Andrew Jackson. the 7th president of the United States. deserves to hold his image engraved on the twenty-dollar measure. Jackson’s parlous military accomplishment and leading every bit good as democratic rules demonstrated during his presidential term have made a important part to American history and political life.

Andrew Jackson led his military personnels to decisive triumphs against the Creeks in Alabama and against the British in New Orleans. In the war of 1812 the Creek Indians. British Alliess. had threatened the southwesterly boundary lines of the United States. A major general in the Tennessee reserves. Jackson with the aid of his military personnels successfully defeated the Creek Indians in 1814 at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. He was able to get the better of deficits of supplies and nutrient. In add-on. he was able to control two possible mutinies and take a successful run against the Creeks. A 2nd major conflict that brought acknowledgment to Jackson was the Battle of New Orleans.

An impressive facet of this conflict was that in malice of Jackson being greatly outnumbered with his ground forces of 5. 000 work forces against the British ground forces of 8. 000. Jackson was able to win with minimum casualties to his military personnels compared to the British who suffered greater losingss. These two military victories earned Jackson acclaimed national military celebrity. After the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Jackson’s work forces acknowledged his stamina by naming him “Old Hickory” because he was every bit tough as Hickory Wood. His arresting triumph at New Orleans gave Jackson position as a national hero because he gave Americans assurance in their ability to support their new autonomy.

As a strong president. Andrew Jackson led reforms for the common adult male and created a more balanced cardinal authorities. Jackson believed that the common adult male should hold a topographic point in society. He governed with the rule to “let the people regulation. ” Under his leading. he and his followings issued reforms to cut down the long working daies and let the mean adult male to gain a greater portion of the nation’s wealth. Desiring economic chance for all work forces. Jackson acted on his leading accomplishments to protect the rights of husbandmans. craftsmans. and little tradesmans from the selfish involvements of big concerns and monopolies. Jackson wanted to assist common Americans by allowing them have a say in political relations. He allowed many people to vote than of all time before. therefore doing the authorities more straight responsible to the people.

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He believed that the president should utilize full power as granted by the fundamental law. In that capacity. he made the most presidential vetoes than all the presidents before him. Jackson’s usage of the presidential veto was an effectual step to make a more balanced cardinal authorities by deconcentrating power in both the executive and legislative subdivision doing them equal to each other. This set an effectual criterion for presidential process. Never hesitant. Jackson argued with the Supreme Court or Congress when their places conflicted with the best involvements of all the people. Jackson’s attempts to do reforms for the common adult male and his ability to equilibrate the power of the federal authorities made a permanent feeling on American democracy.

Jackson’s accomplishments. as a military general every bit good as his leading as the 7th president of the United States. give him the rightful acknowledgment to hold his image on the 20 dollar measure. As a general. Jackson was able to do speedy and wise determinations to take his military personnels to predominate through ambitious military operations. As president. he left a permanent bequest to better the conditions of the common adult male and to beef up the office of the presidential term. He shall ever be remembered for allowing people a greater voice in authorities by giving voting rights to non-land proprietors and replacing an blue cabinet with people of more low agencies. Jackson is regarded with regard for beef uping the office of the president through the usage of veto. and rendering equality in power to both the executive and legislative subdivisions. These facets of his presidential disposal have become a criterion for today’s modern presidential term.


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