Harar is an antediluvian and historical town of Ethiopia, which is located in the eastern portion of the state and about 525 off from the capital metropolis, Addis Ababa. Harmonizing to the current regional Administration set up it is the capital of Harari National Regional State.

In 2008, Harari Region had a entire population of 188,173 of which 94,688 were males ( 51.6 % ) and 93,485 were females ( 48.4 % ) Presently the population of Harar metropolis is estimated to be 199,321. The country of town is about 1720 hectares ( 17. 29 Kms ) . The metropolis has two distinguishable subdivisions, the new and the old parts of the metropolis. The old metropolis comprises the walled portion, popularly known as Jegole is far more dumbly populated than others countries of the metropolis. The town has got five Gatess viz. Erer Ber, Buda Ber, Senga Ber Felana Ber, and Shewa Ber. At present, the town has six Kebele Administrations ( KAs ) and 19 bomber Kebeles.

Harar has been and remains the major trade centre in the eastern portion of Ethiopia. Its commercial orientation day of the months back to the older times, when it had contacts and strong trade links with India, Greece, Turkey, Italy Yemen, Egyptian and other Arab States. The Jegol with its five chief Gatess represents a alone historical and faiths topographic point for occupants and an attractive force for tourers. The “ hyaena show ” is a alone phenomenon in the state and possibly in the whole universe. The cultural heritages including the Mosques, Shrines, Harari National House, traditional handcrafts and tools make Harar one of the most of import topographic points and centres of attractive force in the state. Recently the UNESCO had included the metropolis in its list of universe heritages.

In such a topographic point SWM additions importance as people from all walks of life from all over the universe wage visits to cognize more about the metropolis. Hence, this undertaking is rather relevant to do the metropolis cleansing agent and the population healthy and productive.

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Furthermore, the migration adds suffering to SMW in Harar metropolis. It adds figure to the bing population and contributes to the rapid addition in refuse accretion which negatively influences MSWM in the metropolis. Migration is one of the constituents of population kineticss that can impact the population size of an country when its volume is important. Peoples move towards countries which are believed to be desirable for either economic or non economic grounds through interplay of push factors at the topographic point of beginning and pull factors at the topographic point of finish. The following are major push factors that face people to go forth rural countries in the part and come into Harar metropolis.

Scarcity of agricultural land in rural country,

Poverty of rural people due to assorted socio-economic crises, and

Being of trade in Harar town particularly, big graduated table contraband trade, illegal smuggling of cowss and confab from the part to neighbouring counties

As population increases all over Sub-Saharan Africa, the quantum of refuse accumulated on each passing twenty-four hours besides increases multifold. Many states in African Continent are in the phase of development and the jobs they face in all lances of life are legion. Among them aggregation of refuse accumulated, mange the gathered refuse and its disposal are of paramount importance as it affects the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life of about every family with regard to Sanitation, Health, Economy, Livelihood and Socio-Cultural Phenomenon. Ethiopia is non an exclusion in this respect. There exists a system of refuse aggregation and disposal in the capital metropolis Addis Ababa. Although it might be every bit efficient as it should be, the public gets some support and aid from the municipal disposal to populate in a related clean environment. Furthermore, there are mechanisms and devices in topographic point in Addis Ababa city to manage and pull off of solid wastes accumulated. On the other manus, elsewhere in the state including the Historical metropolis of Harar, one can happen no constituted system exists with respect to garbage aggregation and disposal in general and solid waste direction in peculiar. Hence, this survey had looked into the factors that affect the solid waste direction of the Harar municipality signifier different angles.

On one manus Garbage direction in general is a immense undertaking to a underdeveloped state while its population and societal engagements is increasing quickly. On the other manus, solid waste direction in peculiar airss a great menace to its population disputing the wellness, economic, educational and socio-cultural foreparts.

Further, in the modern times occupational migration takes topographic points, particularly in developing states, at a faster rate than of all time earlier. This brings along with it economic strains, environmental population and assorted diseases. This is rather true to Harar metropolis in Ethiopia as urban migration is in full swing as the metropolis develops fast.

