In legal footings ‘Law ‘ is defined as, “ a regulation of behavior or action prescribed or officially recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authorization: asA aA : A a bid or proviso enacted by a legislative assembly ” .

Basically it is a set of ordinance and ordinances of behavior, which are practiced in general. These regulations and ordinances are bound by legislative assembly.

In this assignment I will be discoursing jurisprudence in context with Consideration and Contract.

Question 1:

Marketing accents on run intoing the demands of the consumers and supplying them with value, and benefits, while at the same clip managing the administration in an efficient and profitable mode.

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Selling is a procedure that involves changeless version and execution of the changing consumer tendencies, and demands. While at the same clip holding a competitory advantage over the rivals, and while at the same clip guaranting that the satisfaction of these demands result in a healthy turnover for the administration.

Aim of the coursework:

The aim of this assignment is to analyze the Manor House Country Club Hotel ‘s ( MHCCH ) external environment and internal environment. I shall utilize PESTEL Analysis, Industry Analysis and MHCCH ‘s Opportunity and Threat analysis to pull out the company ‘s external environment and Core competences, Value concatenation, Ansoff Matrix, strength and failing of MHCCH will be applied to exemplify the internal environment.

Overview of the Hotel:

In 1992, Manor House Country Club Hotel was established as a household owned concern by the Jenkins Family, in Singapore. The MHCCH spans over 3 estates of esteemed rescued land, and is runing presently as a individual hotel. The Hotel provides assorted assortments of Epicurean adjustments, and serves tourers from around the World. The hotel besides serves its clients with assorted types of culinary arts, from its modernised Restaurant ; the hotel besides has Bistro that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks. For corporate meetings and conferences to be held in the hotel, the hotel has equal premises and installations. And other assorted services provided by the hotel include a Beauty Salon. In short it can be said that the MHCCH stands up to the epicurean benchmark that it undertakings.

Analysis of the Micro Environment: ( Internal )

The Micro/internal factors are the forces inside the hotel that can impact the public presentation of the hotel, therefore through the micro environment analysis, we search for and invent a scheme to get the better of those defects that might impede the advancement of the hotel.

SW ( Strength and Weakness ) Analysis:


The MHCCH is located at a premier and favorable location, which is easy accessible.

The MHCCH successfully depicts its Luxury place in the touristry and cordial reception industry, therefore distinguishing it from the competition.

It is licensed to function alcoholic drinks in the hotel, therefore widening its consumer base, and range for profitableness.

Extra adjustment was added by MHCCH in 2002, so now it can house more clients, therefore an addition in productiveness.

The Market value of MHCCH is eight times more than its existent value, which is the mark of a profitable and stable concern.


There has been a back-to-back diminution in the figure of corporate clients for the Hotel in the past old ages, while the figure of trade conferences held in the state has gone up by 30 % .

Over pricing of the room rates above the mean monetary value degree for similar suites in other competitory hotels may take to a diminution in the figure of clients.

As for the current state of affairs the MHCCH lacks way in footings of a strategic program for enlargement, and its mark consumers, those are indispensable for the development of the MHCCH.


MHCCH can supply better meeting/conferencing installations to its corporate clients to up the figure of corporate engagements. Besides it can reconsider its pricing policies and supply trade price reductions to its clients.

The accommodation/room duties to be priced at a market competitory rate, and non at extortionate monetary values, which might put the clients off.

A strategic selling and action program to be set by the MHCCH while maintaining its premier precedences in focal point.


The defects of the MHCCH are non of a major nature, they can be rectified by following simple disciplinary actions, like a strategic program. It is rather natural for any administrations to confront hurdlings in its developmental stage.

Core competences: ( Micro Analysis )

Core competences are what makes an organisation different from others, in most instances its ‘ direct competition. The MHCCH can develop its nucleus competence on the footing of its luxury place in the market. It must take at supplying quality services to its clients at competitory monetary values. This besides increases its bridgehead in the competitory market. As it is in the nucleus civilization of an administration, to fulfill its clients and supplying them the value for their money, that is what constitutes the basic differences among the assorted administrations.

Value concatenation: ( Micro Analysis )

The basic motivation of the value concatenation is to supply the clients with a certain degree of value that surpass the cost of the activities and finally it appears in a net income border. The value concatenation of MHCCH is presented below:

Quality Service: The hotel direction has to guarantee that the clients are provided with high quality services that are worth the monetary value that a client is paying. So that the client is satisfied.

Satisfaction of client demands: The 2nd measure is to run into the specific demands and demands of the clients as per their gustatory sensations and penchants, as the service industry tends to be really personal, bespoke agreements have to be made to run into the client demands.

Trained and Efficient staff: Every client expects to be treated in the most hospitable and best mode possible, therefore MHCCH should be certain that the staffs is well-trained and efficient when it comes to covering with the clients.

Selling and Brand edifice: In this phase, MHCCH is looking for possible purchasers to sell the services it offers and to make this they do publicizing, pricing etc. And construct a reputable image in the market, which is besides a important factor to Customer satisfaction.

There are some helping factors to the points discussed above which can non be fulfilled without the aid of these:

1 ) . Infrastructure:

The aesthetic entreaty of the hotel is a important factor of the quality it signifies in its service, therefore the substructure should be as luring and attractive as the services provided within the MHCCH.

2 ) . Specialization:

To fulfill the specific client demands, the hotel has to maintain in head that run intoing those demands is important and hard at the same clip, therefore specialization in carry throughing the client needs is an indispensable supporting factor.

3 ) . Human Resource Management:

The staff must be recruited and consequently trained to cover with its clients, as the employees of MHCCH reflect the image of the hotel itself. Therefore HRM is a au naturel necessity in the strategic planning procedure.

