The intent of this paper is to analyze the positive and negative deductions of the 2008 Summer Olympics Games on Beijing and the necessary betterments that would necessitate to take topographic point in order to stay a planetary metropolis. The Globalization and World Cities ( GaWC ) and Foreign Polices ( 2010 ) presently ranks Beijing 15th on the Global Cities Index. Harmonizing to the United Nations ( 2010 ) , a mega metropolis is defined as any metropolis that houses over 5 million citizens, Beijing presently has over 22 million citizens which calls for farther enlargement and development. As China ‘s capital metropolis, Beijing will be required to implement a scheme that will assist better their ranking on an economical, political and structural point of view. In 2001 Beijing was elected to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, exceling other planetary metropoliss in ballots including: Toronto, Paris, Istanbul and Osaka. For the first clip in history, China was fortunate plenty to host a mega event which would alter the image of the capital metropolis wholly by puting Beijing in the head of attending. The 2008 Summer Olympic Games was one of the universe ‘s most amazing events and despite being placed under the limelight of unfavorable judgment, Beijing rapidly rose to the undertaking and demonstrated how they deserved to set about such a mega event. Throughout this event, Beijing has demonstrated their political power through the creative activity of employment chances, monolithic structural development, pulling overpowering figure of tourers and the acting to entertain one million millions of viewing audiences around the universe. The 2008 Olympic Games provided Beijing with the chance to be farther recognized as portion of the planetary economic system and stay a planetary metropolis. Overall, this paper will show Beijing ‘s abilities as the capital metropolis of China through the events that have possibly reshaped Beijing positively every bit good as helped the metropolis acknowledged their countries of betterment.

Situated in China, Beijing constitutes a smaller country of the state which is located at the north-east terminal. Zhao, Lu , & A ; Woltjer ( 2009 ) provinces, in 1978 that the jurisprudence of unfastened policy was passed which in bend started a big economic growing. As a consequence, Beijing ‘s population increased and the metropolis was in demand of developing a method to diminish the spacial propinquity of its citizens due to the big economic growing. Overall, Zhao, Lu , & A ; Woltjer ( 2009 ) besides stated that the development of municipal transit was created in order to suit the metropolis ‘s development, which shows Beijing ‘s ability to run into the demands of its citizens. An article by Hedlund ( 2008 ) , explained that in 1981 Beijing was given a opportunity to get down developing in the planetary concern ; M. Moser associates began developing constructions for the workplace environment house which held 475 people. From this, the metropolis began emerging into the planetary economic system through assorted economic minutess and finally transitioned into a planetary metropolis.

During the development of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Beijing was able to accommodate rapidly to the approaching event. From this, the development of the Bird Nest was constructed, which is the halfway piece and the bowl of the mega event. Costing about 423 million US dollars, it is able to keep over 90 1000 viewing audiences within the bowl. Presently the bowl is still active, demoing stupefying gap and shutting ceremonials daily which attracts many tourers. Xu, P & A ; Chisholm ( 2009 ) interviewed Zhang Hengli the general director commented, “ The big figure of tourers is out of our outlook. Even though the conditions has non been really good recently, and it is non holiday season, we still see between 20,000 to 30,000 tourers every twenty-four hours. ” From this, it is understood that the bowl has benefited the metropolis economically which served as a great add-on to the metropolis. Although the entryway fee is merely approximately 50 yan ( 7 US dollars ) the bowl is still able to back up itself for the clip being because of the big sum of visitants. For Beijing to stay a planetary metropolis it will necessitate to develop more utilizations for the bowl if it wishes to maximise the usage of the bowl and the resources they have invested in.

During the yearss of fixing for the approaching event, the public transit system was besides upgraded and expanded to keep significantly more citizens and tourers. Similarly, the Beijing Airport Terminal had extended redevelopments every bit good as an add-on of a new terminus. Baker ( 2008 ) states that this terminal exceeds 1 million square metres which is able to keep up to 7 1000 riders per hr. These add-ons will be able to increase the figure of tourers go arounding the metropolis, hence besides assisting local stores. In add-on, as clip progresses these redevelopments would perchance develop into a good investing since many tourers that have non yet seen the bowl and may be an inducement for tourers to go to the location to glaze upon the astonishing architecture of the Bird Nest locale.

