Ancient Egypt PapyrusVashonne Jackson                    The Papyrus comes from a plant that is found in  the Nile River.The plant grows up to 16 feet tall.The papyrus is mostly common to be used  for writing and it can also be used for Food resources.It is also used for sandals, ropes,window shades and many more.The papyrus was first harvested in the predynastic period in Egypt.The Egyptian papyrus  could be founded in the Nile River growing in the fresh shallow water.                   The papyrus was used for literary texts.The papyrus is the harshest place to harvest the  papyrus.the papyrus plant where once part of the vegetation of the region.The English word paper comes from the Egyption word papyrus.The Egyptians were beginning to write in 3000.B.C.               papyrus was used for political symbols.For some people the papyrus meant war..The egyptians used the papyrus for 400 years until  plants was used for paper.The papyrus could be used for medicine so it can cure throat diseases.For some people the Egyption papyrus also represented peace.              The papyrus is a greek name from the plant it come from the Egyptian word papuro.The Egyptian government had full control of the papyrus.The Egyptian called the plant djemma or tjufi or wads.The word wads mean lushness once the papyrus was cut djema means fresh writing surface.The Egyptians would cut the papyrus down by using sharp blades and cutting at the bottom.               The ancient Egyptian can absorb water.They made the papyrus was made by soaking the papyrus in water than drying it out.The Egyptians only writes on one side of the papyrus.more than ancient Egypt used the papyrus  they started using it in 1000 BC. The Egyptian stopped using the papyrus.Bibliography ancient


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