Animal Cruelty: An Ongoing Issue What is animal cruelty? Wikipedia states: ‘Cruelty to animals or animal abuse is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense. More narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur. Diverging viewpoints are held by jurisdictions throughout the world. ’ (Anonymous). So in an ideal world, animal cruelty would not exist. But, this is not an ideal world, and animals, domesticated and wild, are abused and beaten every single day.

Should animals have rights? Yes, they should. All animals have nervous systems; they can feel, both physically and emotionally, therefore, it should be illegal to abuse any animal, not just domesticated ones. Some may argue that because animals do not think and act like a human being, that they should not be treated like them; ergo, animals should not have rights, or be treated as fairy as a human. They are wrong because animals are living, breathing creatures that were placed on Earth for a reason, the same as humans.

Does an innocent chicken feel the need to abuse, beat, and kill a human being because the human is not a chicken, like itself? No. Therefore, it should not be okay for any human to beat and kill a chicken because the chicken is not human. Domesticated animals have rights, so any other animal should have the same rights as these domestic ones. Farm animals, and wild animals, do not have the same rights as domestic animals. But is a wolf any different than a dog? No, they are of the same species: the scientific definition is ‘if 2 animals mate and their offspring is viable (ie. ot a mule/infertile) then they are the same species. ’ Therefore, a wolf should have the same rights as a dog, and if it is illegal to beat a dog for no reason, then it should be illegal to beat a wolf for no reason. It should be this way with all animals; if it is illegal to beat a human, then, it must be mandated that it be illegal to beat animals. Is animal hoarding animal abuse? Yes, because the animals that are being hoarded are not being treated in the proper way; they are mal-nourished, and they bear diseases that could be fatal to any that come in contact with the animals.

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Broker-May says: “I believe this is somewhat of an issue. I do believe if you have way too many animals and they are underfed and unhealthy, that they should be taken. But if you say have 30, 20 dogs, and 8 chickens, if they are all well taken care of, well groomed, and healthy, nobody has any right to take them away from you. ” Here are opposing examples: lets say you are a 40 year old woman who is absolutely obsessed with cats. You own 100 of them. Your house is covered in feces, urine, and, worst of all, snot. Your cats are all dying of a fatal disease, but you are oblivious to all of this.

You think that you take care of your animals just fine. Now, you are the same woman, with the same amount of cats. But, instead of your house being strewn with all manner of obscenities, your house is clean. Your cats are all healthy, and well fed. The first example is the condition known as animal hoarding. The second it not. It all depends on the situation, and whether or not the animals are being treated the way they should be. Animal fighting, now that’s a real crime. And it’s animal cruelty as well. Animals are placed in a pen with each other, and it’s a fight to the death, most likely for both of the animals.

Many different animals are fought, such as dogs, chickens, fish. They are only put in the ring for entertainment, the entertainment of the humans who ruthlessly abuse their animals, and then make the animals kill each other. So, any form of this is animal cruelty, and should be treated as such, correct? Animals are used all the time by scientist to test substances or cures they dub too dangerous to test on humans. Humans are animals, so if the substance is too dangerous for the human, then isn’t it too dangerous for the animal? picture of a genetically mutated rat) This is a rat that has been genetically mutated to grow a human ear; it died hours afterwards. Slaughter houses. Even the word makes one cringe. There are certain regulations that a slaughter house must reach or they will be put out of business. Many do not reach these criteria. There are humane ways to kill the animal to prepare it for eating, but most chose the least expensive way: throat slitting. They hang the animal upside down, slit its throat, and let it bleed out. Many of the animals are still alive after this, but they are nevertheless boiled, skinned, and burned.

The animals are kept in unsafe conditions, often rendering them un-edible, yet they are still cooked, and sold to stores. These facilities is the most inhumane out of all of them, and should be shut down. These are five very plausible reasons that all animals should be treated with niceties; domestic animal rights vs. wild animal rights, animal hoarding, animal fighting, lab animals, and slaughter houses. Animal cruelty is an ongoing issue, and should be addressed before the world can progress towards being a better place.


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