Individual Differences and Organisational Behaviour

Explain How Individual Differences Might Be Synergistic to Organizational Behaviour

In the last couple of years, diversity is one factor that has come to play a pivotal role in organization circles, as a result of increase in the globalization trend, higher diversity workforce, and the rising job complexity. Organizations that make use of global strategies find cultural diversity very vital. When doing business globally, or with some multicultural teams, understanding other culture is very essential and this has remained a rising issue today. The interests of organizations in gaining relevant knowledge of cultural diversity can depend on the culture of the organization. The international presence of any organization and globalization inspirations has effects on the management and performance of large cultural diversity. This lays emphasis on the fact that cultural diversity is fast becoming a rising common trend. It is actually one very serious challenge faced in the 21st century and one that gives both local and international organizations major concerns in terms of effective management of cultural diversity. Managing this cultural diversity effectively involves departing from the general opinions of certain groups of people to placing values on how individuals differ in their character and skills at the place of work, which proves that this issue goes beyond merely discovering the difference between individuals in terms of their values within the organization. Any organization that is made up of diverse cultures is expected to develop itself by recognizing different employee values and making it a part of every aspect of its structure. It has been noted that once the idea of cultural diversity is inherent in the value system of an organization, the company is apt to establish an environment that is diversity-friendly by implementing policies that includes all members of such an organization. In a similar way, such companies recognize diversity as an important asset and operate in the direction of the organization and employee’s progress in terms of meeting its end user’s needs. Different beliefs exist on the management of cultural diversity. The existence of diversity in culture in an organization is believed to represent a rise in the degree of creativity, adequate analysis of issues, more effective decision making, improved flexibility, and improvement in line with diversity in opinions, business practices and approaches. Diversity in cultural origination is mostly seen as a factor that ensures beneficial outcomes within an organization (Jonsson…

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