Over the past few years, great attention and publicity has been called to the state of our world. Regardless of the debate about whether we are experiencing global warming or global climate change, the results all conclude that we are contributing to the sped-up destruction of our world. Under such dire circumstances, it is imperative that action Is taken and carried out through exemplary action of our nation’s government.

When new action-plans are starting up, a leader aids In guiding Its followers along he appropriate path. In this Instance where the “world has a a problem” (Source Cb the united States would provide an Influential voice toward the right path. If such a large nation as America were to break free of its wasteful habits, the other four countries contributing a combined fifty-four percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions (Source E) would be quick to act as well. When one large stone begins to inch forward, it gains more attention and support than ten small stones bounding ahead.

However, despite the necessity of having a leader, it still remains important to have smaller countries, such as Singapore, take action. Singapore is a perfect example of the extreme Involvement in which governments need to engage. Due to the fact that “tax Pollock Is “public policy’ (Source Bal taxes are the prime area to target. As learned In Weeper’s excerpt, high taxes for the betterment of the nation’s carbon footprint, a “mass transit system”, are standards set by the government, and are therefore carried out.


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