Human being has been endowed with a module to believe, justice and prioritise his actions. He offers creativeness and invention. Though nature has given these modules to every human being, his acquisition of cognition, accomplishments, his attitude of looking at work, his perceptual experience about everything he sees, varies so much that one can non anticipate a standard response from all human existences. Therefore adult male as an plus is hard to command as a unvarying resource. Besides, he has a definition of his ain satisfaction and may or may non be inclined to work with same enthusiasm. Furthermore, he changes this attitude from clip to clip and his ain tempers to work. Therefore, a human being is an unpredictable resource.

When we want to take a human being in the crease of our concern or organisation, we have to see him from facets ; as an person with a given cognition accomplishments and values, what we can anticipate now and, say, after three old ages.

Furthermore, one has besides to look to his personal function in his ain household and how it will act upon his organisational life. On the one side, he expects greater duty and occupation satisfaction but he is loath to work without acquiring paid for such excess work. Therefore, his outlooks are to be seen and controlled so that he can be utile to the organisation for a long clip. His penchants and values besides must be gauged before he is employed. The worst is that we have to measure all his work life because he can turn out to be a liability if neglected for sometime. Thus a human being is an expensive resource to be evaluated all the clip. To do him more utile, they have to give them farther preparation. The opportunities are that the individual may go forth the organisation any clip and make cognition nothingness.

Therefore, human resource is the challenge to direction throughout its life. ESNAAD is a front running service supplier in the field of oil and natural gas in the part of mid of E. The beginning of this corporation makes an uncomparable repute in Middle East with an oculus on planetary enlargement. They have already succeeded in doing a tangible presence in UAE.

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With Middle East Company we perform international criterion sing wellness environment, safety and quality control. In the larboard metropolis of Musshaf we provide a 2nd to none work atmosphere sing cleanliness and Safety.

ESNAAD is dedicated to the public assistance of employee with first-class path record in the field of safety, professional satisfaction and work environment. As a consequence they are proud of holding best professionals of this field in our squad.

They have a uninterrupted preparation plan to guarantee to give a series of merchandises o the oil Industry. They ever remain committed for development of new services and merchandises to carry through even long term needs our clients.

Approximately ESNAAD

ESNAAD is a subordinate of ADNOC that chiefly deals in waste and chemical direction, blending of chemicals, clay chemicals, and managing stuffs to back up ADNOC services.

ESNAAD has a vision to stand out in seaward direction of oil production and set up itself as a Prime Minister service supplier in UAE oil industry. For this, it is highly of import that the company has a strong Human resource system to avoid any errors while covering with labour force which does high hazard occupation.

The HR policies must back up a clean and safe environment to work and supply uninterrupted preparations to the work force so that they avoid accidents and supply services that are at-par.

The primary services of ESNAAD include:

Oil field services – These involves processing of rough oil to polish it based on the international criterions.

Offshore services – These involves operations, care and services supplying logistics support.

Onshore services – This is the most of import subdivision of services that include at the port services, waste direction, chemical handling, stuff processing, technology got oil processing.


Let us foremost discuss the HR demands of the company which can be described in footings of the undermentioned caputs:




Interpersonal Relationship

Wagess Compensation and Benefits


Although all of these five factors are of import for a quality HR sections, it must be borne in head that the individual implementing them are more of import than former 1s i.e. a individual with credibly and who is a concern individual foremost and so a HR profession. The individual holding incontrovertible commercial sense, cognition of the concern concern and possible rivals and with a capableness of Strategic apprehension of development demands of the concern.

At this phase this must be emphasized that there is a greater demand for upper direction to look HR of ESNAAD non an administrative unit instead as a concern spouse. In planning of human resources five factors are considered of import as per their order i.e.

Endowment Management

Organizational Development

Knowledge and Strategy of Business

Endowment Acquisition

Fringe benefits and Benefits.


It should be really clear for a senior official of ESNAAD that if they ca n’t make talent direction in a professional mode, it will ensue in losing our skilled workers and professionals to our challengers.

A competence based direction is supported to be the best for ESNAAD as this means developing scheme and ends to direct behaviour and actions of the employees for the success of the organisation.


