Despite tradition. Sophocles chose a adult female to take his narrative. Strong willed and speedy witted. Antigone proves to be a loyal sister and pure married woman. Antigone is baronial of birth. Her tragic flaw is she shows hubris. a authoritative tragic hero trait. when stating Creon. “And I. whom no man’s frown can scare. Am far from put on the lining heaven’s frown by scoffing these. I need no cornetist from you to state me I must decease. we all die anyhow. ” ( 210 ) She takes on the function of her better. a adult male. When she buries he brother. she realizes that her life is deserving nil compared to the anguished psyche of her relation in the hereafter. Knowing that Antigone’s decease is looming in the close hereafter causes the audience to sympathise. Antigone has all of the hero traits. and she binds them together to finish her tragic character.

Family is of import to Antigone. She is ne’er hesitations when speaking about pride or values. She clearly provinces. “And if you judge me sap. possibly it is because a sap is judge” ( 211 ) she has no declinations in her actions. even though she finally comes to the realisation that she is merely doing more hurting. She believes that salvation is deserving decease. and dies has assurance that what she did was right. Alternatively of endorsing down and accepting the function of a adult female as she is expected. she holds her land.

Sympathy is of import for tragic heroes because it connects the reader on an emotional degree. Every individual can associate to experiencing tragic unhappiness at the decease of a comparative. Irrational emotional hurting could drive a individual to revenge the decease of their relations. whether they betrayed the state or non. Despite the infringing possibility of decease. Antigone speaks her head. “How beautiful to decease in such chase! ” ( 194 ) . doing her the admirable Jesus in an otherwise cheerless narrative. Because she is such a strong character. she is really relatable.

Every tragic hero has a defect. Antigone believes that she is allowed to talk. crying. “Not a lingua here would state the opposite. were his lingua non tied in fright. ” ( 212 ) . Authoritative Grecian heroes were work forces. Antigone proves that adult females are up to par every bit good. She edits the stereotype to suit the signifier of a resilient and relentless adult female. Despite losing everything at the clip. Antigone gained regard from that point on. Antigone is both caput and bosom strong.

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“I feel no pangs of sorrow. ” ( 210 ) . The heroine knows she was right when she took action against the male monarch. She is a heroine because the audience can associate to her emotions. Her bosom wins even when everyone tells her she is incorrect. She has a strong royal blood line. and she has an huge defect. when she dies. it becomes a obstinate character trait instead than an issue. She is tough and epic. but relatable in a manner that Creon can non be.


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