There are umteen Numberss of restraints with respect to solid waste direction. It varies from fiscal to sc societal restraints. Some of them are geographically influenced while others are caused by carelessness of personal and environmental hygiene. Hence, this undertaking aims at conveying to the notice of the policy shapers of the state in general and to the Harar municipal disposal in peculiar to take necessary actions and fix intercessions so that the solid waste direction in Harar metropolis shortly becomes effectual and this Historical City becomes a green and beautiful metropolis. Furthermore, this undertaking may send on some input as the inclusion of direct H2O supply and sanitation marks are straight included in the Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ) of the state.

It was fundamentally hypothesized in this undertaking that demographic, institutional and socio-economic factors of the family were playing cardinal functions with respect to SWM of Harar metropolis. However, these factors were greatly influenced by the following wide based phenomena with regard to municipal SWM system.

In any given state solid waste direction system displays several jobs, including low aggregation coverage by concerned governments besides, hapless aggregation methods. The refuse collected is non decently stored and finally disposed. Consequently, disease distributing micro-organisms spread at dismaying rate and velocity. Several factors are responsible for this state of affairs. They can loosely be grouped as institutional, societal, fiscal, proficient, economic, and restraints as explained below.

Technical Constraints

Lack of Human Resource

This is a major job in developing word. On one manus, people do non desire to be sanitation workers as they believe that are looked down by the society ; the compensation for such workers is so really low, on the other. Consequently, there is adequate work force to so the occupation. Therefore, the development of human resources is indispensable

Ineffective Planning

Another of import facet is be aftering with respect to SWM. In the absence required resources even an effectual program fails more frequently than non. Furthermore, experts in SWM planning are few. Even those really few experts available in this filed are non given any skill upgrading preparation. This consequences in inefficiency as they could non be after as per the demand of the state of affairs. It is fact in many states in Africa that SWM planning is ever linked with general planning.

Lack of Research Activities

About all states in Africa deficiency financess for all- unit of ammunition development in general and SWM in peculiar. In the absence of needed financess, research activities can non be initiated. In the absence of research, any development in this filed is impractical. Hence, more research activities are to be carried out in this respect. The current undertaking is a measure frontward in this respect.

( B ) Financial Constraints

Fundss Provided by Central / State Governments

MSWM is non given precedence in many parts of the universe, particularly in several developing states. The one-year budget allotted for MSWM could non run into even 6 months need. Lack of financess is so a great barrier in MSWM.

Willingness to Pay by the Users/Households

The job is so great at the local authorities degree in many developing states. Peoples in many states in the underdeveloped universe believe that MSWM is the entire duty entrusted with the cardinal, regional and local governments and the single citizen has nil to make with it. Hence, the willingness to pay by the citizens is really low and it gets worse as the income of bulk of the people in the underdeveloped universe is au naturel plenty to do both the terminals in their day-to-life leave alone their willingness to pay for MSWM.

Lack of Industrial Development

It is gratuitous to state that industrial development in the underdeveloped universe is slow and it faces several uninterrupted restraints. The authoritiess, hence, are forced to import trim parts and machines from abroad utilizing their difficult earned foreign currencies. This has a negative impact in the development of the states concerned. The deficiency of industry is responsible for several constrictions in MSWM as the municipalities could non acquire needful implements and machinery to roll up, shop and dispose the refuse safely. Furthermore, due to miss of industries, the solid wastes could non be recycled and reused.

( degree Celsius ) Institutional Constraints

Lack of Coordination between Institutions

Communication between and among establishments that have bets in MSWM is affair of concern. There exists deficiency of coordination among them and this creates hinderances in effectual MSWM. The sanitation workers may non have timely instructions form the MSWM commanding organic structure and the MSWM commanding organic structure itself may non have any communications or instructions from wellness establishments, infirmaries, industries and the similar on the nature and sum of SW available for aggregation and disposal.

