Ang, Peng Hwa, and Berlinda Nadarajan. “Censorship and the Internet: a Singapore perspective.” Communications of the ACM 39.6 (1996): 72-78.Doctor and researcher Peng Hwa and Berlinda Nadarajan talk about technologies and censorship having an impact with important information that is secretly hidden.Which Singapore are having new technologies to develop while having censorship be taken in place so it will be controlled by the government.Which mostly it talks about internet censorship, which the new study it shows how they are using technologies with losing any advantages of censoring the internet to the people.A. Sarat, ed., The Blackwell Companion to Law and Society (Malden, MA: Basil Blackwell) pp. 369-391,(2004)Commodity Culture, Private Censorship, Branded Environments, and Global Trade Politics: Intellectual Property as a Topic of Law and Society Research it talks about how different individual people coming together shape communication that will contribute something good to the public.Which will make the public have a good effect in being part of the society and be able to share part of the economy. Blades, Lawrence E. “Employment at will vs. individual freedom: On limiting the abusive exercise of employer power.” Columbia Law Review 67.8 (1967): 1404-1435.Pushiled by Columbia Law Review which it talks about how we are unable to show individual freedom because the government are preventing from us to have it. Also how we taken advantage of and our power decreases when the government come in the way of our rights and freedom.We can’t fight back because if we give up we are losing since we will lose more safety of our lives in the government has since they have more power that control us.  Brad Kent “Censorship and Immorality:Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple”Modern Drama Winter 2011,Vol.54,No.4, pp.511-533This talks about how it focuses on the banned works that are from different individuals.Also by having persuasive works will attract authorities to understand censor-avoiding and censor-baiting skills.It shows how showing what we are want to get out there to the audience is better doing a play since the upper people always have ways to spy on us.In a way, it’s the only way we as individual people can send messages to others.Demac, Donna A., and Walter Karp. “Liberty denied: The current rise of censorship in America.” (1990). Researchers Demac and Walter, talks about the patterns that the government,courts,private groups,and individuals are parts of different kinds of censorship which makes the government have more power than the rest of them since they are able to put things be open or hidden away form the others.Which challenges the other people try to fight for what they think is better for them from the censoring.  


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