Section 1

History of the Company

Abu Dhabi Airport Company ( ADAC ) is in the Capital of UAE. ADAC is one of the biggest operator of Airports in the UAE. It was been established in March 2006. It is governed and owned by the UAE authorities itself. Headquarter of the company is in Dubai i.e. Abu Dhabi International Airport. This company when created kept few really of import things ever in their head.

Abu Dhabi Airport Company besides operates the biggest Al Ain International Airport, the first private jet airdrome i.e. Al Bateen Executive Airport and in the Western “ Al Gharbia ” Region it operates Sir Bani Yas Island and Delma Island Airports.

Board of Directors: – The members of Board of Directors for Abu Dhabi Airport Company are as follows: –

H. E. Khalifa Mohamed Al Mazrouei

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Chairman & A ; Managing Director

HE Mubarak Hamad Al Muhairi

Board Member

HE Rashid Bin Lahij Al Mansouri

Board Member

HE Fahed Gharib Al Shamsi

Board Member

HE Mohamed Sultan Al Hameli

Board Member

HE Khalifa Mohamed Al Mazrouei is the Abu Dhabi Airports Company ‘s Chairman and Managing Director. He takes attention and supervises the operation and direction of services at five airdromes in the Emirate. At ADAC, he helps and decides the manner for enlargement in substructure and installations taking topographic point in the emirate ‘s air power sector.

Organization Chart

General Overview

Abu Dhabi Airport Company ( ADAC ) is one of the largest operator in UAE of airdromes and it has the five most of import airdromes under its direction which are Abu Dhabi International which is anyways one of the largest, Al Bateen Executive, Al Ain International, Sir Bani Yas Island and Delma Island Airport. All of the five are being operated by ADAC. It has been Abu Dhabi Government ‘s primary plus and is a multi-billion dollar investing undertaking. Traveling frontward they have now decided to develop a figure of concern and logistics Parkss in commercial sector. Abu Dhabi Airports Company is a public joint-stock company being constitutional by Emiri Decree figure 5, of 4th March 06, to forefront the development in the universe of the Emirates air power industry. It maintains, Operate and mandate airdromes substructure and its installations in the best manner to world-class criterions. ADAC oversees airdrome services given by private houses and other stakeholders in the best manner. Emirates airdromes are besides provided with proficient and direction services to allow or may be better than any other international criterions of efficiency. Run free zones has besides been established. ADACs creative activity was together with an ambitious restructuring enterprise that was launched by the Abu Dhabi ‘s Government and it aimed at presenting better authorities services non merely to back up the Emirates long-run scheme but besides to transform it into a Centre for transporting out concern and touristry. This did assist them to increase the touristry in the state. They keep on bettering themselves to run into the international criterions and seek to keep it.

Abu Dhabi Airport Company ( ADAC ) even after being one of the largest companies still believes in following six chief schemes. They are:

Safety and security: – This is the foundation upon on which all other advancement are based and therefore they are dependent with ADAC ‘s end which non merely ensures that the airdromes it manages and operates are specified as amongst the safest in the universe but is besides the most convenient, dependable, and enjoyable airdrome. They are really serious and rigorous about the safety and security of the airdromes. This is one of the grounds of people wishing to pass through from their airdrome. There are regular and everyday cheques which guarantee that everything is perfectly all right in and near the airdromes.

Customer service: – Abu Dhabi Airport Company ( ADAC ) is very certain and confident when it comes to client service. They believe in quality than measure. Their committedness to client service is chiefly built on the companies promise to and towards the customers/passengers and air hoses that they will supply most safe and unafraid environments from which they can go. This makes the clients most satisfied and hence they travel tension free from this airdrome.

Meeting capacity demands: – Meeting Capacity demands had ever been an issue for many airdromes companies. Their prognosis says that by 2015 they would hold about 20 million customers/passengers pass throughing through Abu Dhabi International Airport entirely. To do this successful and to run into these capacities of theodolite is their precedence. They have set a big graduated table development programme to do this successful and do its airdrome ‘s equipped with world-class installations.