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The Olympic Games bought a enormous sum of occupations to the metropolis. In the past, many households ( about 2.5 per centum ) did non hold a stable income and were in hunt of a occupation. Since Beijing has applied the “ Zero-employment ” policy and in 2001 building for the Olympic Games came into drama, it has eliminated a big measure of unemployed persons. From Baker ( 2008 ) , the “ Zero-employment ” policy aims to helping households without a steady income before engaging more members from the same household for work. This provides every household with equal chance for employment and shows a great betterment for the Beijing Municipal labour. A Furthermore, shown from The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games ( 2007 ) over 60 per centum of unemployed citizens are now employed. A A Similarly, looking into the hereafter of the Beijing labour, these new building countries will necessitate workers to maintain the countries good maintained for the future events. On the other manus DeLisle ( 2009 ) provinces,

“ The Chinese authorities is confronting abashing accusals that the accredited ware for the 2008 Beijing Olympics is being manufactured in sweatshops, in some instances utilizing child labors. While the issue has created something of a dirt in Olympic circles, low wage, long hours and hard, unsafe conditions are the norm in Chinese industry and have fattened the net incomes of planetary corporations for more than two decennaries. ”

This shows that the Chinese authorities is taking advantage of the Olympic Games to derive net income and is non truly concerned about the safety and wellness of their workers. As DeLisle ( 2009 ) stated, companies will hold employees lie to inspectors about rewards in exchange for maintaining their occupations. Beijing will necessitate to alter these conditions to stay a planetary metropolis to show that they respect their citizens and employees with proper rewards and safe working environments. As a effect, Chinese citizens may go forth the metropolis or even immigrate out of the state in hunt of a more hearty life.

On the environmental facet, A MOL ( 2010 ) shows that Beijing was antecedently one of the taking defilers of the universe, demoing really limited transparence through their ambiance. A survey conducted by Brajer & A ; Mead ( 2003 ) , besides supports that the air pollution degree within Beijing was dramatically higher than the World Health Organization ( WHO ) criterions. Since this would skew the opportunities of hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Beijing implemented a program to significantly alter the metropolis into a ‘Green Olympics, ‘ which is an environmentally friendly Olympics. A From this, the metropolis began cleaning up the pollution from the ambiance to do it healthier for the approaching event ; this is called The Olympic Effect. A Brajer & A ; Mead ( 2003 ) provinces, that due to these deductions the pollution has dropped 44 % since 1998, which was obtained from change overing coal power workss to natural gas and besides closing down multiple power and automotive workss. Brajer & A ; Mead ( 2003 ) , conducted a survey that showed the Olympic Effect was a immense factor in altering the lives of the citizens populating in the country in a positive manner as indicated in Appendix A. On the negative side, Beijing ‘s ruin is they did non take enterprise on bettering the air quality earlier on before the Olympics were proposed to the metropolis. This demonstrates to other metropoliss that Beijing did non use any action to the pollution job which ignores the wellness concerns for their citizens until the authorities understood that safeguards were needed since Beijing was being plastered over the media. In the hereafter, for Beijing to stay a planetary metropolis, it will still necessitate to cut down its pollution because this will expose the ability and concern of the metropolis which may cut down the rate of infirmaries admittances and perchance pull more tourers to the country.

Over clip, the modern Olympic Games have become the universe ‘s largest featuring event and pulling 1000000s of tourers. During the commencing of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, a survey by Chan ( 2007 ) , shows that the Beijing occupants believe that the Olympic Games improved the sum of tourers within the metropolis. Since Olympic metropoliss given mass media attending and are widely talked about around the universe, the locations become more attractive and are perceived to be more alone as a tourer finish. This will amplify and expose Beijing ‘s civilization to the universe and from this overall experience, the tourers may go attracted to the Chinese traditions which may increase the future tourer economic system. Harmonizing to DeLisle ( 2009 ) , “ Still, 100s of tourers from China ‘s state side and less widely distributed citations trekked to this instead black topographic point to snarl exposures of one another in forepart of the universe celebrated sphere and symbol of national pride and recent glorification ” . A Uniting with Chan ( 2007 ) , this show even after the surcease of the Olympic Games, touristry in Beijing and its surrounding metropoliss are still dining due to new substructures such as the Bird Nest, improved air quality, and the desire to be portion of Olympic history. As a consequence, this shows a strong correlativity between the alteration of touristry within the metropolis before and after the mega event. For Beijing to stay a strong touristry industry, they would necessitate to be able to hold more applications for the new locales. If the tourer industry relies on the fact that the Olympic Games took topographic point within Beijing, it is possible that touristry may stop up decreasing, due to the fact that people like to detect new events or new alterations that are stupefying and delighting to the oculus.

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games had an tremendous impact on the Beijing as a planetary metropolis both positively and negatively nevertheless, overall it helped Beijing acknowledge their defects to be able to better them. On the positive side, these new constructions have been integrated into the metropolis ‘s history and are still being used to assist the local economic system, such as keeping new events in the Bird Nest bowl. Additionally, since the pollution has drop significantly it will take down the sum of hospitalizations and besides better Beijing ‘s image. This increased the volume of touristry during and after the event, which helped the local economic system to thrive. On the negative side, the state needs to use more development on assisting the citizens populating in the country, such as appropriate rewards and safe working environments. If they can get the better of these state of affairss they will be able to stay a planetary metropolis which may increase the economic system, civilization, substructure and political image non merely to the environing metropoliss but besides to the universe. After this achievement, Beijing will be able successful in claiming its 2008 Summer Olympic Games ‘ motto, “ One universe, One dream ” . From this, Beijing may remain a globalize metropolis for future old ages with more outstanding achievements to come.


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