Teams/Groups Considerations

According to Green et al. (2015), globalization has resulted to increased dealings amidst individuals coming from different backgrounds. Individuals no longer exist and work in a blinkered surrounding; they are now considered as part of a global economy in competition within an international framework. For this cause, both profit and non-profit organizations ought to become more diversified so as to stay competitive. Capitalization and maximization of workplace diversity is an essential management concern.

In general, diversity can be described as the identification, comprehension, and acceptance of other individuals’ personal disparities regardless of their race, sex, ethnicity, age, class, religion, and physical ability, among others. Everybody is unique in their own way, but also share certain biological and environmental traits (Dike, 2013).

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Challenges of a Diverse Workforce

Green et al. (2015) mention that there are various challenges associated with a diverse workforce. The leaders and directors of an organization could be challenged with loss in employee as well as work productivity because of discrimination and bias. Adverse behaviors and attitudes could be obstacles to organizational diversity since they could destroy working relationships and even damage work productivity and drive as well. Some adverse behaviors and attitudes at the workplace include bias, discrimination, and stereotyping. For instance, particular members of a team come from a certain nation, which has a differing procedure in terms of working. They might be stereotyped or judged for working in a different manner compared to how the others are actually working.

According to Heller et al. (2010), an organization, which employs diverse personnel, should also establish a culture that supports respect and dignity so as to avoid any anxiety amidst the workers or members of a team. Additionally, communication might be negatively affected if the workers have a different first language. Therefore, one of the major challenges is language barrier. The existing workers might exit the organization if their individual biases hinder them from working with coworkers who are from different backgrounds. As another challenge, investigation of the claims of workers on negative attitudes as well as harassment could take up a lot of management time.

Factors Related to Internal and External Teams and How They Affect Organizational Behavior

Internal and external teams are both quite important in any organization and how they function reveals itself in the productivity of the organization. Examples of these factors are differences and interpersonal disputes amidst the members of a team. If workers or team members are incapable of working with one another and settling their own disputes, this shall definitely have a negative impact on the…


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