Observation of a Person Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions. One thing that is major in psychology is the behavior of the organs. There are many things that can be used to describe behavior and show how the person is without even knowing them. For example there is: clothing, body language, general behavior, and anything else that would provide insight to the behavior of a person. Throughout the course of three days I have observed a certain person and this is what I saw.

Dark red hair in a ponytail with a necklace that has a little panda, a girl who stood at five foot one. Her nails were painted brown and some black she had a backpack with designs of numbers and letters. At times she would have her arms crossed, having her hand cover her face, and rubbing her eyes. For most of the class period she would participate in class and do what she had to do based off of the teachers instructions . While doing so, she was real quiet looking around the classroom and doing a lot of hand movement. By the end of class she would be packed and ready to o once the bell rung, but a catch was that she was patient.

Starting another day she came in with some waves in her hair still wearing the necklace with the panda on it. Her shirt was a V neck t- shirt with black and white stripes and down the middle was a pair of sunglasses hanging down. The way she sat down was different she was a bit turned and had a red physics book with papers above it. Amongst her wrist was a bracelet with a gray design that had a sort of pyramid feel to it. Both hands were down and then right before the bell the girl poke to a person who was sitting right next to me and the bell rung.

The next day her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a t-shirt that had a design of the sun on it which was ripped. Above and open she was wearing a dark brown sweater even though it was warm in class. Her face after a while was back in her palm which left her dozing for a moment. Was picking at her nails when the teacher was speaking and then crossed her arms and when the teacher would call on her she sounded as if she knew what she spoke of. After a while she put her face in her crossed arms and waited for the bell.

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My conclusions of her was that she is a calm, quiet girl, who speaks to you so outgoing that there is no way you are to be able to say she is shy. Her behavior is like most students and she is not easily disturbed with that she’s smart by her tone but some people would stereotype and say she is emotional. Judging by the way she is she is not a bad person at all, if you were to be on her bad side she wouldn’t let you get to her. She also seems to have a really strong personality by the way she acts and how she looks. I thought she would be loud and crazy but her behavior begged to differentiate.


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