Troubles in Enforcing SWM Laws

No Torahs were enacted in many states in the underdeveloped universe with respect to MSWM. There are several societal and tradition Al restraints in ordaining any jurisprudence in MSWM. Although a few states enacted Torahs in this respect, they could non efficaciously implement them due to fiscal constrains, deficiency of work force and public cooperation. Furthermore, there is deficiency of clear legal mandate to local authoritiess from the federal degree with respect to MSWM.

( vitamin D ) Social Constraints

Households ‘ Attitude towards SWM Personnel

Even in the current twenty-first century, some people still believe that a sanitation worker is making an inferior occupation such as roll uping industrial and human waste. This forbidden prevents many from fall ining the sanitation squad paid or unpaid.

Absence of Social and Economic Incentives

It is a fact that the educational degree of the people is far below in the underdeveloped universe in comparing with industrialised states. Hence, societal attitude towards MSWM is non encouraging. Peoples do non come frontward to take part in any cleansing activities proposed by local disposal or Non Governmental Originations or Environmental Militants. Although some people may come forward to take part in such activities, they may non acquire required devices to execute the occupation such as a broom-stick, a fork and a refuse aggregation container. Furthermore, scavenging from waste disposal is a support scheme to many people. They collect stuffs from the refuse that they could sell in the market or single and earn money. Large figure of people involved in this activity. They have no preparation for alteration of profession and to go originative citizens.

Therefore, this undertaking looked into the factors mentioned above aggregately concentrating on the demographic, institutional and socio-cultural worlds related to the families in the selected survey countries of Harar metropolis with respect to SWM.

Statement of the Problem

We discussed above several factors that have direct relationship with and influence on SWM in Harar metropolis. Any looker-on in the chief streets of the metropolis can easy state that the current SWM system in the metropolis is rather desiring. One could see refuse is spilled on the route sides, corners and in forepart of brooding premises. There is municipal supervising in the metropolis with respect to garbage aggregation and distribution. Yet, there are several factors that make the SWM of the metropolis hapless and inefficient. The undermentioned illustrations illuminate the jobs of SWM system of Harar metropolis.

The undermentioned snapshot clearly shows that SWM is non in a coveted degree. Rubbish and garbage are thrown randomly all over the topographic point in the metropolis. Although there are garbage containers placed at different locations in the metropolis, there is no commanding mechanism to see that they are decently maintained. Peoples and carnal likewise live together in the topographic point really near to garbage aggregation containers. To do affairs worse stuffs for human ingestion such as veggies are kept for gross revenues in close propinquity of refuse containers that may ensue in environmental pollution and wellness mayhem.

Photo 1 Proximity of Public-Business- Animal to Waste Containers

Beginning: Own Photography, 2010

Another catch shooting taken a few yearss ago at the survey country depicts the atrocious state of affairs

in which human and mammal do daily life along with the refuse as if nil unusual is go oning. It is apparent from the image that the refuse container is really much in topographic point ; however, the risky refuse is spilled all over the topographic point where homo and animate being walk on that. This may finally ensue in epidemics and environmental debasement. It is apparent from the image above and the one below that refuse aggregation is fickle and the socio economic status of family life in the locality plays its ain function towards this environmental status that prevails in the survey country.

Photograph 2 Animal – Human- Business – Garbage Together: a Health Hazard

Beginning: Own Photography, 2010

From the image below one can acquire a atrocious sight adjacent to the metropolis bounds. Peoples who make their life from roll uping stuffs that they can sell from the trash are making their occupation in a status that might infect them and finally do them unproductive citizens. Here besides adult male and mammal are close to each other. The choosers do non have on any protective gears- non even gloves. This is due to the fact that the collected garbage is non stored decently and the disposal system is so dismaying. The trash may disintegrate in really short clip due to humidness and spill into waterways and H2O points nearby. The air current plays its portion in conveying the refuse back into the metropolis. Neither healthful workers nor municipal guards are seen anyplace near the shit.