Human sector is the anchor of the growing of ESNAAD. It comprises of all from the top direction to the employees and purposes at the effectual development of the organisation. The nucleus of the organisational development is the behavioural research. It has got four basic constituents: “ Economicss ” , ” Technical ” , ” personal ” , and “ Politico legal ” . This will include:

Work Recognition and Space alterations.

Group Problem Solving

Endowment Management ( as discussed )

Planning of Agenda

Team Development

Improvement of Business Process



This will assist ESNAAD in the undermentioned manner:

It enables HR Strategy to be aligned with the overall vision of the organisation as it develops cognition and Assurance to pass on with CEO.

It helps for developing a model for developing concern scheme.

It acts as a tool for HR to afflict the development of Strategy Process.


It has evolved from basic staffing to an integrated attack for acquisition of top endowment required for dynamic concern demands. It utilizes a package tool to replace all sub procedure of “ Finding, pulling and finally engaging extremely talented Persons ” to carry through the organisation demands – which is of import for the overall growing of ESNAAD. The purpose of talent acquisition package is to streamline the full procedure of enlisting in following manner to

Online Creation and redaction of occupation requisition.

Facilitate on line interview and their consequence cut down enlisting costs

Scan mentions refering to a peculiar campaigner.


While rewards comprise the wage, the fringe benefits and benefits are Non-Wage compensations which are provided to an employee in ESNAAD. Some of these non-wage benefits may be wellness insurance, group insurance, lodging, disablement coverage, retirement benefits, ill leave, Educational Fund, Social Security and other such benefits.


This is the procedure of taking the most suited campaigner. With riddance of the unfit or less suited one for peculiar occupation, ESNAAD can avoid the danger of accidents and guarantee quality services. It is the procedure based on occupation related making and hence eliminates automatically the occupation searchers non run intoing the indispensable demand of a peculiar occupation. In this respect this must be borne in head that the right individual must be at right topographic point at right clip.

Clocking factor excessively is a really of import one, as one person who can make good at get downing stage of ESNAAD recruitment rhythm may non make good after a certain degree of functional adulthood of organisation is achieved i.e. care stage. A frailty versa of this may besides be true.


Motivation of human wealth is the most of import factor of success of any organisation. These are two chief groups of factor:

Satisfiers: motive factors making a extremely motivative state of affairs but there absence in the occupation does non do serious dissatisfaction. Example Responsibilities Advancement, Recognition.

Dissatisfies: Other group of factors if absent may do serious dissatisfaction, irrespective the impact on the motive.

Decrease in the handiness of these factors is likely to impact motive and convey down the public presentation degree.An offer of more of these factors does non in any manner better motive significantly. For illustration, a rise of 10 in the wage of a individual may non better his public presentation, but a backdown of this sum will upset a individual and is likely to do dissatisfaction. These factors have been designated as care or hygiene factors or dissatisfaction. They are preventative, environmental and have occupation context. Therefore these two sets of factors are largely unipolar i.e. Satisfiers contribute really small occupation to occupation satisfaction and dissatisfies contribute really small to occupation satisfaction.

These two sets of factors are listed in the below tabular array:

Incentives or Satisfiers MAINTENANCE FACTORS

Job Itself Status

Possibility of Growth Interpersonal dealingss with

— Superiors

— Peers

— Subordinates

Achievement Technical Supervision

Responsibility Company Policy

& A ; Administration

Advancement Job Security

Recognition Working Condition


Personal Life

The impact of an addition or lessening in these factors can be explained as follows:


JOB SATISFACTION When motives are When incentives are

strengthen or present weakened or absent

JOB DISSATISFACTION When care factors When care

are weakened or absent factors are present

The satisfiers describe adult male ‘s relationship to what he does, but the dissatisfies describes his relationship to the context or environment or state of affairs in which he does his occupation. The “ hygiene ” factors, so called in hapless analogy with the manner the term is used in preventative medical specialty, run into adult male ‘s demand to avoid unpleasantness. The incentive factors on the other manus make people happy with their occupations because they serve adult male ‘s basic and human need fir psychological growing, and his demand to go more competent.

For proper motive it is suggested to follow the maestro theoretical account of hierarchy of demands that an person is supposed to try in following order:

1 ) The physiological demands

2 ) The safety security and stableness demands.

3 ) The societal demands i.e. love association, rank and belonging.

4 ) The esteem needs-Self Esteem and public Esteem.

