they say it couldn’t be done,” Lincoln

was covering for all 10 of his sisters now, he was only covering for a few of
his sisters at first but, thanks to Leni, he was now covering for all ten of
his sisters. Lincoln knew he was
going to scold Leni for doing this to him. Anyway, Lincoln
knew he had bigger fish to fry, since he was covering for all his sisters and
he still needed to clean his room.

break time, Pop Pop is on video call,” Rita called out.

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cringed at what his mother said. How was he going to tell his grandfather that
he’s the only one home and not get in trouble? Then it hit him, he texted his
sisters to come home.

for Lincoln when he texted them,
they were all busy at that moment. Lori was dealing with a screaming boyfriend
and giggling baby after, Lily puking all over him so, she didn’t hear her phone.
Leni was filtering with the tailor boy in the dressing room; she was trying on
some clothes. So her phone was in the dressing room in her pocketbook. Luna was
jamming on her axe loudly, thus she didn’t hear her phone. Luan was having to
deal with performing as a clown for a kids show and couldn’t reach her phone in
her bag. Lynn was at the batting
cage and let’s just say when Lynn
swings there is huge crack sound. Lucy having to deal with a screaming audience
after a cage of bats got loose. Lola was having a heated argument with Lindsey
Sweetwater about which pageant was better to lose. There was a lot of shouting
so Lola didn’t hear phone go off. Lana was having a mud fight filled screaming
and yelling so, she didn’t hear her phone; Lisa was getting frustrated with the
class she was teaching, so she threw something at them to get their attention.
Unfortunately, that object was her phone.

didn’t have any hope within his sisters so, he just walked down stairs to talk
to Pop Pop. When Lincoln got up to
the computer, Pop Pop saw him right away.

if it isn’t my look alike,” he chuckled. “Still got snow on the roof, I

sure do, Pop-Pop,” Lincoln
chuckled. Lincoln thought in a
nanosecond what could he say to his grandfather to make sure he didn’t get
suspicious where were his sisters. “Uh listen Pop Pop the sisters nominated me
for all them to say hello.”

for Lincoln, Pop Pop didn’t listen
to him.

tell ya, spring always puts me in the mood for a song. Why don’t you bring Luna
down?” Pop Pop said.

ran upstairs to his bedroom to unleash the trunk. He grabbed an outfit and wig
of Luna’s as well a guitar. He then hurried down stairs. Where he played a rock
out version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and for his finale he stage dive
from a chair.

was good,” Pop Pop said. “Now go get the funny one.”

gave a weary thumb ups.

ran upstairs to change into Luan. He ran downstairs where he told the first
joke that came to his mind. “What doe a nosy pepper do? Gets jalapeño
business! Ha ha ha ha! Get it?”

Pop thought the joke was funny. “Ha ha ha! Hilarious! Now go get those twins,”
Pop Pop chuckled.

ran upstairs to put on one his most creative costumes to date a half of both
Lana & Lola.

had the “twins” argue with each while Pop-Pop watched.

girls,” Pop-Pop calmed “them” down, “There’s plenty of
Pop-Pop for everyone, also go get the spooky one.”

Pop, Your Hair As White As A Ghost, Fills Me with The Most,” Lincoln
sighed. Then he let out a huge hiss.

was beautiful now go get the sport player,” Pop Pop asked.

ran upstairs to change into Lynn
but he still had the Lucy wig on.

am I supposed to be Lynucy,” Lincoln
said to himself. He then grabbed on his Lynn
wig and ran downstairs.

time to do this” Lincoln looks at the computer and begin to act like Lynn
throwing a baseball in the air and swinging at it as the ball flies into
another room “And it went out of the field!”

glass shattering sound is heard from another room.

into one of the windows in here.” said Lincoln
as Lynn laughing nervously.

wish I could’ve been there sport,” Pop-Pop sighed. “But, anyway go get Lori.”

go get her, hopefully she can get off her phone so she can see you!” Lincoln
runs back upstairs and runs back downstairs dressed as Lori looking at the

Pop-Pop this girl Naomi was literally making me mad, thankfully Bobby was there
or else she would have been a human pretzel,” said Lincoln
as Lori angrily.

