Animal research would not necessarily work. The benefits to human beings are not proven. Doctors might succeed trying a medicine on animals but it might not benefit human beings. According to the American Anti-VIVISECTION Society who…… The results could be incorrect. An Animal reaction to a drug could be different to a humans reaction, because humans and animals have different physiology, anatomy and, metabolism making it difficult to use data from animal’s experiments on humans.

The experiments could be affected by the stress that they face in labs, resulting in meaningless experiments, in recent times animals are still being used to experiment products that are not as important as medical experiments such as cleaning products, also most drugs that succeed on animals fail in human alnico trials. In an article by Reach Hajj, “Animal testing and Medicine”, the writer stated that there was a tragic drug fiasco occurred in the late asses-asses, they found a drug for coughs, colds and headaches called “Thalidomide”.

Unfortunately, more than 10,000 children were born with malformations or missing lib’s because a lot of pregnant women took the drug to relieve their pain. The writer also mentions that the drug should have been tested on animals before being used. According to a Youth video “Animal Testing – Good Science? Or Pointless Cruelty? ” Dry. Peter Simmons mentioned that the results of the studies of medicine on animals can’t be applied on humans because they are not predictive. The only way to find cures is through human based research or technology. Why do we do it then? It is a waste our time and a waste of their souls.

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The video also gave perfect alternatives. The study on people, how do they live and their living conditions called “Epidemiology’ in this study the doctors studied people who smoke cigarettes to know more about cancer instead of forcing animals to entail Tobacco smoke. There is another alternative study called “clinical studies” the study people who are ill and under treatment. Animals are born to be free and live in earth exactly like us. Enough of them are dying and suffering in the wild, we don’t need to make them suffer more by doing the unimportant experiments so we can take advantage of them for our own personal benefit.

They should not be treated as objects. Although strict controls have been forced on animals’ experiments and researchers try to minimize the pain experienced by animals, suffering is inevitable as animals are prisoner in isolated cages and forces to suffer from diseases and injuries, We are forcing them and taking advantage of them for our own personal infinite. People do not obtain the right to experiment on animals and sacrifice their lives, many of these experiments cause pain and suffering to the animals involved or reduce their quality of life in other ways.

They are suffering from the consequences of man’s actions by being placed under the risk of death and severe injuries. If there was a more intelligent and a more developed species than human beings on earth would we approve being prisoner in cages in order for them to run experiments on us? Certainly not. And what if the weak creatures were forced them to take drugs and get under needles in the Laboratory experiments. Humans have more power. It’s something out of the will of animals and they are obviously fighting back and trying to get out of their cages. They can’t speak or express their opinions and emotions.

We are forcing them and taking advantage of them for our own personal benefit. Animals are creatures that have a moral compass, and feel emotions such as love, grief, outrage and empathy. Some humans do not see the emotion that comes out of an animal. Emotions exist in them whether we humans acknowledge it or not. If you look in their eyes or Just observe them you can see that they get sad or happy and have different feelings as well. And because they have morality, we have moral obligations to them. We should give them their right of living in peace and harmony.

Some humans are gracious and kind, they are bothered when they hear that an animal was mistreated. Three years ago I saw some people that work with animals intentionally kill mice in a cruel way before feeding in to another animal. It is a sad fact that some men are enjoying torturing animals. Do you think men working in laboratories also are abusing animals? Men working in laboratories are surly stronger that animals, which means that they are in control of the animals under experimentations. Their Job is to test on animals whether they are satisfied with that or not.

They do it because of money, many workers in this competence benefit from it. It is sad that the laboratory workers are experimenting on animals and it affects their morality making them senseless creatures and in some cases they might hate what they’re doing so much that they might and not be comfortable in their lives and hate everything about it. This is related to what the works who killed the mice, the workers became cruel and senseless people through time. According to Martin Luther King Jar. N “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, king fought for the rights of African Americans who were mistreated, they didn’t get their rights.

Animals also should get their full rights of freedom and not being forced into being used as tools. King tried convincing people in his writing and proved his point of view by bringing up evidence from several religions that proves all people are equal. So people from all religion understand that animals and human beings should live together in harmony without human being harming them and using them in experiments. According to the BBC website in an article “animal rights”, Modern Christian thinking s largely sympathetic to animals and less willing to accept that there is a gap or difference between animals and human beings.


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