5 ) The demand for self realisation.

THE PSYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS: The physiological demands concern the demands of the human organic structure. They are basic to continue human life. For illustration, nutrient, vesture, shelter, etc, are all indispensable of life, without the sensible satisfaction of which no homo being can work usually. Any other demand will go proponent merely if these physiological demands are at least partially satisfied. As the really endurance of human life depends upon the satisfaction of these demands, they are besides known as primary demands. They are chiefly satisfied through economic behaviour and have finite bounds. An single demands merely a peculiar sum of these things. After sensible satisfaction, they are no longer demanded. That is why they are motivational merely if they unsatisfied.

The Safety Needs: The following order demand is safety and security demand. This implies proviso against the want of the basic physiological demand. If there is a danger of onslaught from our neighbour, we must supply for our safety. If there is a fright falling ailment, being retrenched, we must supply for a showery twenty-four hours, i.e. Security. We would hold at least liked to keep that we already have if non break our fortunes.

This demand besides has the same features of being chiefly satisfied through money and being motivational merely in absence of a sensible satisfaction. Once these demands are satisfied, they are no longer motivational.

The Love Needs: It is natural desire of every human being to be a portion of the group which loves him. This group consists of a few persons who have some expectedness and the member of a group is able to unhesitatingly portion his jobs with other members of the group who are close to him. This may in the household or work organisation or else where. He wants to give and have love.

This provides significance to work life and the person is recognized as an of import member of the group. These demands are regarded as secondary because they are, though of import, non indispensable to continue human life and emerge merely if both the physiological and safety demands are reasonably good gratified.

The Esteem Needs:

Esteem demands are divided into two classs:

Self Estee

Public Esteem

Self esteem means esteem in the eyes of the ego, i.e. , an interior feeling that one is making something worthwhile.

It is the desire for strength, for accomplishment, for adequateness, for assurance in the face of the universe, and for independency and freedom. When an person is himself satisfied about the undertaking relevancy, he looks for regard in the eyes of public, i.e. public grasp, congratulations, esteem, or public hand clapping it is desire for repute or prestigiousness, acknowledgment, attending, importance or grasp.

Satisfaction of the ego esteem demands to feelings of ego assurance, worth, strength, capableness, and adequateness of being utile and necessary in the universe. But the frustration of these demands produces feelings of lower status, is unable to fulfill his demand through positive constructive behaviour, he may fall back to immature riotous behaviour as frequently a kid does in the category to pull the attending of a instructor when he fails to make so on the footing of academic public presentation.

The Need of Self- Realization: The highest order demand is the Need of Self- Actualization. This means going what one is capable of. It implies an chance for the fullest look of one ‘s personality characterstics. A painter must paint, a vocalist must sing, and a instructor must learn if he wants to be really happy.

What a adult male can be, he must be. This demand is continuously motivational, and hence, it is called a growing need.As a personality of a individual is invariably turning, the demand for its look is ne’er satisfied.

When one reaches a peculiar phase, one moves somewhat higher and consequently, one ‘s aspiration degree goes up.

This demand is strictly physiological in nature and is infinite. One looks for eternal challenge and integrates one ‘s involvements, endowments, and abilities to the point that one work towards go what one must go. This implies that a individual who has reached the point of uninterrupted ego realization has needfully satisfied all his shortage demands.


To help supervisors and directors to undertake hard issue in ESNAAD with the work force a three measure scheme is to be developed i.e.

Active Listening


Decision Making

Active Listening: is the nucleus of any human resource direction and comprises of two components-

Interpersonal Communication & A ; Conflict direction

Interpersonal Communication is the basic demand of any direction personal. It should be good understood and practiced as it is the nucleus of all determination devising and actions at a workplace.

When we work with diverse groups of work force it requires a batch of interaction. The chief aim of interpersonal relationship is to make the regard of the employees for their direction in order to hold the right working atmosphere and attitude in the workplace. This can be achieved with a four dimensional attack:


Interpersonal Facilitation

Relation world

Team leading.

A director can hold involvement in one or the other or all dimensions and can pattern them consequently. ESNAAD will hold to actively look into direction of directors.