Efficient operation: – ADAC ‘s focal point on efficient operation means it puts a focal point on operating and pull offing its assets to optimum consequence and, from its origin it has employed a series of private sector partnerships, joint ventures or franchise understandings, every bit good as pulling on its internal endowment and experient executives which help them to accomplish the efficiencies and quality ADAC seeks and its clients expect. They are really peculiar about this.

Corporate societal duty: – ADAC is really peculiar about Corporate Social responsibilities excessively. They have hence employed people from different sectors to do this successful.

Developing ADAC as a universe category company: – ADAC ‘s aspiration as other companies is to go a first company that leads in best pattern of supplying best service both in the UAE and internationally. This means they want to pull the best spouses from all over the universe every bit good as guarantee the highest degree of internal procedure and criterions.

In the short clip Abu Dhabi Airport Company has received a figure of important and celebrated awards from regional and international organic structures, which includes: “ The best airdrome in the Middle East and Africa ” , in footings of service quality, courtesy and client service by The Airports Council International ( ACI ) , “ The Best Supplier of Airport Security Services in the Middle East ” by ITP Business Publishing, “ Supplier of the Best Baggage Delivery Service in the World ” from Skytrax, “ The Best Station ” award by Sri Lanka Airlines, “ Airport Service Quality Awards 2008 ” by The Airports Council International ( ACI ) and “ In-flight Catering Quality Assurance ” ( ICQA ) Gold Standard Award for 2008 by IATA.

Some Facts and figures for Al Ain International Airport:

Airport codification:



18 kilometer from Al Ain metropolis Centre

Latitude: 24 15 42 Nitrogen

Longitude: 055 36 33 Tocopherol


Terminal 1 – capacity 1,000 riders per extremum hr


2008: 151282

2007: 183,324

2006: 150,853

Aircraft motions:

2008: 2786

2007: 2268

2006: 1607

Cargo tunnage:

2008: 5826

2007: 11207

2006: 2804

Operational since:



Runway 1: 4 kilometer, CAT I


8 air hoses ( ADAC Media Center )

Service Offers

Food and drink:

Two eating houses and a java store including a self-service cafeteria which is unfastened 24 hours a twenty-four hours


Trolleys available at Arrivals & A ; Departures free of charge

Emergency installations:

Medical Centre located in the chief terminus edifice itself


The terminal edifice is accessible to wheelchair users and they have disabled lavatories


Car parking are available instantly outside the terminal edifice free of charge for both long-run and short-run.

Passenger installations:

There are 10 check-in desks including one concern category and 4 Gatess.

Cargo installations:

Warehouse infinite capacity is 4500 Sq Mts.

Competitive Advantage

There are many advantages of the Aviation industry. It ‘s a flourishing industry presently. There is a immense growing which has been found in the traveling of people through Airways. ADAC is one of the biggest airdrome authorization in UAE, which makes and gives it a better advantage in footings of supplying service and spread outing.

International Expansion for the company

After making so much ADAC now wants to turn as international operator and proprietor of the airdromes. They had been successful in the UAE. Now they want to spread out themselves and do them successful in the World. In footings of riders ( +34 % in Q1:2008 ) , infrastructural development, and acquiring new air hose operators, ADAC is one of the best turning airdromes in the universe. The airdrome is now undergoing a major enlargement and the entire sum earmarked for undertakings is US $ 6.8 billion. They should now be believing of going an international proprietor of airdromes. They have done really good in the current concern and now should travel for globalisation.

Expansion in European state: – France

Harmonizing to me they should now be spread outing their concern in France one of the most of import state in European market. This would give them entree to the European market.

Some of the basic facts of Europe would give you a clear image of me stating it.

