As English has widely spread around the universe as international linguistic communication and the workplaces in different states has more similarities as a consequence of globalisation, research on comparing in different workplace around the universe becomes practical. This analysis will chiefly concentrate on four issues in workplaces in China which represents non-English speech production states and New Zealand which stands for English speech production states.

The four issues are marketing and sponsorship, alterations in the workplace, human resource policies, and organisational civilization. Selling is an act of procedure of merchandising and buying in a market ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) and sponsorship is a individual or an organisation who support an event or activity financially or through the merchandises or services as portion of trade name designation and selling ( Merriam-Webster, 2003 ) . Change in the workplace will be focus on a general image of the differences in workplaces compared old ages ago.

Human resource policies are “ systems of statute determinations, established by an organisation, to back up administrative forces maps, public presentation direction, employee dealingss and resource planning ” ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) . Organizational civilization is “ an thought in the field of organisational surveies and direction which describes the psychological science, attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values ( personal and cultural values ) of an organisation. ” These four issues the writer chosen these are the typical features in the workplace the writer has been involved in. One workplace in New Zealand is Life Church and the Chinese company which will be mentioned subsequently is Haiwan international trade company.

Issues in workplace

Marketing/ sponsorship

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When believing about selling, it normally involves advertisement, publicity, public dealingss and promotion ( McNamara, 2010 ) . It targets clients and attempts to fulfill them. Marketing direction is one of the chief constituents in concern direction which concerns about the ‘inbound ‘ the investing the company wage and the ‘outbound ‘ the appropriate value in return. The selling and sponsorship scheme the writer has noticed in New Zealand has so many similarities compared with China.

When people walk into stores, Bankss or watch a athletics competition, they frequently receive some little things, like pens, keepsakes, with the name of the company, the contact figure and even their mottos printed which may pull attending from possible clients. Companies put excessively much advertizement in everyplace, in newspaper, magazines, Internet websites, on Television, during the films, on the street, coachs, apparels, for illustration Vodafone, ANZ, Westpac. However, the writer gets acquainted with another scheme from a friend in a company called ACN, which is spread outing the promotion of the company by presenting merchandises to friends and households. That is a really different scheme as it might look to turn easy in the first few months, but so the web for gross revenues grow faster and more stable compared to random advertisement.

Another thing is that no affair how different all these schemes are, they are all really good at playing words. They make their merchandises or services tempting, and clients pay their money with satisfaction, which conforms of win-win scheme.

The topographic point the writer has volunteered in is a Christian organisation, which has its immense population and promotion. It grows twelvemonth by twelvemonth as new Christian fall ining the warm household. When there is an event coming, they will set it on the web site, with a clear and large posting on top of that. They will besides publish some cusps and booklets. From the experience of forming conferences, the writer knows they will set cusps in every place and distribute booklets or cusps at the door. There are some bookshelves in the sofa which have all sort of activities different people may involvement in. they will promote people to take part in by support reminding them sometimes three hebdomads before, they briefly publicise what plans, events or interesting things on that twenty-four hours which might take three or five proceedingss before discourse which will non world-weary people. Christian there ever inquire people whether they want to travel or ask for them if they have n’t been at that place earlier, which connects everybody and convey everyone together into some large events.

The sponsorship in life church is chiefly contribution anonymously, which is merely for assisting people. The writer noticed that some companies get workers have certain hours a twelvemonth dedicated themselves into assisting community, which is a really positive propaganda for the company promotion and some of them choose to volunteer in church.

Compared to selling and sponsorship in China, the advertizement for company is everyplace besides. There is besides a successful illustration of publicize company chiefly by through friends and households, which is called Amway. The topographic point the writer has worked in expands their concern by deriving a good celebrity within the international trade country. Equally long as the company sell goods in a good quality and sensible award, concern ever come to strike hard on the door. However, concern can acquire worse no affair how when the economic system is in depression. The company has to take enterprise and work stoppage for growing by acquiring involved with sponsorship in some local events or national even international festival jubilations. Bing positive is the chief factor when companies are making advertizement.

Changes in the workplace

Since the engineering has developed every passing twenty-four hours, the universe changes fast, and so did the workplace. Based on the interview the writer has, the alterations in workplace in New Zealand have both sides. The jurisprudence for employment has improved a batch in order to back up workers has a better environment in workplace and besides warrants their rights particularly when their right has been violated. The establishment of ACC is an organisation which has fulfilled the similar maps and besides it helps cover with some medical issue when workers got injured. However, there are some facts which can non be denied that the chances in working in New Zealand has decreased really much compared to ten old ages or even longer clip ago. Immigrants who foremost came here about 30 old ages ago, with a high making, well-trained accomplishment had a better opportunity to be more successful than populating in their ain states. ‘The land of chances ‘ is the best phrase to picture that aureate epoch. Some might fault this for the economic depression in these two old ages, which affect the employment in New Zealand deeply.

Second, there is a intelligence in September reported that employment jurisprudence alterations will increase workplace favoritism. The first affected group is gay, sapphic, bisexual workers, who will confront a harder state of affairs as they have already in the center of so many troubles in labour market ( Brown & A ; Sleep ) . Another issue in workplace is a globalised job, the increasing force per unit area in workplace, doing unhealthy life manner, intensive relation within workplace.

The writer has interviewed a voluntary worker in life church who has been there for near 13 old ages. What usually people have the feeling about church is that it ne’er changes merely like all the rigorous functions. Whereas, life church alterations twelvemonth after twelvemonth and people love that topographic point more. Old ages ago, the cafe upstairs used to be a eating house provides repasts during the discourse and supplying a topographic point for people to pass on with and run into new friends. As the people who had repasts there were overcrowded and they ever stayed there excessively long. The director decided to alter it into a little delicate cafe store, providing cafe , dissert and speedy repast. The whole ornament is simple and friendly, comfy sofa, easy to do people experience like speaking to friends even new people.