4 ) . Marketing Research:

With proper analytical tools and a better apprehension of the market, the undertaking of marketing becomes much easier for MHCCH, go forthing a long permanent feeling in the client ‘s head.

Macro analysis: ( External )

By scanning the macro the environment, the company can invent a better scheme towards get the better ofing the identified menaces and to use the available chances.

OT: ( Opportunities and Menaces )


Taping the benefits of the high growing of touristry industry in Singapore.

High demand of changing cuisines/lifestyles.

Scope of enlargement in conference/family travel groups.

Expand the MHCCH trade name by puting in external belongings, through borrowing/re-investing net income.


Highly competitory hotel industry, competitory pricing, similar services, etc. If proper stairss to keep and spread out MHCCH are non taken, so this could be a possible menace to the hotel.

Lack of Differentiation is another factor that serves as a menace to MHCCH as there are assorted sections i.e. budget young person inns, five star hotels, backpacker Lodges, etc. MHCCH should keep on to a peculiar section and distinguish itself from others on its footing.

Increasing Bureaucracy and the assorted new regulations and ordinances imposed by the authorities can do hinderances in the enlargement programs of MHCCH, e.g. licences and licenses required to transport out some activities in the Hotel.


PESTEL represents Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environment and Legislative factors which are external in nature. The current and future alteration of six cardinal countries can impact the MHCCH ‘s concern. The PESTEL analysis explores the wide environment in which the MHCCH is runing.

Political Factor: These contain the regulations and ordinances implemented on the Hotel by the Government. The Singapore authorities is inclined on increasing its popularity as a tourer finish, therefore a good factor for MHCCH.

Economic Factors Singapore is among some of the fastest turning eastern economic systems, therefore the GDP and the public disbursement is on a changeless rise, so is the buying power of the citizens of Singapore and the Tourists. Again it ‘s in favor of MHCCH.

Social Factor: The Cultural and societal facets of a state are extremely of import to the concern, the current tendency of the turning demand for new manners of nutrient and drink is a mark of the alteration in the societal factor.

Technological Factor: Technology is straight linked to modernization, the hotel has to maintain up to day of the month with the latest technological alterations in the concern environment, for e.g. Wireless cyberspace, Computer bay, HDTV ‘s, etc. This improves the quality and measure of the stay of the clients.

Environment: Drastic alterations are happening in the planetary environment presents ; besides environmental consciousness is going more common by the twenty-four hours. Environment friendly applications need to be adopted by MHCCH to equilibrate its duty towards the environment.

Legislative: The MHCCH must stay by the statute law runing in their geographical district ( Asiatic Legislation ) . This affects their concern enormously. It may function in or against their favor, depending on the statute law.

Part B

The Manor House Country Club Hotel can spread out its concern in within the following two old ages by following these strategies/theories.

Ansoff Matrix:

The Ansoff Matrix is utile in make up one’s minding the company ‘s merchandise and market growing scheme. The Ansoff Matrix in mention to MHCCH is:

Market Penetration: MHCCH is constructing a stronger market place by supplying similar luxury services as the other hotels in the same market.

Market Development: MHCCH is puting in its site to develop its fresh land into little leisure Centres. These investings are aimed at developing a stronger place of the hotel in the market.

Merchandise Development: The chief focal point of MHCCH is on developing its service bundle by bettering the substructure and pulling more clients. By puting in the hotel, the services they offer can be developed

Diversification: This involves MHCCH come ining a concern that is non presently a portion of their docket, which at the minute it is non making, but they can see variegation into the options in future, as it leads to added income and good will.

Porter ‘s Grid

Porter ‘s Grid is besides good known as Porter ‘s Five Force analysis. These were developed by Michael E. Porter. The competitory environment of the MHCCH is explored in deepness through the Porter ‘s analysis below:

1 ) . Dickering power of the Supplier:

The supply in this industry is mostly based on FMCGs ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods ) which is rather flexible sing the fact that the Hotel buys its supplies in majority measures. Thus the ready handiness of the goods by the providers and the perennial demand of the goods limit the bargaining power of the providers.

2 ) . Dickering power of Buyers:

There are many options to take from for the clients of MHCCH as there are suites of changing degrees of luxury and monetary values, runing from basic single-bed room to extremist luxury Suite bundles. There are other hotels offering similar suites to them at competitory monetary values, therefore purchasers do hold their portion of dickering power in this instance.

3 ) . Menace of new entrants:

The hotel industry in Singapore is confronting tough competition non merely from the entry of locally based hotels but besides elephantine transnational hotel ironss, the new entrants might turn up as a menace for the company.

4 ) . Menace of Substitutes:

MHCCH fundamentally provides adjustment oriented services to its clients, while there are a big figure of replacements available for them, to obtain similar services. The chief differentiating factor here is pricing, and the difference in the quality of the services. There exists a strong menace of replacements, but with a well planned pricing policy, this menace may be avoided.

5 ) . Rivalry among rivals:

Rivalry among rivals is reasonably high for MHCCH as the challengers offer the same services/products, and they operate in the same market and environment. While at the same clip there are new rivals come ining the market. And besides the purchasers have the power to purchase the services/products at lower monetary values.


As of now MHCCH is runing as successful endeavor, which through proper strategic planning can be developed into a much more booming concern, and a extremely successful hotel.

But for Manor House Country Club Hotel to successfully spread out its concern in the following two old ages, it is advisable for them to follow the Market/Product development scheme, as it provides them with an chance to use their available resources in an optimal mode, while at the same clip go oning the everyday operation of concern.


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