They are given below:

Entire Area

10,180,000 sq kilometres


727,867,583 ( 2009 estimation )

Population Density

70 per sq kilometres ( 2008 estimation )

Section 2

France is situated in the Western Europe. It has several abroad districts and islands which are located on the other continents of the universe. This would give ADAC an entree to major parts of the universe. Because of its form France is besides known as l’Hexagone ( “ The Hexagon ” ) . It is bordered by most of import states. They are Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy and Monaco etc. Not merely is this but France besides linked to the United Kingdom through the Channel Tunnel. France portions its boundary line Gallic Guiana with Suriname and Brazil, and through Saint Martin with The Netherlands. France is the largest west-European state and possesses second-largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the universe.

One of the of import establishing members of European Union is France. In the Europe it has got strong economic, cultural, military every bit good as political influence. France colonized i.e. took over great parts of North America during late nineteenth Century.

The Legal, Technological and Political Factors: –

Before you really plan or think of traveling globally i.e. globalisation in any another state you should be look intoing the Legal, technological and political factors impacting that state. You should be certain that there is no regulation or policy which can impede the growing of your company in that state. Once you are clear about these factors you should so get down working towards globalisation.

The political factors

Before you plan of traveling your concern to France you have to look into many things which include the Legal, Technological and the Political Factors. When we talk about the political factors we talk about the revenue enhancement. The sort of Tax France has may be a existent factor that any approaching concern should believe about. It can either make your concern or can destruct it wholly. Along with this the labour cost is a bit high in France as compared with the UK and USA. The high revenue enhancement degree can be harmful for any new concern, nevertheless it could be reduced by good set uping the company, which means set uping the company in all, the advantages and possible net income brought by the proposed concern mostly overweight the disadvantages.

How to set up the new company to accomplish success

Since start an airdrome company is existent and besides involves more net income, it still necessitate see the manner to exert this concern activity with refering Legal factor, Technology factor and Social civilization. Once these are in the topographic point and are been taken really earnestly things can be easy.

The legal factor

France has many international Airports. As they already have airdromes therefore spread outing concern in France would non be so hard. France believes in civil jurisprudence system which is based on Roman jurisprudence and with significant trust on statute jurisprudence. There are 7 common company manners in France. ( Gordon C, 1996 ) The most popular manners are the Societe Anonyme ( SA ) and the Societe a Responsabilite Limitee ( SARL ) signifier every bit good as the Societe en Nom Collecitif ( SNC ) . To a new little house, SARL manner might be more favourable for following three grounds:

SARL and SA signifier has limited liability i.e. the liability to their capital part is really limited, where as SNC has unlimited liability. Hence even if you have maximum hazard still and if in instance the concern prostrations still SARL can protect the laminitiss of the company and can profit them.

Besides with limited liability of house ‘s legal construction compared with that of SA manner, SARL is non composed to put up board of managers, which means, one bed could be removed within the company design.

Third, SARL minimum capital registry required is a‚¬9,000 about as compared with SA signifier.

Therefore based on accounting cognition and the nonsubjective legal system, for a new start little concern, SARL construction will be more favourable.

The societal civilization and technological factor

Whenever you plan any new concern activities you need to concern about specific civilization background and the engineering available. So when a new start company designs their occupation and construction, they must be certain and should pay more attending to these factors since one time these agreements created, altering them will be really hard. In a really existent sense power and authorization within the organisation prevarication with the owner/manager.

Infrastructure Features

When we say substructure it means the substructure required to spread out the concern in that state. France is ready to give surplus of substructure demands in their state if any company wants to spread out their concern in France. Once you have planned your schemes of come ining into the France market you get entree to their merchandises.

Fiscal Consideration

This is once more a really of import factor to be kept in head for globalisation. It is really of import to cognize the fiscal standing of the state you are be aftering to spread out into. When we talk about France they have the capacity to pass. A good ball of the entire population in France has the capacity to gain and pass large.