Photograph 3 Waste Pickers- Young and Old with Animal- A Risky Survival

Beginning: Own Photography, 2010

In the undermentioned illustration we could see that the municipal healthful worker collects the refuse into a little nomadic container. Although the container is already filled to its capacity, the worker is on the procedure of make fulling it with more refuse merely to do it fall on the route reroute. The nomadic container is little that it may non do the demand in comparing with that the entire sum of refuse collected in the country that is thickly populated. A individual healthful worker is in action in a topographic point where 100s of kg of rubbish generated in a individual twenty-four hours. Furthermore, the healthful worker uses a broom stick made of local grass and has no spatula nor other devises that are needed to manage the trash.

Photo 4 Ill-equipped Sanitation Worker

Beginning: Own Photography, 2010

We shall now look at the concluding finish of the refuse collected from the metropolis. They are brought to a topographic point merely outside the chief colony country of the metropolis and dumped in an unfastened field without any protection or fencing. The refuse is piled over and over and finally they fall into the waterway underneath and make the families nearby. They are extremely contaminated and for certain put the members of the families in hazard that come into contact with the trash. More significantly, this shit is the genteelness land for flies and mosquitoes that spread diseases of different sorts. The flora near the shit site dwindles due to the toxic dirt caused by the chemical reaction of the trash stored for limitless figure of yearss and months. Above all the shit site is surely non an attractive force to any visitant to this historical and UNESCO preserved metropolis.

It is apparent from the description and illustration above that the SWM system is non upto the coveted degree at Harar metropolis. There are several factors that make SWM non effectual elsewhere in the state in general and in Harar metropolis in peculiar. The current SWM system in the metropolis puts the families at the hazard of acquiring exposed to wellness risky and socio-economic fiascos. Furthermore, neither any study researches nor undertaking plants were carried out in the metropolis on this thematic country although some studies were submitted by appointed advisers to the local authorities on SWM in Harar metropolis. The research worker, therefore, feels there is spread in this respect and he believes this undertaking can make full to a given extent.

Undertaking Purpose

Solid waste is generated more and more at the terminal of each twenty-four hours throughout the universe. Therefore, the infinite needed to hive away it and its handling techniques decrease fast. Yet, there are people who are truly concerned on this issue. Our families and industries create waste ; hence, it our responsibility to device a mechanism to work out this job. We have to cut down the garbage, recycle the remaining, and recycle the remainder. It is obvious that it is easier said than done as many people live in metropoliss of “ REFUSE ” . To do affairs worse, the wealthier states are dickering with the destitute states to accept their waste, both civil and atomic.

However, the jobs and short approachs in SWM may non be similar in all states although it is so a challenge to the universe in general and developing states like Ethiopia in peculiar. It is even worse in topographic point like Harar- a historical metropolis in Ethiopia due to the combination of several jobs.

Therefore, the intent of this survey is to look into some factors that the research worker believes contribute towards the hapless and weak SWM in the metropolis.

1.4 Aims of the Undertaking

The general aim of this survey is to look into factors that negatively affect SWM in Harar metropolis

The Specific aims are:

The current degree of SWM in Harar metropolis, and

Factors that consequence the SWM service bringing in Harar metropolis

It was hypothesized for this undertaking that the prevailing municipal SWM system at Harar had several challenges and menaces influenced by demographic, institutional and socio-economic factors. Based on this hypothesis the undermentioned inquiries were addressed for this undertaking

What is the current Status of the Solid Waste Management by the Harar municipality?

What are the challenges faced by the municipality and the family members with respect to garbage accretion, aggregation and disposal in the survey country?

What are the menaces that face both the municipal disposal and the family members in this respect?

What could be the solutions to extenuate the challenges and menaces so faced by the municipality and the family with respect to Solid Waste Management?


Harar metropolis is situated 525 Kms off from the capital metropolis Addis Ababa to the E. It is a historical metropolis dated back to several centuries. It is one of the holy topographic points for Muslims all over the universe. Harar is besides known as “ Walled City ” as the full metropolis was circled by a long wall so. Soon, the metropolis is extended out side the wall bounds. It is a metropolis known for trade. Almost all types of trades are carried out here. There are six Kebele Administrations ( KAs ) in Harar City. In add-on to these PAs there are 19 sub-Kebeles in the metropolis. The followers is the map of Ethiopia that shows the location of Harar metropolis.

