It was founded byA J. R. D. TataA in July 1932 asA Tata Airlines, a division of Tata Sons Ltd. On 15 October 1932, J. R. D. Tata flew a single-engineA De Havilland Puss MothA transporting air mail ( postal mail ofA Imperial Airways ) fromA Karachi ‘s Drigh Road Aerodrome toA Bombay’sA Juhu AirstripA viaA Ahmedabad.

Air India serves 11 domestic finishs and 18 international finishs in 11 states acrossA Asia, A EuropeA andA North America. Air India has two subordinates and two attached carries. Together Air India, A Air India Cargo, A Air India Express, A IndianA andA Air India RegionalA signifier theA National Aviation Company of India Limited.

Air India Cargo

It was started in 1954. The air hose operates cargo flights to many finishs. The air hose besides has on land truck-transportation agreements on choice finishs. As a portion of the IATA bearers Air India carries all types of lading including unsafe goods and unrecorded animate beings.

Air India Express

Air India ExpressA is the low-costA subordinate of the air hose which was established in 2005 during the air power roar in India. It operates chiefly to theA Persian GulfA andA South East Asia through scheduled rider servicesA

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IndianA which is based inA DelhiA focuses chiefly on domestic paths, along with several international services to neighboring states in Asia.

Air India Regional

Air India Regional or better known as Alliance Air serves chiefly on Regional paths. Its chief hub isA Delhi’sA Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Tangible Assetss

Fleet and Material Resources

Air India is bit by bit spread outing its fleet. In the recent times 17 new aircraft – eight B777-200LRs and nine B777-300ERs have so far joined the fleet and apart from this 15 Airbus A-321s and 16 A-319s have besides joined for Indian operations.A Air India now operates 28 hebdomadal services on the international web to three finishs in theA A USA – New York, Newark and Chicago including a day-to-day NonStop flight between Mumbai-New York and Delhi-New York following the initiation of trade name new Boeing 777-200LR in its fleet. With a fleet of 136 aircraft, Air India has been bit by bit spread outing its web to cover new finishs in India and abroad. Given below are the inside informations of the Air India Fleet:


Air India presently operates international flights from Mumbai and 16 other Indian metropoliss, viz. Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Jaipur, Varanasi, Tiruchirapalli, Gaya and Thiruvananthapuram. Commencement of international operations from these metropoliss has obviated the demand for riders from these parts to needfully go to Mumbai and Delhi, the traditional gateways, for taking international flights. Passengers get oning or deplaning in these metropoliss can now finish their in-migration and usage formalities at their metropolis airdrome, both at the clip of going and arrival.A

Additionally, Air India has code-sharing agreements with other international bearers.

International Hub: After taking the way of consolidation during the past one twelvemonth, the air hose has taken a major enterprise towards beef uping its planetary web and has restructured its operations to Europe and USA by doing Frankfurt its operational hub for West-bound flights.A

Indian Hub: The Indian Hub resides at Delhi & A ; Mumbai Airports which houses installations for connexions to all major Indian metropoliss. On the domestic forepart AI operates to 64 Stationss out of which 17 are connected to our international finishs. The 172-seater Airbus A321 aircraft connects all major tubes, including all flights on the Delhi-Mumbai sector. Broad cabin, comfy seats and the luxury of in-flight amusement make this a superior merchandise that travelers look frontward to.

Leading Alliance

There has been a quantum leap in merchandise profile ensuing from initiation of new aircraft and attendant enlargement of web, Air India will be all set to fall in the Star Alliance by March, 2011. Once Air India becomes a member, riders will bask tremendous benefits, including seamless transportations while going across the universe, more frequent circular milage points, code-sharing taking to a wider pick of flights and entree to lounge installations worldwide. Star Alliance, is a taking planetary air hose confederation of 21 top international bearers. The Star Alliance web offers more than 17,000 day-to-day flights to 916 finishs.

Human Resources

Air India has more Human Resources than it needs which is apparent in the Numberss employed. In 2009, 17 % of the air hose ‘s outgo went towards wages which is tremendous comparing it with private bearers for whom it was 9.5 % . The amalgamation did n’t affect any retrenchment. Nor do any of the current recovery steps being discussed keep any thoughts of cut downing employee strength by immense Numberss.

Air India has 31,000 employees and 14 recognized worker brotherhoods apart from which there are several unrecognised 1s. While the brotherhoods say they are unfastened to being supportive for the development of a better hereafter for the air hose, they do non back up denationalization of the air hose or retrenchment

Apart from retrenchment, employees are besides worried about the new construction adopted by the air hose which they believe will work against their involvements. This construction is the alleged SBU construction, one where a big organisation is broken up into smaller units, each of which is run like an independent company in rule.

In Air India ‘s instance, the job as discussed by some senior editors & A ; functionaries is that the strategic concern unit construction is n’t perfect. Under this construction, a Delhi airdrome director studies to his strategic concern unit caput, while his public presentation will really be reviewed by the executive manager of the northern part. Adding to this the determination on honoring this airdrome director with a foreign poster is in the custodies of the commercial manager, who is based in Mumbai. The functionaries recommend is that this full construction be done off with and a more just and merely system is brought into topographic point which assures long term sustainability of the organisation.

