Male’s and females have different abilities when estimating size The experiment demonstrates that everyone has different feelings In touching disparate parts of the body. Moreover, boys are more sensory than girls. In particular, boys like being touched, while girls do not. But I can’t make sure that these results are totally correct, because they are affected by some factors, such as experimenters’ emotion, physical condition, and some other elements. However, we can also get some information from this experiment.

First of all, table 1 confirms my first hypothesis: boys are more sensory than girls. As a result of that boys can have nerve reflex In a shorter time and react to It swiftly. And then boys can adapt to the circumstances more easily. So maybe it’s the reason why in any work fields, males are more excellent than females. For example, most of the greatest scientists, cooks, artists, agriculturists and so on, are males. What’s more, people who won the Nobel Prize almost are males. Madam Curie won the Nobel Prize twice for her great scientific discoveries, this is a special case.

Second, the experimental data of table 2 shows those boys like to be touched much more than girls. A fight between boys could finally become a friendship. As we all knows. It Is easier to make friends with boys than girls. Some research shows that touching can improve each one’s corporation, and men are likely to be touched. In hence, the best team work has always been made up by males but not females. For instance, NAB will never have females to take part in the games. The best competitions always are in males not only cause of the man’s physical agility, but also the man’s brotherhood.

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All in all, these results support my assumptions-?I . Boys are more sensory than girls; 2. Boys Like to be touched more than girls. On the basis of the data, we can find It Is a little obvious to get some laws. However, I did the experiment just with my classmates. It is limited, for I didn’t keep records about adults, middle-ages and elders. And if we want to get more exact result, we should have more people and obtain more notes. After one word, my assumptions are confirmed from tables.


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