App. 1: This is targeted specially for traveling girls and old person. The user will launch the App while passing by a lonely or not so safe place. User will continuously keep pressing the panic button of the App. Upon any mishap the user will just release the button and Message and Email will go to the designated person along with the longitude and latitude where the mishap took place. The recipient will just click the link of the message and will be dragged to the Google map so that one can come to realize where exactly the mishap took place and can rescue him/her.

App 2: This one is designed for the young lads who go to school and their parents are always in a worry where the kids are… So our App would act as a service, the service can be configured through a website. This service will continuously send the longitude and latitude to the website in a designated time interval, which the user can set through the website. The site upon getting all the longitude and latitude is able to show the whole trace of the path of kid. So one can know the position without the kid’s intervention.

App3: It is a nightmare for the thieves. This app will send the longitude and latitude (geo. position) in case of the sim change. On getting the message on a designated number, the owner can reply with a message code. This will activate the alarm on the stolen mobile which can only be snoozed on entering a password which the actual owner only knows.

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