IT & A ; Technology Resources

The IT integrating between the former Air India and Indian Airlines is complete and new engineering procedures are put in topographic point which are to guarantee high quality services to the clients. NACIL, the keeping company of Air India, has entrusted SITA ( Society International Telecommunications Aeronautics ) with the undertaking to implement an efficient online booking engine, going control system, check-in and machine-controlled embarkation control, luggage rapprochement system ( BRS ) and a frequent circular programme. The trade which is a contract deserving $ 190 million ( Rs 845 crore ) for a period of 10 old ages will besides enable Air India to utilize SITA ‘s Horizon Passenger Services System. Harmonizing to SITA, the systems implemented will do Air India measure into the conference of odd technological domination on the technological forepart chiefly this includes an integrated IT platform will enable Air India to streamline its ticket distribution system and salvage on high distribution cost.

SITA ‘s Horizon platform provides hosted PSS services to 140 air hoses get oning 120 million riders and will be used to present a individual air hose codification which is highly critcial in order to let the seamless integrating of the former domestic bearer Indian Airlines with Air India for the first clip since they merged in August 2007. Another early deliverable will be enabling Air India to run into the demands for fall ining the Star Alliance.

SITA association with Air India with mission-critical services has been for more than 50 old ages, including web connectivity at all their domestic and international Stationss, check-in, air-to-surface communications, menus direction and luggage tracing. Air India is now invited to fall in SITA ‘s Horizon Advisory Board which sets the strategic way for SITA as it engages with Oracle and other spouses to present a following coevals Passenger Services System which will greatly profit Air India as it exploits new engineering and unfastened systems architecture. SITA ‘s work force in India along with its local spouses – NIIT and Mindtree – now stands at about 1,000 extremely skilled forces.

Low Cost Resources:


Air India andA IndianA unveiled their new livery in May 2007. The logo of the new entity is a Flying Swan with the Konark Chakra placed inside it. The Flying Swan has been morphed from Air India ‘s old characteristic logo, ‘The Centaur ‘ whereas the new ‘Konark Chakra ‘ is reminiscent of Indian ‘s logo.

While the aircraft is a new tusk in coloring material, the base retains the ruddy run of Air India. Runing parallel to each other is the characteristically apparent Orange and Red velocity lines from front door to the rear door, subtly meaning the single individualities merged into 1. The trade name name ‘Air India ‘ tallies across the tail of the aircraft inA Hindi meaning the importance of the National linguistic communication.

The Maharaja

This Maharja which is now familiar figure foremost made his visual aspect in Air India manner back in 1946. Bobby Kooka as Air India ‘s Commercial Director and Umesh Rao, an creative person with J.Walter Thompson Ltd. , Mumbai, together created the Maharajah. It began as an effort as a design for an inflight memo tablet grew to take Air India ‘s gross revenues and promotional messages to 1000000s of travelers across the universe. Today, this iconic Maharajah of Air India has become a universe figure.

The logo has completed 56 old ages and go the most recognizable mascot the universe over. The assorted ads picturing his jokes, looks, wordplaies have allowed Air India to advance its services with a alone dash and an odd sense of elusive temper. In fact the Maharaja has won legion national and international awards for Air India for temper, sense and originality in promotion.


Air India is invariably seeking to make a gourmet experience in its dining. The air hose offers a pick of bill of fare to involvement all types of gustatory sensations – Indian and Continental. Apart from these, there is western culinary art, a pick of Asiatic fortes, and even Nipponese repasts on the India-Japan path. If any rider has a particular nutrient demand, there is a pick to take from any of the 20 three particular repasts. The bill of fare are invariably revamped and the vinos carried on board live up to the nutrient they complement. Meals are served in First Class seating to riders in bone China dishware. Alcoholic drinks are served complimentary.A

In-flight Entertainment

Air India aircraft are the enviousness of any wireless station with a rich aggregation of music on board in different genres. Passengers can take from Indian popular music, Indian Classical, beautiful Ghazals, Bollywood hits and English vocals from Western Classical, Pop, Jazz, Country and Nostalgia. A particular channel for Regional vocals with different paths and demographics has been compiled to accommodate all riders coming from different parts.

Air India ‘s picture programmes include a pick of the most recent English and Hindi characteristic movies. The finest in comedy, nature & A ; wildlife, escapade, action and life manner are wrapped in a One-hour picture magazine. There are particular films in Tamil, Malayalam, etc selected for riders going from Kochi, Kozhikode and Chennai to the Gulf and Singapore.A A

On Ground Facilities: Sofas, etc

A Air India has its ain sole sofas at Delhi, London, Hong Kong and New York in add-on to the 1 in Mumbai. At other international airdromes, Air India has affiliations with other international air hoses or local Airports Authorities for sofa facility.A A A There is a sofa for unaccompanied bush leagues as well.A

Online Booking, Web Check-in, etc

The quick, easy and convenient manner to book AI tickets online through the Air India web site. An vitamin E ticket will be generated and the inside informations with the vitamin E ticket nexus will be emailed to the passenger.A A A A Air India has extended installations for Web cheque in and Tele cheque in for its riders to supply easiness of installations.


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