My brother being born prematurely was a very anxious moment in my life. He was born just below two pounds and needed to be in an incubator at the hospital for two months, the doctor had told my family and l. Those two months were the longest two months of my life. I feared for the worst and my mind was very unease. My family and I would visit him as much as possible, hoping he was okay and even still alive. My anxiousness had gotten worse when the doctors had told my family that my brother needed a blood transfusion.

He was so small I really TLD believe he was going to be able to make It, it really worried me and disappointed me. Disappointed and upset, I have felt Like my family and I had bad luck. The second month came by and my little brother was looking a lot better, he gained weight and the doctor told us he was almost ready to leave the hospital. Though I was still anxious, that news was really refreshing and gave me a better feeling for the whole situation.

We visited my brother everyday for the past 3 weeks, a title after the third week the doctor cleared my brother to come home. Suddenly that anxious feeling became an excited, grateful and very joyful feeling. I could not wait. I arrived from church and as a surprise my mom decided to get my brother from the hospital without telling my other little brother and l, with my baby brother lying on my bed, there he was my baby brother. Suddenly that anxious feeling, disappointment and even sometimes anger felt worth it as soon as I seen my baby brother safe and lying in my bed.


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