Wilde published his lone novel. The Picture of Dorian Gray. before he reached the tallness of his celebrity. The Picture of Dorian Gray with being an immoral narrative. It besides compactly sets forth the dogmas of Wilde’s doctrine of art. Devoted to a school of idea and a manner of esthesia known as aestheticism. Wilde believed that art possesses an intrinsic value—that it is beautiful and therefore has worth. and therefore demands serve no other intent. be it moral or political. The short portion under analysis describes how Dorian and his friend went to theater to watch Sibyl drama. The chief struggle of the analyzed infusion is how rapidly Dorian got disappointed in Sibyl and grew cold to her. The scene supposed the glorification of Sibyl Vane and do her base out. but her drama was unreal and defeated everyone. The “Picture of Dorian Gray” belongs to the belle-letters functional manner. the chief purpose of which is to give the reader aesthetic pleasance. to do him believe and to entertain him by appealing to his emotions.

The infusion under analysis is told from the 3rd individual. from the point of position of an all-knowing anon. storyteller. Description and narrative are the chief types of narration used in the infusion. Dialogue is used in the center of the infusion. The scene is laid in the theater. The spacial markers are direct: box. orchestra. drape rises. phase. The Past Simple is preponderantly used in the whole infusion. the exclusion are the duologues represented in the Present Simple. There is an existent temporal marker: that dark. so the reader can understand that it was one specific dark. In order to maintain the reader’s attending the writer resorts to the developed system of conjunctions. Such conjunctions as for some ground. but. as. so. . and. so as. so. as ever. of class. after all can be observed in the infusion under analysis and besides add to the emotiveness of narrative. Besides the curious characteristic of the text is the broad use of names. which are employed to add the emotiveness to the narrative: quavering. grandiloquent. tawdry. shrill. coarse. brutal. mulct. baronial. misanthropic. awful. unreal. exquisite. shy. These names are used to add to the figurativeness of the linguistic communication and to enrich author’s address.

The word pictures of the supporters are both direct and inexplicit. Dorian gives the expressed word picture of Sibyl: she is godly. Writer uses the stylistic device of simile in order to depict Sibyl: like the shadow of a rose in a mirror of Ag. moved like a animal from a finer universe. her organic structure swayed. while she danced. as a works sways in the H2O. her custodies seemed to be made of cool tusk. There can besides detect in the transition such stylistic devices as syntactical correspondence: she acts. she makes them as responsive. she spiritualizes them ; catch repeat: and one feels that they are of the same flesh and blood as one’s ego. ”

“The same flesh and blood as one’s ego! . she is worthy of all your worship. worthy of the worship of the universe. Besides writer want to pull reader’s attending and to make a contrast by utilizing such stylistic device as antithesis: If this miss can give a psyche to those who have lived without one. if she can make the sense of beauty in people whose lives have been seamy and ugly. These stylistic devices add to the expressiveness of the narrative. Stylistic device of withdrawal is used to propose the reader the apprehension of emotions of the characters: and as one in a dream. one of the loveliest animals. Besides writer inserts in the text extracts from Shakespeare’s drama. utilizing the same stylistic device.

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Metaphors are used for more expressive narrative: speaking at the top of his voice. convulsion of hand clapping. it took off all the life from the poetry. The nonliteral linguistic communication of the text owes to the broad use of stylistic devices such as metonymy ( fat Jew director ) . inversion ( It was here I found her ) .


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