that “ Ryanair will be overtake British Air passages by transporting 3.5 million riders a month in 2005 ”

In June 2009 Ryanair is offering 1200 scheduled short draw flights per twenty-four hours along with 145 locations throughout Europe and Morocco with an runing fleet of 196 aircraft winging about 845 paths.

Environment Analysis

The external concern environment of Ryanair means the other European air hoses and other influencing factors which affect the determination devising, doing of concern scheme and the public presentation of Ryanair. There are figure of external environmental factors which affect the Ryanair like PEST ( Political, Economic, societal and technological factors ) Strategic direction in any air hose industry plays really of import function to do them successful air hose. The scheme of Ryanair is depends on the vision and mission its vision and mission which is based on the environment factors which are internal and external factors. These environmental factors usually called environmental analysis. In Strategic planning techniques environmental analysis plays really of import function to measure or scan that concern environment is suited for concern or non. In Ryanair these strategic policies clarify its resource strengths and lack, its market chances, the outside menaces to its hereafter success and its competitory position relation to challengers.

Environmental analysis in air hose industry helps them to develop and alter their scheme to run into the approaching external alterations and its aid the company to take. D. Stoffels 1994 ) .

Concept of Environmental Analysis

Environmental analysis means the environmental scanning or assessment ( L M Prasad ) .

There are two types of for Strength, Weaknesses, chances and menaces. In Ryanair Strength and failings are internal factors whereas chances and menaces are external factors. Ryanair environment is analysis based on following construction.

Figure No 1: Ryanair Environment Analysis

External Analysis

The external analysis is based on the chances and menaces.


Vent crises

9/11 terrorist onslaughts

War in Iraq

Oil monetary values

Economic downswings

Government Regulation

The air hose industry in Europe has ever been under force per unit area from domestic and European Union. At the terminal of 1980 E.U deregulate the air hose industry and an array of liberalization steps followed that were to be applied throughout its districts. In 1997 E.U any air hose can run its concern from anyplace within Europe.


At the start of twenty-first century competition in air hose industry exploded and this competition will go on to turn up new entrants to take this advantage. Due to monetary value competition and economic downswing and fiscal crises there is no entrants who want to come in in the market.

Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis of the low cost Airline

Harmonizing to Porter 1985 “ Five force analysis is a agency of placing the forces which affect the degree of competition in an industry ” . Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account is based on the chances and menaces of Ryanair from the external environment. Here porter analysis is applied on Ryanair external concern environment. Porter five forces analysis are as under.

Porter Five Forces Analysis

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Boeing is the chief provider of Ryanair Airline

Regional airdromes are largely dependent on one air hose

Dickering Power of Customers

Customers are monetary value witting

Lack of trueness

Switch overing air hose is relatively easy without any cost

Menace from New Entrants

High capital investing

Some barriers to entry

Menace from Substitutes

Lack of trade name trueness for clients

No excess cost for client to exchanging

Other methods of conveyance like Euro train, autos, Ferries and Euro lines

Competitive Competition

The low cost air hose industry is extremely competitory

PESTEL Analysis

PESTLE analysis is the most appropriate theoretical account to discourse the Political, Economic, Social, Technological factors, Environmental factors and legal factors.

Political Factors

Political factors means authorities ordinances like revenue enhancement policies, environmental jurisprudence, employment jurisprudence, trade limitation by authorities and political instability.

Change of Government revenue enhancement policies

An international organisation like Ryanair may consequence by modulate the Government and revenue enhancement policies and some clip these policies are in favorable and sometime in opposibe favor.

Political alterations in states where Ryanair have paths

Like in United Kingdom election are coming and may be new party change their concern policies.

Political instability

Political stableness plays really of import function in an international company like Ryanair. Now a twenty-four hours in United Kingdom if authorities will be labour party so the policies will be in favor of the concern community.

Terrorist onslaughts on air hose concern

Get downing of twenty-first century the manner of terrorist act is wholly changed and now terrorist onslaughts through airplanes and aim air hose industry. Sing the events of 9/11 in USA, Manchester Airport chemical onslaught in UK it ‘s wholly change the scheme of industry.

Local authorities office may object to resound and new track undertakings

Presently Ryanair is facing Legal issues and differences with Government.

Economic Factors

These factors are buying power of consumer and Ryanair, capital cost, economic growing, rising prices rate, bank involvement rate and currency exchange rate.

Economic status may impact positive or negative in the air hose industry harmonizing to the state economic state of affairs. If consumer ‘s criterion of life will be high automatically they will utilize air hose for vacations and other intent.

Fuel monetary values are lifting twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours

In these yearss fuel monetary values are traveling up and up and it may impact the consumer buying power.

Social Factors

In Social fortunes Ryanair will impact by peoples attitude towards luxury category, population growing and wellness affairs.

Ryanair do non offer luxury category so concern trips are often possible to cut down company cost.

Quickly addition in going life manner

Lack of consumer trueness

Ryanair low budget air hose means to pull more consumers around the Earth.


Every concern form one unique system to run its concern

Ryanair chief provider is Boeing and Boeing have less carbon emanation and lupus erythematosuss noise pollution

Good relationship with clients by keeping on-line service

Online sales/service

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors plays really of import function in external environmental of air hose industry. The of import factors are as under.

Natural catastrophes

In Iceland Volcano ash disturb the whole Europe flights and air hose and still composing these word about 70,000 flights are cancelled. It will impact the air hose industry around the Earth.

Health jobs

During flight some people feel truly bad depression and its can diminish the profitableness of the air hose industry.

