Analysis of Fed Ex Company The Fed Ex Corporation is in the air express industry. In this area of industry customers ship their packages over distances by airplane, but there are companies who compete with Fed ex, because they compete for the same business. Each company battles for customers, which provides better service and new services. They integrate new ways to handle their business. They even lower costs that creates bigger economics to scale, it reduces operating costs. The Fed Ex Corporation as a big business which continues to expand, which has more than 250,000 employees in 215 countries.

We can say the reason for Fed Ex success is due to the employees. Which the employees have their ideas and strategies which helps to build the company and the customers satisfied. According to Madan Birla, the key to fostering creativity in employees, to build and sustain an innovative culture. The employees of Fed Ex will give more than just the regular daily requirements, and want to put their best effort, and go extra mile when the leaders create a work environment, which will allow employees work at their very best. When a company like Fed Ex encourage employees to participate and innovation is based on principles.

Like the key things are to make the employees feel they are part of the winning company. Communicate to employees what the company vision is for the future. Remember to tell the employees what their roles are and how they impact the service and the customers they serve. A key element is the leaders should know and understand the employees have a life after they go home. Leaders also should effectively and respectfully talk to employees about their suggestions and ideas. A company also encourage their employees to work as team to further develop ideas into procedures and processes to become a daily operation.

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Improve Employee Retention The Fed Ex company has two way communication. Which allow employees to tak to the leaders of any problems and give opinions on on the management policies. Fed Ex has also implemented a SFA program that resolves employee grievances. But when it comes to retention of employees it is Fed Ex biggest aspect. But retaining employees is low, because if employees do not like their job then an employee will quit. It is very important to keep your employees happy, then they will want to stay with Fed Ex. The best practice of employee retention, they developed different HR programs that companies follow.

The programs yielded financial benefits by improving production of employees. Fed Ex has improved the reputation of a employee friendly company, and oriented on service. The employee friendly company has low turn over, because of the policy. The only thing I recommend on the employees retention. I suggest to get more involved with employees, and give the employees extra benefits when a job is well done. References Human Resources management: Best Practices at the Fed ex Corporation http://www. icmrinda. org/casestudies Fed Ex and UPS, Air Express Industry Analysis, Madan Birla http://www. linkedin. com


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