Job Lori,” Pop Pop said anyway go get Leni.

friend said she was broke but, I didn’t see any boo-boo on her,” Lincoln
as Leni said cluelessly

well, anyway Leni go get Lisa,” Pop-Pop said.

I found that research told me light-switches are one of the most useful
inventions on earth,” said Lincoln
as Lisa.

Pop happen fallen asleep during Lisa’s monologue. Lincoln
was about to shut off the computer until he woke up.

I forget to see Lily,” Pop Pop exclaimed.

ran upstairs to his bedroom; he put on his Lily wig. While he was getting
undressed he realized that he could probably fool Pop-Pop by only wearing his
underwear instead of one of Lily’s diaper. He ran downstairs only wearing his
Lily wig and his underwear. And in front the computer Lincoln toddled around
and muttered “Poo-Poo”.

was cute Lily,” Pop-Pop sighed gleefully. “Now go get your brother.”

finally dressed as him, was telling Pop-Pop one of the recent ending to his

there was Ace Savvy captured by the villainous Card Countess and without the
help of One Eyed Jack, he was helpless and thus ending the comic on a
cliffhanger,” Lincoln said.

that must be an intense ending Lincoln,”
Pop-Pop said. “I better get going now, just tell your sisters that I wished
them a farewell.”

thing Pop-Pop,” Lincoln said he
went over to the video chat and closed it. Lincoln
was tired, after all, he just impersonated all ten of his sisters but, he knew
this all for a good cause, plus he had a new “AARRGGHH” to look forward.

kids, how’s the cleaning coming along,” Rita asked from the kitchen.

cringed at what his mother said much like earlier.

Good,” he replied.

rushed upstairs, he sighed knowing that he was going to have to the cleaning
for all ten of his sisters.

was spending the next few hours; dusting shelves and frames; vacuuming floors;
throwing dirty clothes in the hamper and putting away clean clothes in drawers;
and throwing away trash. Also he had to make replicas of his sisters by using
some of their clothes, the wigs he use to impersonate them, a magic market,
some brooms and pillows, and Lynn’s sport balls. He put all the replicas in
their beds with tape players of them snoring playing on loop. Lincoln
was thankful, that Luan accidentally bought ten tape players instead of one, as
well Luna recording everyone’s snores.

was leaving the bathroom, when his mother was walking out of Lori’s and Leni’s

looks your sisters have tired themselves out cleaning,” Rita said. Lincoln
nodded in response. “Well time to check out your room.”

realized that he didn’t clean room since he was covering everyone.

Loud Get In Here,” Rita shouted from his bedroom.

nervously walked towards his bedroom, where he found his mother fuming over his
dirty room.

tell me why are your sisters’ room clean while your room is dirty,” Rita said
trying to hold in her anger.

thought to himself if he tells the truth then everyone gets in trouble or he
could lie to his mother and he’s the only one that gets in trouble. He hoped
his sisters knew that he is doing this for their own benefit and not his own.

the truth is mom, I spent all day playing video games, reading comic books, and
jumping on my bed,” Lincoln said
with a face of guilt. “And I thought I could get everything under my bed when
you came up.”

Loud I am very disappointed with you young man,” Rita said with authority. “And
don’t think you’re off the hook for telling the truth young man you have to
clean your bedroom immediately and no getting to watch your show tonight with
Clyde, no video games for a week and no desert for you tonight,” Rita
explained. “Understand.”

nodded sadly.

I will come back to check on your progress,” his mom said. She walked out of
the bedroom.

his mother left, Lincoln felt a few
tears dropped off his eyes. There was one Lincoln hated was making his mother
disappointed but, he knew if he didn’t clean up his room his mother would be
more disappointed if his room was still dirty. So he got right on to clean it.

little while later, Rita checked up on Lincoln.
She was glad that Lincoln didn’t
shove everything under the bed. Lincoln
was still cleaning when she came in and didn’t even notice until she said. “See
you at dinner.”

was drifting off to dreamland when his mother came in. He already texted Clyde what
happen and how he can’t watch AARRGGHH tonight, so he decided to take a nap
before, so Lincoln took off his pants and shoes, pulled up the covers, got a
hold of Bun-Bun, and drifted off to sleep.

