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This twelvemonth & # 8217 ; s State Of The Union address was a really alone one in many ways. First off, it was highly ambitious sing this is President Clinton & # 8217 ; s 8th and concluding twelvemonth as President of the United States. The sheer sum of propositions brought up were mind boggling, particularly for the mean American spectator who is non able to grok all the little fast ones that President Clinton is utilizing for his benefit throughout the address. Of the many subjects discussed by the president nevertheless, there were a few which I paid more attending to, and those are traveling to be the 1s I discuss in more item throughout this paper.

First and foremost of the issues discussed this twelvemonth was the whole fiasco with the United States Supreme Court. It was obviously obvious from the start that this was a critical issue because of the absence of the full Supreme Court from the address. Although President Clinton doesn & # 8217 ; t travel excessively far in length on this issue, it is evident by his few really good made remarks that he is disappointed with the whole state of affairs. However, the Republicans still seem to non stir on their stance of non naming the Democratic Judgess the president nominates, which has been a hot issue in Washington for a long clip. I personally disagree with the Republicans on this issue because I think that even though the President does non nominate people of the same party, that is no ground for the Republican bulk Senate to turn all of the nominations down. It is honestly non a really gracious thing for them to be making at this clip.

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Another major issue that startled largely everyone at this address was the program to extinguish the national debt in 13 old ages. Clinton combination of disbursement and other assorted cuts is a bold program for the state to be debt-free within a comparatively short sum of clip. My sentiment on this is that the program sounds fantastic, but I find it really hard to believe that this program is a accomplishable 1 for the state. Our debt has soared into the millions and that is a whole batch of money for a turning state to makeup, even a state every bit large as the United States.

The President proposition on Urban Renewal was another which struck me as interesting. Although this was a address about the United States, Clinton & # 8217 ; s chief involvement in urban reclamation was chiefly based on foreign buildup, and non really much about the buildup of the lower countries within our ain great state. My ideas on this are that he definetly should be concentrating more on in state personal businesss in Thursday

is subdivision of idea than in foreign respects. While it is still of import to assist the universe, that is a thing that should be done after we take attention of our ain jobs at place, and no Oklahoman. What is the point of regenerating another state when there is still things to be renewed back place? It merely doesn’t do excessively much sense at all, President Clinton needs to acquire his precedences straight in my sentiment.

One more issue Clinton seemed to cover really nicely is that of trade with the other states of the universe. This proposal was really good in that he covered every facet of the states that are of more importance, and this was really good for him to make. He particularly covered the huffy province of trade with China, and explained good about all of his programs to increase trade and besides to polish trade with the states. Finally, he linked this propostion good with that of his Globalization program, they truly did suit good together. My brief ideas on this issue are that I agree to the full with President Clinton, the United States should definetly go even more of a participant in universe trade than it already is. Our trade dealingss termss in other states is an of import factor in the hereafter of this state.

Finally, the last issue Clinton covered in more deepness was the issue of Diversity and Minority Rights. This is another hot issue in our state recently, and was a critical one for President Clinton to cover in the State Of The Union. His stance was one of most other Americans, that being that we educate everyone to be much more accepting of the differences we have between each other, and to seek to accomplish a state wholly free of bias. I agree with Clinton on this, but it is traveling to be really difficult to implement this sing we have so much bias brooding within the American people. The mundane sight of this bias is obvious excessively, even within the more accepting topographic points of this universe. It will surely be a long clip in my sentiment until this state is one free of bias.

The State Of The Union this twelvemonth was one of wild propositions and besides of serious treatment of the many differences the Republicans and Democrats in Washington still have. Its traveling to take a strong state to carry through even half of what was outlined in the Presidents address, but it can wholly be done if the state as a whole works together to do a difference in this great state. I think it was a peculiarly good manner for President Clinton to complete off his eight twelvemonth term as President Of The United States Of America.




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