The function in life church has changed and it ne’er been that rigorous which is one of the chief grounds Christian love to travel to life church, being loved and experience blessed by God. There used to hold nines at dark during weekend, giving people much more opportunity to acquire contact with others. Then they found some jobs traveling with them, so clubs changed into several conference, involvement group get-together, etc. Harmonizing to these alterations in life church, people start to stress more on how to populate a life better with the best we can make.

Compared to New Zealand, relaxed and freelance, workplaces in China have changed dramatically. The writer reckons the key factor which has such influence on China is that Chinese learn from western universe, for illustrations widely used English in workplace, more concern involved in every portion of universe, people seeking chances to analyze overseas or work so as to acquire more experience and beef up their self-control. Chinese combine western system of company direction with their ain features, as many international companies are required to alter the construction of the company to suit for concern overseas and go transnational companies, even the authorities is seeking to larn from the fiscal system.

Workers dress more professional like westerners, concern dealing more proficient, engineering extended applied. Offices moved into high-rise edifices, some of them even have a really epicurean environment in office. Employee has higher instruction making, more assurance in executing their ability, but the relation between workers become more competitory. However, workers in China do n’t hold adequate vacations compared to western universe and the increasing force per unit area is equal to the increasing wage they earn.

Human resource policies

The first thing people think about human resource, might be something related to ethical or acceptable behaviour and the effects of unacceptable behaviour, which is besides an of import lesson employees should pay attending to before they start to work. The other HR civil orders which are required to be understood clearly are the nature of the organisation, what workers should anticipate from the organisation and what they expect workers, who policies and processs work ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) .

Some of the ethical behaviours expected in work topographic point in New Zealand are first of all, confidentiality, which is vitally of import as ever. Workers make errors as they use some information for their ain involvements, like doing excess income. The 2nd thing is equal chances. From the writer ‘s point of position, everyplace around the universe, director advertise their support of equal employment. As the fact, the authorities needs to be more friendly to immigrants. They still can non happen a nice occupation in New Zealand, as the companies who hire them have to pay more revenue enhancement and immigrants have to pay more revenue enhancement from their income. Merely because they do n’t hold the making from New Zealand, they can merely happen a occupation to prolong their life by making hard currency trader, cab driver, nurse even though they used to be applied scientists, physicians. An equal policy about immigrants will pull more gifted people to New Zealand which is really a long-run benefit for the society and the state.

There is one difference in office policy compared to China, workers in New Zealand can happen an organisation or establishment to kick about anything which is non in conformity with the contract. The other codifications about HR policies are equity and equity, self-development, advice and information unity, legality etc ( HRINZ, 2010 ) .

The life church is a Christian organisation, which emphasize equality. Based on the observation the writer have, life church is a well-organized and friendly workplace. The church accepts me with a sort and warm bosom. Anyone, no affair work forces and adult females, local or immigrants, who wants to assist people, they can acquire a opportunity to carry through that, which is a great portion about life church.

The HR policies in China have merely started merely non long ago. Chinese adapt some from western universe and that is the ground why they have many similarities. Harmonizing to the topographic point the writer worked before, the writer can see that work forces and adult females are about equal. Womans have occupations every bit good as work forces and besides there are some adult females in charge of the company or the caput of sections. Furthermore, adult females can hold their matrimony leave, pregnancy leave every bit good as vacation leave, which is better than old ages before.

Organizational civilization

Organizational civilization has been defined as “ the specific aggregation of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organisation and that control the manner they interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the organisation. ( Charles, W. & A ; Gareth, R. 2001 ) . It becomes one of the typical concerns in a bi company. A strong civilization helps the organisation operate more expeditiously ; some of them might hold an outstanding executing and minor errors, because the workers respond same to the stimulation as they portion the same organisational values and alliance. Some successful illustrations in New Zealand would be All Blacks Vodafone, Fonterra.

In life church, they fulfill the committee and follow the God ‘s will, assisting people and experience blessed by God. Their religion in faith is a strong civilization in their organisation, directors do n’t usually give orders, and workers and voluntaries frequently do the service without being asked to make.

There are many transnational companies in China, which benefit a batch from puting up an organisational civilization to beef up the relation between workers, for case, Haier, Tsingtao. The company the writer worked in China has a value that we produce ware in an environmental friendly manner, with the high engineering applied. In recent old ages, China has begun to be cognizant of the environmental issue, which has become a shared value in society. When the company concerns more than merely money, workers are willing to work with their passion about life, the environment for the following coevals.

Comparison and contemplation

Under the unstoppable tendency of globalisation, there is no absolute boundary between states. Peoples around the universe portion more similarities and differences. Particularly in workplace, as concern around the universe, it is best to hold a corresponding construction of the company and direction, which could force the communicating between companies traveling good when making concern. Workplace in New Zealand has changed in a manner of measure by measure. Even though there are few alterations which might be non look as development. China, a underdeveloped state, larning from other states, taking tonss of stairss at one clip, still needs to be careful as everything is more similar experiment.

As concern direction varies from different topographic points and cultural background. Each company has their alone manner of running the organisation. This essay is intend to assist companies happen their place in a globalised universe and hunt for their ain manner of making concern and company direction by comparing different direction under different context.


After all the four chief issues being analyzed in inside informations with the comparing of New Zealand and Chinese companies, the writer think Life church is the good topographic point to work because they have done a great occupation in these four facets and of class the grounds they are successful are more than that. The effect we get from that the writer think is seeking to believe more about workers alternatively of money all the clip, maintaining passion for the occupation employees have, the company will be unusually amazing one twenty-four hours.


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