Legal Factors

Immigration jurisprudence

Immigration jurisprudence is really major barrier in legal factors. There are some limitations on the peoples to go to other some certain states.

Aviation safety regulations

Every state has its ain air power and safety regulations which affect the air hose of other state.

Swot Analysis of Ryanair

SWOT analysis shows the organisation bing scheme and place. SWOT analysis based on strength, failing, chance and menaces in any organisation. In Ryanair this tool is used to analyze the internal strengths and failings and external chances and menaces. The current scenario of Ryanair on the footing of SWOT analysis is as under.


Brand Name: Ryanair spent 15 old ages in the LCC market to develop its trade name name

Low airdrome charges will automatically cut down the cost of menu.

All Boeing aircraft: Uniform fleet save preparation cost and proficient cost

High service public presentation: low luggage loss, in clip, high rate of flight completion it gave the good image of the Ryanair public presentation

High Aircraft Use

Point to indicate service

Small Headquarterss: Ryanair seek to cut down its disposal cost due to little offices


Bad imperativeness image

Restricted enlargement possibility due to budget cost

Lack of skill staff


New paths and new finish

Provide best and updated client services may impact the figure of clients


Menaces from rivals like BMI, Easy jet, Air Asia, Atlantic and fly be.

Economic downswing may impact disposable income.

European Union may set some type of limitation if Ryanair do non accept the regulations and policies.

Largely hotels are four stars due to low cost bundle is hazardous

Change the pick of consumer

Change the position of economic system may alter the state of affairs of concern policies.

Question No 2. Ryanair European low cost air hose

Competitive Strategy of Ryanair

Competitive scheme is cardinal factor for the success of Ryanair. Ryanair followed different types of scheme which kept itself one measure up from its rival. Ryanair purpose was set up itself Europe ‘s low menus taking air hose through betterments and spread outing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours of its low menus services. The Ryanair scheme was simple to concentrate on low menus and catch more and more rider traffic.

At the terminal of twentieth century the European air power industry changes its cost scheme and focused on low budget theoretical account and now whole industry became low cost air hoses. Ryanair based on low menus air hoses and turning quickly due to its environment friendly policies. Ryanair scheme is to supply their clients latest aircraft and progress engineerings installation in their aircraft that cut down fuel burn and emanations of CO2 every bit much as possible.

Figure No 2: Ryanair Business Model

Ryanair program to put 17bn Euro on enlargement programme of swift replacing and now all Ryanair old Boeing 737-200 aircraft have replaced with the new Boeing 737-800. Here are the cardinal elements of Ryanair Strategy who make itself European taking low cost air hose.

Low menus: Low menus are the chief focal point of Ryanair scheme. Ryanair sets its menus on the footing of demand of that flight.

Frequent point to indicate Flights on short draw Paths

Committedness to Safety and quality care

Ancillary services

Choice of path

Low operating costs

Maximizing the usage of the cyberspace

Question No 3.

Sustainability of Ryanair

Ryanair concern theoretical account is adapted from the Southwest air hose of USA. Ryanair focused on the secondary airdromes because bulk of the national air hoses concentrated on hub airdromes. At hubs airdrome acquired a scarceness value and were typically allocated to incumbent air hoses in order of senior status at the airdrome by a scheduling commission presided over by the place state national air hose. First clip Ryanair used London-Luton path to advance its scheme in 1986 because slots were non available due to hotfoot at Heathrow airdrome. Ryanair played a critical function to utilize these secondary airdromes and do itself a successful low cost air hose. On secondary airdromes the deregulated market brought the chance to come on concern with the new market entrants instead than stay underutilised. due fresh airdromes significant decreases was given to new air hoses which they used organize the enlargement of rider Numberss by low cost would be financially deserving it.

The Ryanair merchandise

At the starting of Ryanair air hose concern in Europe its scheme was really simple to cut down its cost and prolong itself in the long term in air hose industry was to utilize secondary airdrome. All major airdromes was under monopolistic status of national air hoses so Ryanair mark secondary airdromes and its affect on Ryanair the low congestion charges, low landing charges and low rate of losing bags per rider. Due to this state of affairs Ryanair to the full focused on its client services.

The Ryanair airdrome merchandise

The scheme of Ryanair was utilizing secondary airdromes affect really positive consequence on consumer. Ryanair offers point to indicate flights and secondary airdromes become the hub airdromes. In secondary airdromes the ingestion of clip, cost cut down like less walk-to clip within terminuss, less waiting clip for luggage retrieve and really inexpensive auto parking.

The Ryanair cost base

Ryanair becomes the cost leader with really little labor force and to the full focused on costs and productiveness.

Ryanair Europe No 1 in client service

In February 2010 Ryanair ranked No 1 around the Europe air hoses. Merely Ryanair is warrant about the low cost and best client services. These figures are published in client service statistics in really month.




On-time flights

87 %

83 %

Ailments per 1,000 kiss of peace



Baggage ailments per 1,000 kiss of peace



Ailments answered within 7 yearss

99 %

99 %

External factors

Ryanair is universe fastest turning air hose company

Harmonizing to Ryanair statistics in 2006 42.5 1000000s peoples travel in Ryanair air hose and in 2007 it was 51 million and in 2008 the riders was 59 1000000s.

Ryanair Passenger Growth in Millions in 2006, 2007

Pax Chart


The above study examines the environmental analysis of European air hose industry and discussed the scheme and sustainability of Ryanair in that environment. Ryanair is utilizing really simple and good scheme harmonizing to economic status at this clip which is simple merchandise, rigorous cost control over airdromes like aircraft providers and distribution costs. Ryanair focused on secondary airdromes that cut down its operating cost.


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