all the sisters sneaked up to their bedrooms, where they found dummies of
themselves in bed they shrugged it off, and went outside of bedroom where they
found their mom.

good, you guys are up,” Rita said to them. “Anyway pizza is on the way for dinner;
also don’t mention dessert and Lincoln
right now.”

shouldn’t we mention Lincoln since
he’s been covering for us all day,” Leni said.

other sisters cringed at what she just said.

a minute, let me get this straight, you guys have been out all day goofing off
and Lincoln has covered for you
guys all day,” Rita said irritated.

nodded, while the other sisters looking at each other with worried looks on
their face.

guys are in so much trouble right now,” Rita said trying to hold in her anger.

this was going Lincoln was clutching
Bun-Bun tightly, he was having a nightmare.

the nightmare was Lincoln on trial
in a jailbird costume with a demonic version of his mom as the judge.

Lincoln looks like you are guilty
for disappointing me and lying to me any last words before your punishment,”
The judge yelled in anger.  

I’m sorry, forgive me,” Lincoln

The judge yelled. The judge pulled a lever that sent to Lincoln
to a pitch-dark area.

am I,” he thought to himself.

there was huge spotlight shining on him.

he said.

he sees all his classmates laughing.

so funny and why is it so drafty,” he asked. Then he realizes something he was
on stage but he was only wearing his victory undies and nothing more.

screamed in the dream, which woke him up in real life. He started to cry, which
brought his mother inside his room.

okay sweetie,” Rita said calmly. She patted him gently to calm her crying son
down. After a few minutes, Lincoln
pulled himself together. “Are you better,” she asked. Lincoln
nodded sadly. “Well Lincoln what’s

Mom I had nightmare where you were this evil judge that was super disappointed
in me and suddenly you pulled a lever which led me to a stage with classmates
as the audience,” Lincoln said
meekly. “Also they were laughing at me because; I was in nothing more than my

okay Lincoln,” Rita tells him.
“Anyway Leni told me what happen today and your sisters are in big trouble now,
so I am going to cut your punishment to only 2 days without video games and you
can have desert tonight but, you can’t watch your TV show tonight, understood,
also I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

nodded his head.

come with me it’s time for dinner and dessert,” Rita said.

jumped out of his bed and started to walk with his mother until she told “I
think you should wear pants for dinner instead of being in your underwear.” Lincoln
blushed and quickly grabbed his jeans from the floor and quickly put them while
walking to the dining room.

dinner time, it was awfully quiet for The Loud House, there was nothing more
than sound of chewing and drinking, that was all.

desert, Lincoln decided to forgo
his sisters’ weekly meeting to take a shower.

the shower, Lincoln was putting on
his pajamas in his bedroom until he heard some crying from the living room. He
decided to go check it out to see who it was. Lincoln
walked downstairs to find Leni crying on the sofa.

wrong Leni,” Lincoln asked crawling
up to her.

terrible Linky everyone hates me,” Leni cried out. “Do you have a tissue?”

saw all the tissues on floor used. So, Lincoln
gave Leni his pajama shirt to use as a tissue.

blew her nose into the shirt and said “Thank You.”

Leni tell me why do think everyone hates you,” Lincoln

at the meeting tonight everyone said this is my entire fault that they were in
trouble and they would have gotten away with it if I kept my mouth shut,” Leni

swiftly took off his pajama pants leaving him only wearing his underwear and
gave it to Leni knowing she was going to need another tissue.

okay, anyway you could spend the night in room,” Lincoln

can,” Leni asked. Lincoln simply
nods.  “Okay, let me go grab a sleeping bag and a pillow,” Leni said. She
ran upstairs to get her stuff.

this Lincoln fell asleep on the

I’m ready,” Leni said as she walks down the stairs. She noticed her brother
asleep in only his tighty whities shivering to the cold air. Leni picks him up
and carries him upstairs to his bedroom. Leni tucks in Lincoln
to his bed, gave him Bun Bun to cuddle with, and gave him a small peck on the

went inside her sleeping bag and before she fell into a long slumber she
muttered these words to her brother.

Night Lincoln Pleasant Dreams.”



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