Labor Factors: –

This would assist you to understand the cost of getting/hiring Labor in that state. France has a strong base in Education. Hence Labor would non be an issue in that state.

Demographic factors

Traveling back to the twelvemonth 1999, the population of France was 58,518,748. The population in France was low as compared to other states in the Western Europe. To maintain the population up and better, household allowances were distributed to each family/child, and that was without any limitation on income. The mobility of population from urban to rural countries and from part to France part is a batch which makes things better for them.

Social Division: –

We can non deny the fact that there are many factors which has improved the criterion of life of France a batch. At the same clip it besides been observed that they are making a wider societal division in footings of fiscal power across the society. After the Second World War the old societal order changed. The enlargement of in-between Class household in France reduced the difference between the equality of wealth about in many societal groups. In today ‘s universe money, power and success are playing major function above birth in finding a individual ‘s societal position.The another major alteration that took topographic point in France is the adult females function growing in the present society. Merely by early 1970s, adult females besides started taking occupations in many service sectors this spread outing the service sector.

Today in France adult females contribute about 45.9 per centum of all employed Gallic workers. Even though adult females are being paid less than work forces still the unemployment ratio of Women are much less than that of the work forces. It ‘s besides been noticed that adult females have played a turning function in political relations. There are many fit illustrations of adult females who pursued successful callings in political relations. Even though they are turning about in every sector still it ‘s been noticed that their representation in the national parliament is lower. There are many societal divisions which still remain seeable in France. It ‘s composed largely of many taking politicians, some most senior civil retainers, turning concern leaders, and affluent households which still got a strong clasp on the levers of power. Nowadays in-between categories are extremely stratified. When we talk about the white-collar workers, there are chiefly two different groups. They are: –

Up, Successful mobile senior executives and extremely professional who have good disbursement power and got really stable Jobs.

Peoples in retail, clerical and nutrient and drink occupations are turning in mass and their criterion of life is still non up to the grade. They still live low standard life.

Out of these blue-collared families you have a really little proportion of university pupils. Class consciousness is still really strong in France. “ Symbolic capital ” plays a big and major function in the societal category, and non merely wealth but besides the household connexions and their lifestyle find one ‘s societal place and chances in France.

Family construction

Families are still the anchor of Gallic individuality and the community life. Though may be these yearss ‘ twosomes marry subsequently and would wait longer to hold kids.

May be in bigger towns this would be altering but throughout France you can see large households traveling out for Lunch together or may be for a field day or taking portion together is some sort of athletics and leisure. If we talk about little small towns or town, it ‘s truly non difficult to retrieve any two or more people related to each other. The basic unit of Gallic society traditionally is household. Nuclear households are now been found in France, earlier it was extended households. Merely after the World War II this is been noticed. However matrimonies have decreased which has besides resulted in addition in divorce in France.

Market Features: –

Entering into the market of France is non so hard. What matters is the enlargement in the right manner and right signifier. The market of France for Aviations seems to be really positive. Harmonizing to the World Bank Data French economic system is among the 20 most productive in the universe. France has a strong base of educational system. A big per centum of immature Gallic people complete a grade in university every twelvemonth which means it provides a big figure of educated and trained persons every twelvemonth. Along with this the political aid is once more the chief ground of thought of spread outing concern in France. Not merely this, the economic system besides provides figure of strengths to proprietors who are believing and idea of spread outing their concern in France. France has been ranked the 21st most concern friendly state in 2010 by Forbes ; whereas World Bank has ranked it the 26th best state. They are utilizing progress engineering which makes this clear that they are turning and are really positive in allowing others get their concern and expand in the state. The Gallic people exposed to low corruptness, strong base of instruction, personal freedom and a high quality of life. Many Companies who planned to spread out their concern in France have great entree to the educated persons and foreign employees which is done through the state ‘s rank in the European Union. It takes around 7 yearss merely to get down a concern in France even though revenue enhancements are really high as compared to many other European Countries. ( Tian, 2010 )

Section 3

Cultural Factors

Cultural factors are once more really of import and have to be kept in head before you plan any state for spread outing your concern in that state


The linguistic communication spoken in France is chiefly Gallic. It is their first linguistic communication is every bit been used by about 88 % of the population. Some of them do speak German but the per centum would be about 3 % of the population merely. Another linguistic communication which is spoken in France is Flemish which is merely 0.2 % of the Gallic population. Very few of them besides speak Arabic.