Conflict direction is the 2nd accomplishment of the directors to acquire purchase. It helps to decide issue of employee direction issues and efficaciously and at a faster gait. It besides helps to make greater satisfaction amongst the human assets. There may be many type of unfastened or hidden at assorted phases. These struggles if non interviewed or ironed out

Properly may ensue in assorted jobs right from a bad working ambiance at one terminal to a medico legal job on the others.

Adaptability: will be most stressed constituent of HR direction within ESNAAD as it is the critical accomplishment of accomplishing regard of the work force for their direction. A proper policy of adaptability will be holding two constituents:

Adaptability of direction for Workforce.

Adaptability of work force for the direction.

Decision devising: in footings of interpersonal relationship is different than that of a corporate determination devising. ESNAAD direction must retrieve that a determination may at the degree of interpersonal degree is to facilitative the accomplishment of the organisation and non to impact in a negative manner.


A sound compensation bundle is to embrace following factors:

Adequacy for rewards, Social balance, supply and demand, just comparing, equal wage for equal work and work measuring. The construct of adequateness has two constituents, the internal and external. The internal constituent has a nexus with the just rewards construct, i.e. , for a given occupation, is the money compensation adequate for an employee to keep a descent criterion of life ; is the money pay adequate to cover basic demands such as lodging, nutrient, conveyance, medical attention, kids ‘s instruction and the possibility of salvaging for a eventuality. The external adequateness would be in relation to comparable occupations in other industries with similar background demands. The pay compensation for a peculiar occupation should non be less than what it can command else where.

In a labour excess economic system it wills ever b vitamin E possible to happen employees willing to accept occupations at lower rate. Given the supply and demand state of affairs, employees have an ethical duty to pay for their rewards. This construct of equity should run both for the employer and the employee i.e. , criterion of work should be comparable with that of similar industries.

Comparing occupations across similar industries is one facet in footings of equity, but there is yet another factor that needs consideration and that is planing and implementing a compensation system which establishes para of occupations, internally every bit good as externally. Internally individuals making similar occupations in an organisation should be likewise compensated. In order to set up para, factors like complexness of the undertaking, skills demands and occupation derived functions, and an nonsubjective system of occupation measuring needs to be considered. The 1 that has been evolved is the occupation analysis and rating method.



Fringe benefits excessively are the portion of cooperation of the organisation and may include position ( like Car, Entertainment installations, vacations, foreign travel, telephone ) ; security ( insurance, medical installations, vacations foreign travel, telephone ) and work benefits ( office adjustment, secretarial services, direction preparation, company scholarships, etc


Cardinal benefits such as portion strategies, net income sharing, retirement guidance and house purchase.

Introduction of Fringe benefits and cardinal benefits depends on how much the company can afford to pass. Certain strategies may non profit all the employees, so those with maximal coverage are of import, if both employee and employer are to be benefited. Employee ‘s penchants could be ascertained through regular study and interviews. The employer could utilize this information to irrupt benefits in conformity with the perforce given by employees, maintaining comparative costs in head. A plan of benefit besides has to include certain points dictated by authorities Torahs. Unions besides represent some of the workers penchants are by and large “ insist on a satisfactory pay rate and satisfactory peripheries and non simply on a satisfactory combination of the two ” .

Fringe benefits in footings of the cost are “ the existent sum cost to the company of using the employee ” . This benefits since they are regarded as a “ fillip ” make a favourable attitude towards the peculiar occupation and company. Cost of periphery benefits is non inactive. Employers may besides happen it worthwhile and more economical to pay overtime.


Security consists of a series of load or doors one must one must go through through before an entree to a information or to put to death a map on a computing machine system. These hurdlings or doors consists of: Physical protection and Security within the HR system

I ) . Physical Protection:

Locking of difficult thrust

Locking of watchword

Use of watchword non accessible to all

The Password must be changed on a regular basis

Use of a separate computing machine by commanding authorization.


This may be of two types harmonizing to the informations to be used:

Simple for less sensitive information & A ;

Complex for the informations necessitating high grade of confidentiality like sequence planning.


There are entire five degrees of security for any HR system as presented below:

Physical Approach: The first degree being the physical obstruction to the maestro computing machine. Merely the authorised individual should be allowed attack to the executive office.

Access Level: There should be a rigorous control to entree to the informations merely authorized individual should be allowed to see the informations. A base on balls word is to be incorporated at this degree.