Figure 1 Map that Shows the Location of Harar City in Ethiopia

Beginning: Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, Harari Regional State

For this survey two Kebele Administrations viz. Amernur Kebele from within the Jegol and Jinela Kebele outside the Jegol were purposively selected based on the fact that they are larger Kebeles in population and size. Furthermore, these two KAs contribute the largest portion to the day-to-day refuse accretion of the metropolis as per the available information from the Municipality of Harar. Both Amernur and Jinela Kebeles are inhabited by families who are involved in trade, civil service and skilled and unskilled occupations. Jinela Kebele has the largest unfastened market of the metropolis with family population. In Amernur Kebele the SW generated included both family trash and trade garbages whereas in Jinela Kebele the SW generated included both market refuses and leftovers and family trash. Thus both Kebeles were similar in SW coevals. Furthermore, the manners refuse accretion and aggregation procedures were rather similar in both the Kebeles. Hence, 50 families from each Kebele were indiscriminately selected as samples. The samples were selected indiscriminately for the ground that the Numberss of families live in both Kebeles were nigh similar although Jinela Kebele has the largest unfastened market of the metropolis. Besides family samples 20 municipal workers, who involved in SWM were selected on voluntary footing. Additionally, Garbage pickers totaling 5 ( two elderly work forces, one aged adult female, one immature lady and two male childs ) who were present roll uping stuffs at the clip of visit of the research worker to the shit sites were selected. This was because of the fact that those garbage choosers did non hold any lasting reference nor contact inside informations. Aggregate instance surveies collected from both the municipal workers involved in SWM and the refuse choosers were presented in the consequence and treatment chapter. Further, the moralss of societal scientific discipline research were purely followed for this undertaking and the rights of the sample participants with particular mention to try choice, informations aggregation process were adhered.

Five census takers, besides the research worker, were selected who had experience in carry oning research projects/surveys and who could pass on in the local slang Harari and Afan Oromo besides the state ‘s official linguistic communication Amharinga. The census takers were given developing for a hebdomad before informations aggregation on the nature of the undertaking and moralss of informations aggregation in societal scientific discipline related undertakings. A checklist was prepared for the interview and group treatment and a semi-structured mini-interview agenda was prepared to arouse information from Households on SWM. Both the interview checklist and mini interview agenda were pre-tested with non-sample population in the survey country and needed amendments/modifications were incorporated in them. The informations so collected were interpreted in words supported by relevant tabular arraies, figures and single instance surveies.

1.6. Boundary line of the Undertaking

The survey was conducted merely in two Kebele Administrations of Harar metropolis viz. Amernur and Jinela Kebeles were selected due to clip restraints and for the ground that the research worker lives and plants in the propinquity of these Kebeles, sing these Kebeles about two to three times daily either for professional or for personal grounds or for both. Therefore, he is good cognizant of the challenges of SWM in these Kebeles. Furthermore, the facts emerged from this undertaking with respect to SWM in these Kebeles are, more or less, true to other countries of the metropolis.

1.7 Restrictions of the Undertaking

The major job that the research worker faced in this undertaking was the disinterestedness of the sample population to set about any run with respect to weak and hapless SWM right in their dwelling country although they are rather cognizant of the wellness jeopardies that non-disposed or improperly fain refuse might convey on them. One could understand from the exposure exhibited above how adult male and mammal unrecorded together with the refuse disposed. Hence, the research worker had to bring on involvement in them by speaking to them the demand for a better SWM system in the metropolis and how in bend it would do their daily life more pleasant than it is now. Finally, he could do them actively take part in focal point group treatments and reply the inquiries raised for informations aggregation. Consequently all samples gave all information available with them with respect to SWM in the metropolis.

1.8 Significance of the Undertaking

Equally far as the cognition of the research worker goes, no believable research done at Harar City with respect to MSWM except for a few adviser studies as mentioned elsewhere in this undertaking. Therefore, it is believed that this undertaking could function as a secondary for possible research to be carried out in the yearss to come.


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