In Dubai, Arabic is their official linguistic communication. However, everyone in Dubai would be able to talk in English. You would happen all street marks are in both English and Arabic linguistic communication. You would happen about everyone speech production in English in Dubai as it ‘s easier for them to pass on. Not merely in professional and corporate evidences besides in societal and personal evidences, would you happen people talking in English than in any other linguistic communication. ( Social Culture )


While speaking about France you would happen around 83 % to 88 % Roman Catholic, about 2 % would be the Protestant, 1 % ( approx ) Jewish, and 5 % to 10 % Muslim. In Dubai it ‘s about opposite. You would happen about most of people are Muslims as Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates. They merely belief in Islam and there are Mosques scattered everyplace in the City. You would be able to hear supplications 5 times about every twenty-four hours, which are busiest on Fridays.

Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions

This is the survey in which you analyze how civilization influence values in the organisations. The manner of concern communicating in France is really formal. They liked to be called as Monsieur or Madame followed by the family name. They believe in interacting in this manner merely. If you know their national civilization they might so travel towards the usage of first name. They do believe in agitating custodies and caressing is common non merely among friends but even concern spouses may travel in that way. They are really sensitive about their female parent lingua i.e. Gallic. If you do non cognize even a spot of Gallic it could be really hard for you.

National civilization affect on operations of the organisation

National civilization plays a major function in spread outing or destructing your concern. Your concern does depend on the sort of civilization the state you are be aftering to spread out is following. As we are speaking about France here their civilization is really formal and they believe in speech production in Gallic. In the beginning it might be hard to spread out at a fast rate but one time you mingle with the state it would be really easy to travel farther.

Market Entry Strategy

As the word says, it merely means supplying service to a peculiar market and administering goods at that place. Traveling concern to France would non be so hard if the schemes are planned good in progress before doing it a world. When you start exporting or importing goods you are really set uping and pull offing contracts in foreign. There are chiefly four ways which are: –

Exporting: – Exporting merely means directing the merchandises outside the state to the coveted state through any manner of transit. It means the merchandise is been developed in the original state and is merely been sent to the targeted state. The targeted company is importing the merchandises from the bring forthing companies ‘ state.

Licensing: – Licensing means you have the licence to do and bring forth merchandises in the targeted state. In simple words the targeted state has allowed to utilize their belongings and to make the same you need to pay some kind of Tax.

Joint Ventures: – It means that you open in partnership and the spouse is a occupant of the targeted state. This take topographic point largely when targeted state does non let license straight to the company instead ask to convey a spouse and so open the concern.

Direct Investing: – Foreign Direct Investment besides known as FDI is the direct ownership of installations and merchandises in the targeted state. It involves many factors like capital, engineering and personal. ( Market Entry )

Marketing Strategy that ADAC should use: –

ADAC should travel for Joint Venture as that would offer them a safe entry in the targeted state which is France. This would assist them to acquire the most of import resource which is employees who would be able to talk fluid Gallic. This would assist them to increase the concern to the extent they are be aftering to.


The quickly turning air power and touristry has created a demand for new tracks and airdromes. This is the right clip when companies like ADAC should be believing of spread outing their concern every bit much as they can but safely. They should be spread outing the concern but by keeping the quality of their service. There following state where they should spread out their concern should be France as it helps them in many ways. It gives them entree to about major parts of the World. This should assist them to turn bigger and bigger in approaching yearss.


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