Manipulation Degree: At this degree a cheque is to be put on informations use by an unauthorised individual i.e. come ining or altering informations. It is to be done by a to the full trained individual in the field.

Reporting Degree: At this flat criterion studies are printed accessed for the quality. It is proposed to present a separate watchword for each degree individually i.e. Access degree, pull stringsing degree, and describing degree.

Decision Making Degree: At this degree, determinations are made merely after entire mandate and permission.

Users Friendlies:

Our system is must a user friendly as it covers about all the issues viz:

Decrease in paperwork with truth.

Cost Effective

Provides instant yet accurate cognition.

There is streamlining of the procedure

Makes pattern determination doing easy

Adheres to the prevue of statute law.


Sing Sustainability of an employee our HRIS package readily provides the reply for all the undermentioned replies:

Past work experience of an employee.

How far his instruction and accomplishments are practically relevant?

How long he will be utile to us?

What reciprocation he expects from us?

Will he be able to work in a group?

Are his household fortunes complimentary to the work bearer we are offering?

How will we make up one’s mind his bearer patterned advance?

How much a spouse should he be made in determination devising?

How can he prepare to take farther duties?

His comparing with other workers

How will he act upon the work group balance?

How does he suit in the occupation description?

Can we alter the occupation description to accommodate his endowment?

Adjustment for him?


A Knowledge Management system may be of five types viz. :

1. Based on Documentation -Documents like web, databases, notes etc. It permits the creative activity, direction or sharing of these paperss

2. Taxonomy Bases – It is similar to Document based one, but uses a system of nomenclature like Author, capable organisations etc.

3. Technologies Based like Artificial intelligence ( AI ) which represents job an organisation faces.

4. Network Based – This method uses web and other agencies to reassign the information.

5. Increasing Social Computing- Based on personal interaction.

Ours being a web based HRIS takes attention of all the three facet of cognition Management System:

Communication: This system can be used on Internet for informations exchange with other organisation.

Information: This system can be used to obtain the cognition of expertness.

Proliferation: Our system can assist to acquire new applications online to execute a variable undertaking.

Human Resource Information System Design for ESNAAD:

Employees Profile

Employee profile screen will capture the undermentioned properties for Human Resource Information System of ESNAAD:

Personal Identification Information of the Employee

Previous organisations worked

Service expertness inside informations

Key contract figure in exigency state of affairss

Dependants and Emergency contacts

Number of yearss Attended

Date of fall ining the organisation


Key accomplishments

Payroll Detailss

This screen will capture the entire compensation, fringe benefits and gaining inside informations of the employee:

Pay Grade

History of old wages

Bonus inside informations and standards

Tax brackets and tax write-offs

Fringe benefits and Benefits

Yearly/monthly Leave allowance

Loan inside informations of the individual

Food vouchers

Medical measures reimbursements

Entire Cost to company

Training and Development

This screen will capture the preparation inside informations of the individual:

Performance Evaluations

Performance fillip

Education and making

Primary Skill

Secondary Skills


Training Needs

Training Justification


Health and Safety

This screen will capture inside informations of any incidents and accidents of the employee:

Any accident/Incidents

Detailss of Incident

Date of happening

Topographic point of happening

Previous complaint

Records of Medicine and Treatments

Any Disability

Library of Document

This screen will capture any of import paperss issued to the individual:

Letterss issued on company letter-heads

Purpose of missive

Date of missive

Any other paperss sealed from the employee

Any confidential paperss associated with the employee

HR Dashboard

All the employees ‘ informations will be displayed here:

Graphic position of work forces and adult females in the house.

Graphic position of enfranchisements held by employee

Pie chart of people talking different linguistic communications.

View of Pay history of employee.

Position of assorted degrees at which employees are working.

Faculty to export the informations in assorted formats ( such as csv file, excel signifier.

Faculties to link informations to other important beginnings, application such as SAP.

Faculty to pull off the security of employees.

Password protection.

All work related policies and processs for employees.

All insurance benefits listed on this faculty.

All safety and security related preparation stuff for ESNAAD employees.


Because of the prevailing planetary ambiance of competitory concern patterns there is a closed oral cavity attack worldwide. Automation in industry has a basic function to hold an improved direction information without upseting the precaution of company ‘s policies and private information. Thus HRIS system is a basic overcoming demand for large and even little organisations to a larger extent.


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